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  • XDM OSP 4.5 Custom Shop: No Trust Fund Needed
    This week we got a chance to look at the XDM OSP. The OSP is a 4.5 inch duty size gun that comes out of the box with a Vortex Venom on top.
  • SIG VIRTUS - New Standard In Tough
    The operating system is so unique and different on the Virtus, we were really curious about how well it would actually run over time. We tossed down the gauntlet of attempting to run it 2000 rounds suppressed, without a drop of lube
  • Reading This Article Will Save Your Life
    You are well trained, but there is always something you don’t know.  You get out and move to the passenger side of the Lexus.  Your hand goes to the butt of your pistol without even thinking and you are halfway to the Lexus and you hear, “he’s been shot.” You jog the rest of the way and when you look inside all you see is blood.
  • Training with your 22 Long Rifle - Time Well Spent
    Wind calls, trajectory compensation, trigger control, and even the basic shooting form can be practiced and polished by using nothing more than a simple .22 rimfire.
  • Black Bear vs. the Mossberg 464 SPX Lever Gun
    I’ve always dreamt of going on a black bear hunt. Go ahead, admit it … bet you have too?When I finally got invited I couldn’t figure out what gun I wanted to take. I’ve always been into lever guns — but was it the right choice? I needed something light, for climbing trees, for getting into shooting positions fast, that sort of thing. I needed something with enough accuracy and power to handle a black bear, but still quick enough for follow up shots. It’s the sort of quandary most shooters love to get into. “Oh darn, I gotta’ decide on what new gun I need to buy!”
  • Hunt With A U.S. Forces Legend: Barrett Fieldcraft 308
    Barrett Firearms Manufacturing of Murfreesboro, TN is known around the world for building heavyweight, hard-hitting 50 BMG rifles for the military and law enforcement. Barrett’s a family owned business and has been supplying firearms for the US and its allies for over 30 years.  With the Fieldcraft they jumped completely to the other end of the firearms spectrum- from one of the biggest and heaviest shoulder fired rifles to one of the lightest, most versatile hunting rifles on the market.
  • Hands On With the CZ 527 Carbine Rustic
    The action is a miniaturized Mauser action, something CZ does exceedingly well. There are a lot of Mauser’s in a huge variety of calibers floating the Earth, and last I heard they tend to work. The “micro action” is based on a 223 length, though it is available in several calibers. My test sample of the CZ 527 Carbine Rustic is chambered in 7.62x39, and also available in 223.
  • Gear Tips From The Mammoth Sniper Challenge
    Competing in the Extreme Tough Man Division of the Mammoth Sniper Challenge is a test of both shooter and gear. This 3-day event held each January requires competitors to carry all their gear 25+ miles between stages and campsites, camp out, and engage precision rifle targets out to 800+ yards. Many of the lessons learned are applicable to hunting and backcountry scenarios. Here are a few of those I discovered over the years.
  • Ruger American Predator - Very Impressive Bang For The Buck
    Sometimes we get a rifle in that doesn’t look overly sexy in the packaging, but then proceeds to blow your socks off. The Ruger American Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor is one such weapon. When it comes to accuracy, this thing is a monster.
  • How To Work Out Your DOPE: Developing Your Ballistic Data
    Developing and eventually truing your ballistic data is going to start at the zero range. Getting a solid zero for the rifle is essential.  I prefer a 100 yard zero for my precision rifles because at that short of a range the environment is going to have a negligible effect on the bullet.
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