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  • Sturmgewehr 44 Saved from the Shredder, Sent to Museum
    Virginia’s Chesapeake City Council voted last week to donate rather than destroy a rare World War II firearm believed to have popularized the term “assault rifle.”
  • Most Important Aspects of Selecting a Handgun for Self-Defense: Fit and Function
    There is an old story about a Texas Ranger.  He was attending a social event with his family, wearing his issue sidearm.  A woman approached the Ranger and said “I see you are wearing a pistol, are you expecting trouble?”  The Ranger replied politely, “Why no ma’am, if I was expecting trouble, I would have brought a rifle."
  • Historical Origins of the HK93, AK74, M16A1 and AR18
    Mechanical systems like small arms evolve in response to myriad forces both industrial and martial. Somebody has an idea that seems to work, and that idea is tweaked, adjusted, and improved over time until it becomes something better, more reliable, and more efficient. The astute student of modern small arms, however, can generally tease out the origins of a mechanism with a little study.
  • Hunting Using Nature's Benchrest: Ready, Aim, Fire
    With a little creativity and practice, our hunting gear and/or Mother Nature can provide the same stability at a moment’s notice as the most versatile bipod sold.
  • The Sabatti Urban Sniper w/Trijicon Review:  Tactical Precision Italian Style
    Imported to the United States exclusively by the Italian Firearms Group, the Urban Sniper sports a relatively short (for a long-range precision platform) 20-inch bull barrel. Even with that shorter barrel, the Urban Sniper isn’t a lightweight at 8.75 pounds, though few of today’s long-range rifles are exactly nimble. It is also very accurate, has a great trigger and fits on the shoulder well.
  • Beretta's APX pistol is now a family. The standard, Compact, and Centurion (not shown).Field Test: Beretta’s APX Full Size and Compact
    The APX was born out of the Army’s Modular Handgun trials. Manufacturers came out with new pistols and revisions of existing models in their efforts to win the lucrative contract to equip the United States Military with 74 boatloads of new handguns to replace the Beretta M9 series now in service.
  • Krytos Titanium Glock Slides - Science Fiction Incarnate for Your Combat Tupperware.
    Krytos has run multiple slides past the 100,000 cycle test without issues. While not common, that is about the point you see steel slides start to crack. By that, I meant that it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. In testing, they plugged the barrel, fired a round, and the slide survived to continue shooting.
  • Deputies Seize 67 Guns from Florida Bailiff Under New Risk Protection Order
    A Florida judge signed a “risk protection order” last week that allowed the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to seize 67 guns from a bailiff deemed to be a risk to himself or others. The order was signed after the bailiff, Franklin Joseph Pinter, allegedly exhibited troubling behavior in the courthouse.
  • The HK MP5 vs. the Walther MPL - Alternative History
    The Walther MPL is the ultimate example of a general utility submachine gun. In the roles filled by the wartime German MP40, American Grease Gun, Russian PPSh, and British Sten the MPL is quite literally ideal. The rate of fire is slow, and the gun is rugged and simple. By contrast, the MP5 fires much faster and is really a specialist’s weapon. In the hands of a trained operator, the MP5 puts a swarm of zippy little 9mm bullets into teacup-sized groups at bad breath ranges. When employed in a swamp or powdery desert environment, however, the complexity of the MP5 becomes a liability.
  • Hunting Your Best When Weather Is At It's Worst: Tips for Success
    Two things are certain in life: the changing of the seasons and hunters being out there when it’s happening. We can anticipate, prepare, and come out on top or get turned back to the truck early, defeated.  Use these 7 tips to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature and her varying moods this year:
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