Ron Paul: ‘Gun control will make us less free, less safe’

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In his weekly audio address, Ron Paul said that the recent shootings in Washington and Ottawa, Canada, are “certain to lead to new calls for gun control,” but that the country should exercise caution before resorting to such measures.

“As with most infringements on liberty, gun control will not only make us less free, it will make us less safe,” said the retired Congressman former presidential candidate on Monday. “Respecting the right of the people to keep and bear arms is the original and best homeland security policy. Restricting the right of people to arm themselves leaves them with no effective defense against violent criminals or a tyrannical government.”

Paul, a libertarian, went on to tout the merits of expanding gun rights for law-abiding citizens, noting that armed good guys have the potential to stop armed bad guys from committing terrorist acts.

“It is no coincidence that states that pass ‘concealed carry’ laws experience a drop in crime. Since passing concealed carry in Texas in 1995, murder in the state has declined by 52 percent. In comparison, the national murder rate declined by only 33 percent,” said Paul. “Perhaps the best illustration of the dangers of gun control is federal regulations forbidding pilots from having guns in their cockpits. Ironically, this rule went into effect shortly before September 11, 2001. If pilots had the ability to carry guns on 9/11, the hijackers may well have been stopped from attacking the World Trade Center and Pentagon or persuaded to not even try.”

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