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  • MilSurp: German Military Handguns of World War II — An Armorer’s Nightmare
    The Germans produced vast quantities of indigenous handguns, but they had to reach out to their occupied territories to meet the ever-growing demand. Early in the war most all of the pistols used by Germany were well built and effective. By the end around-the-clock strategic bombing had taken its toll. Even domestically produced versions became crude and rough. Those guns made by slave labor in the occupied territories were at times unsafe. Here is a brief roundup of the many-splendored handguns used by the Wehrmacht, Waffen SS, Luftwaffe, and Kriegsmarine during World War 2.
  • Best Turkey Hunting Gear of 2018
    Turkey hunting gear can make or break a hunt. With gobblers having some of the best vision in the animal kingdom, and ears that can pick up details that humans can’t fathom, it’s imperative that hunters have the right equipment to get the job done.Here is some of my favorite gear for 2018, which helped me harvest five turkeys just last season.
  • SIG Sibling Showdown: The MCX Rattler versus MPX Death Match — Full Review
             I live half an hour outside of town on my modest rural farm. I count the local Sheriff and his deputies among my dearest friends, but even in a perfect world it will still take them at least a quarter hour to get to my place from a standing start. I know of three of my immediate neighbors who have been the victims of home invasions in the past five years, two of which occurred while the homes were occupied. In one case the oldest family member present at the time was twelve. Defending yourself against an armed threat in your home is no baseless exercise.  
  • Timney Triggers Raises the Bar for Replacement Triggers— AR Calvin Elite Trigger
    Timney has been the top dog in providing quality replacement triggers for more than 71 years and I admit to being a fan. I haven't taken a survey but I'd be willing to bet that more gunsmiths use Timney triggers than any other brand. They're just that good. Timney has made another breakthrough in precision triggers with the custom fit of their Calvin Elite.
  • Best Entry-Level Rangefinder: Vortex Impact 850 — Full Review
    As Vortex’s entry level rangefinder, the Impact 850 outperforms its price point. As someone who does a variety of hunting, I look for diversity in my gear. I want equipment that’s going to function whether it’s spring or fall, archery season or gun season, and good conditions or poor. When it comes to a rangefinder, I’ll be looking for optics that can function for bowhunting deer, shotgun hunting turkey, and rifle hunting elk.
  • Blaser F16 12 Gauge — Full Review
    Michael Moore announced on Facebook that he wants to repeal the Second Amendment and replace it with one of the funniest things I've ever read.
  • The Winchester Model 70 in .338 Winchester Magnum — A Classic Combination
    Winchester’s marketing slogan was quite a bold statement, but one that was not braggadocio. When the Model 70 was introduced – way back in 1936 – it represented what I consider to be the ultimate culmination of the American bolt-action hunting rifle. It had all of the necessary appointments: a strong action – closely related to the Mauser Gewehr 98 – with a reliable extractor, capable of handling the highest of cartridge pressures, a well-fitting stock, an excellent trigger and a three-position safety which would (eventually) work perfectly with a rifle scope.
  • Big Green Continues Operations While Restructuring For Bankruptcy: New 1911 R1 Double Stack — Full Review
    Remington has had some mild successes on the handgun front, and several debacles. I know all about those debacles, I came off the top rope over the RP9, and I stand by that decision. Big Green and I might’ve had a difference of opinion over that, but they didn’t hold a grudge. And I am glad, because this week we are taking a look at something that is an unmitigated success.
  • CZ 805 Bren Carbine & CZ Enters the Suppressor Game w/ Reflex Cans — SHOT Show 2018
    CZ came out of the gate swinging this year, with a couple of items sure to please the crowd. Most notably, they've entered the suppressor game.
  • Get A 1911 Any Way Ya Like It: Springfield Armory Custom Shop — SHOT Show 2018
    The Springfield Armory Custom Shop is not a place we visit often, lest I need to remortgage my house. But they do put out top notch guns, for those of discerning taste. I have never been accused of that, but they let me fondle the goods anyway.
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