Range Systems: Thermbright Night Targets – No Batteries Required—SHOT Show 2014

range systems01Range Systems 

Range Systems, like the name says, specializes in shooting-range systems like shoot houses for room clearing/hostage rescue types of training, as well as live fire ranges for civilian and military customers. The company’s latest product is a series of targets designed for the night vision crowd. The amazing thing about the targets is that they radiate in the infrared range of the spectrum where night vision and thermal imaging devices see, and they do it without any external power supplies. The targets reflect radiation from the night sky to make the targets more visible than heated targets. They’re also easier to set up and more resilient to damage than heated targets. Range Systems has targets for personnel, animals and even vehicles,  catering to the law enforcement/personal defense folks as well as hunters and the military.

range systems03range systems02

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