Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle Auction to Benefit HAVA

Chambered in .308 Win., the Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle can be taken apart at the wrist, thanks to the STAR mechanism there. You don't need to worry about point-of-aim/point-of-impact shift, either, because the action, barrel and riflescope come apart as a single unit.

Chambered in .308 Win., the Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle can be taken apart at the wrist, thanks to the STAR mechanism there. You don’t need to worry about point-of-aim/point-of-impact shift, either, because the action, barrel and riflescope come apart as a single unit.

By Guy J. Sagi

Sisk STAR HAVA Auction Rifle

Honored American Veterans Afield

Sisk Rifles

Here is your chance to own one of the most accurate rifles on the planet while supporting the men and women who have gone in harm’s way to protect your freedom.

Check out this auction for the Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle, proven to be capable of shooting 1/4 moa. All proceeds go to Honored American Veterans Afield, a 501(c)3 organization formed by companies in the shooting and outdoor industry to assist disabled veterans and wounded active-duty military members with their healing process through guided hunts, shooting events and other outdoor sports activities.

Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle, HAVA

The buttstock is fully adjustable for height and angle, and index marks allow easy changes between multiple shooters. In addition, the buttpad can be adjusted for angle.

The STAR rifle has several unique features that make it ideal for long-range shooting, where proper fit is critical to accuracy and repeatability. The patent-pending STAR stock is fully adjustable, allowing you to dial in cast-on or cast-off, rotate the buttpad or even the entire stock for those unconventional positions that sometimes leave you feeling like a contortionist. It has a height-adjustable comb with index marks and adjustable buttplate so it fits, regardless of your size or what you are wearing. The STAR mechanism rotates the stock at the wrist up to 360 degrees, ensuring all shooters get a perfect cheekweld and quick alignment behind the scope. If that isn’t enough, it is easily detachable for carry and storage.

Sisk uses a custom 700-style action chambered in .308 Win. with a Timney trigger, fluted bolt and an M16-style extractor. It has a five-round detachable box magazine that locks securely in place with an oversized locking mechanism that is sure, but allows easy removal. It is topped off with an optics-mounting rail that has a 20-MOA offset, so you don’t run out of elevation adjustment for those long shots for which this rifle is ideal.

HAVA, Todd Jarrett

HAVA’s events remind our wounded veterans or wounded active-duty military personnel that they don’t have to give up on their favorite outdoor activities, despite their physical challenges. The resillence of this vet was obvious to professional shooter Todd Jarrett as he oversaw the shooting session.

The man who crafted this rifle, Charlie Sisk, spends a lot of time mating the 22-inch Lilja barrel to the action to get maximum accuracy. The barrel has a No. 7 contour (tactical/heavy varmint) with a one-in-10-inch right-hand twist and an 11-degree target crown to protect the rifling. The rifle’s stock is built from aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and rigidity. Its weight, sans optic and bipod, is 16 pounds. Sisk said he recorded a five-shot group at 100 yards that measured .215 inch. He used a custom handload with a 168-grain Sierra MatchKing, Ramshot Tac powder and Federal GM210M primers.

You won’t need to accessorize this one. It comes with a Leupold Mk IV 4.5-14×50 mm riflescope (with a mil-dot reticle, of course), solidly mounted with Talley rings. The stock and barrel are finished in desert tan Cera-Kote and the eight inches of rail under the fore-end anchors a Harris bipod to provide solid footing. You will be ready to hit the range the day the gun arrives.

STAR rifle, HAVA, M700 receiver

With a spiral-fluted bolt, five-round box magazine, improved ejection port and M16-style extractor, the Sisk STAR rifle is not only a head-turner at the range, it’s producing groups well below 1/2 MOA with handloads.

Best of all, when you buy this rifle you will be contributing to the lives of wounded veterans who are recovering from life-changing injuries sustained while protecting our freedom. Conceived in 2007 and officially founded in 2008, HAVA is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. Last year alone, the non-profit hosted events for more than 500 disabled vets, their family members and wounded active-duty military personnel. You can help HAVA accomplish its goal of reaching 1,000 deserving Americans this year. There will only be one winner of the auction, but everyone can contribute to HAVA. Go to HAVA’s website and make your tax deductible contribution and help change the lives of hundreds of wounded veterans or go to the auction and watch your bid.

*Bidding closes on May 5 for this package valued at more than $10,000 and all proceeds will go to HAVA.

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  • Adam G April 23, 2013, 6:55 pm

    The Tactical “Star” rifle is one of the best “shooting” rifles I’ve
    ever fired. Also important to me, it conforms to the shooter regardless
    of whatever position he’s in. This is an important factor for me
    because as an injured soldier, I can no longer shoot from my right
    side. With other rifles I have to position my neck in a direction that
    causes pain. But this rifle adjusts to my individual needs, and the
    stock adjusts so that it fits on my left. So shooting is not painful
    and I can shoot from the left with accuracy. Plus the stock absorbs
    more of the recoil, so shooting doesn’t beat on me or cause pain to my
    injured right side. The Tactical “Star” is such a pleasure to shoot
    that it’s almost too good to be true

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