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  • (Photo: Caracal)Caracal USA: Model F Replacement Pistols Now Available
    This week, Caracal USA has announced that the upgraded Model F replacement pistols are now available.
  • While the 5.56 (left) has a lot of great capabilities, working well out of a short barrel is not one of them. The 300 AAC Blackout (right) might be a great alternative.Gunfight Science: Is 5.56 NATO Dumb?
    Many factors go into how a weapon functions and the ballistics of your chosen projectile. 5.56 is absolutely fine as a combat cartridge. As long as you can move the bullet fast enough. But, is there a better option for all the other situations?
  • The TEC-12 proved to be a capable performer on the range.Hybrid Pump/Semi-Auto Scattergun? The TriStar TEC-12—Full Review.
    There are few firearms as versatile as the shotgun. The modern shotgun is a work of engineering prowess, but one seemingly insurmountable issue has been developing a semi-automatic that can fire the full range of loads. In these cases, you usually must revert back to a pump action. But what if you want one that can do everything?
  • The author had a custom variant of this .260 Rem. Surgeon Scalpel built with a Proof Research barrel for a lightweight precision rifle.Custom Ultralight Surgeon Scalpel Rifle—Full Review
    This project took awhile to put together, but it was worth it. Overall weight is minimal; almost light for a precision rifle. If you are looking for a truly precision rifle, then give the Surgeon Scalpel a solid look. If you want to lighten it up, then a Proof Research barrel should be your first upgrade.
  • Note the integral magazine well and x-pattern grooves on the front strap of the pistol.Wilson Combat X-TAC Series 1911s—Full Review & Round Up.
    I have had the opportunity to evaluate over a dozen guns from Wilson, and the quality, fit, and finish never disappoints. For many years, a Wilson Combat CQB was on my list of pistols to add to my daily rotation. I never got around to ordering one and at this time, and I’m glad I put it off. In my mind, there is a new king and that is the X-TAC Elite.
  • thumb_img_8015_1024Why Pretty Guns Matter: The Case For Beautifying Your Firearms
    Not everything has to look like it came off the set of a Michael Bay movie. You ought to consider beautifying your firearms.
  • boston-brown-breadPrepping 101: Canning Boston Brown Bread - Fill Those Empty Ball Jars
    I was thinking. Does it make any sense to keep a bunch of Ball canning jars full of nothing? That is an easy answer. No. They are insect and rodent proof, so it actually makes a lot of sense to pack them full of at least something, flour, beans, rice, pasta, dried milk powder, anything that will keep for a long time under any long term storage packaging. But what about cooked food? What about processing the jars now with edible food? Veggies don’t have much in the way of calories. Meat is cheaper to buy canned than it is to can it yourself. That was when I remembered Boston Brown Bread.
  • CCI Makes a .17HMR designed for the A17. It moves about 100fs faster than other loads.SAVAGE A17 Synthetic.17 HMR! - Review - (&Heads Up Current Rebates)
    Want to get a rebate to save some money on a great rimfire rifle? Then take a look at this full review of the impressive Savage A17 autoloading rifle in .17 HMR, a handy little shooter that packs a lot of performance in at a great (and now even better) price.
  • Can this basic Lee Breech Lock Challenger Reloading bundle get you started? Let's find out.Can You Start Reloading For Less Than $200? A Look at Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit
    The topic of discussion was whether you could get started reloading your own ammunition for less than $200.
  • While the fearsome maw of the 12-gauge shotgun is undoubtedly awe-inspiring, is it the best choice for self-defense?Gunfight Science: Do Shotguns Suck for Self-Defense?
    It may be a controversial position to take, but that has never stopped me before. Gin is superior to vodka. Also, shotguns are not the end-all, be-all solution for self-defense. Especially not for new shooters.
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