Smith & Wesson .308 AR-15 M&P Rifle + Competition Pistols

Smith & Wesson

The Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Series has become extremely popular with competitive shooters, and this year the company has added something new with four CORE (Competition Optics Ready Equipment) versions. The CORE system allows easy mounting of a variety of red-dot optics often seen on the firing line, including the Trijicon RMR, Leupold Delta Point, Jpoint, Docter, C- More, STS and Insight MRDS. Pro Series guns that have received the CORE treatment at the custom shop include M&P9, M&P9L, M&P40L and M&P40. All COREs have an MSRP of $729 and the iron sights are raised to co-witness with the optic, which means if your red-dot goes down, you’re not out of the game. The three provided palmswell grip sizes also have newly enhanced texturing for positive grip during those long stages. For most shooters, though, the biggest news from Smith & Wesson comes in the newly introduced M&P10 rifle. Two versions will be available at first, an all-black model and a camouflage hunting version. Both have an ambidextrous safety, bolt release and magazine release, as well as 18-inch barrels with one-in-ten-inch twist 5R rifling. The tactical version has an overall length of 41 inches with the stock extended and 37.75 inches with it collapsed. It weighs 8.2 pounds and ships with a 20-round magazine. The hunting version ships with a five-round magazine and has a fixed Magpul stock that gives it a 37.5-inch length. Both are chambered in .308 Win. and the camo version has an MSRP of $1,729. Smith & Wesson hasn’t announced the 20-round version’s price yet.

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  • Winston May 28, 2015, 7:44 pm

    How does the S&W .307 AR compare with the Sig Sauer AR .308?

  • libertatis April 18, 2014, 11:02 pm

    Just bought an M&P 10 last month. After breaking in the barrel, my first five-round group was under 1 MOA–with mediocre ammunition.

    It’s a fantastic rifle. Great ergonomics, solidly built, light. A whole lot to like about this rifle.

  • George January 26, 2013, 3:53 pm

    Will it meet the new NY Rifle restrictions, Fort sport hunting, seeing that it is sent with a five round clip?

    Thank you,

  • jimmyjames January 25, 2013, 11:21 am

    Yawn…Big Green had the R25 out years ago at around $1300, camo so it would not be a “black gun”. I bought one as soon as I could get on for less than MSRP. I know DPMS made it. Shoots sub MOA with match ammo. Love my M&P15Sport but was expecting more on the 30cal like a muzzle brake. 308 rifles (and 308 rifle shooters) can really benefit from a brake. I can see a problem with the S&W CORE thingy and CORE15. S&W may have more $ and lawyers. Remember the Savage Axis/Edge debacle.

    • RobertR September 7, 2015, 12:35 pm

      What problem to you see? Please elaborate instead of rumor mongering. BTW you didn’t mention all the foul ups Big Green has had over the years. Yet for some reason they seem to get a pass from a lot of people. Their quality has steadily gone down hill for a long time. Most knowledgeable gun people won’t buy a new Remington because of their inattention to QC.

  • bill bahlzoff January 25, 2013, 11:00 am

    Could the smith and wesson rep possibly have any MORE eye contact with Julie Mac? Kinda creeps me out.

  • Lee B. January 25, 2013, 10:31 am

    I remember when S&W almost went under in the 90’s. Now look at them. What an awesome company 🙂

  • David January 25, 2013, 10:10 am

    Smith and Wesson has really become a great company again! I have a number if they’re new guns and they all show the commitment to quality and innovation you expect. Now we need a box magazine fed shotgun from them.

  • Jeff January 25, 2013, 10:00 am

    Does it come with a 21″ barrel?

  • Scot January 25, 2013, 8:48 am

    I have the S&W M&P 300 Blackout and love it!! OATH KEEPERS MOLON LABE PLEDGE

    We will never disarm. We will never surrender our military pattern, semi-automatic rifles and the full capacity magazines, parts, and ammunition that go with them. The fundamental purpose of the Second Amendment is to preserve the military power of We the People so we will have effective means to resist tyranny. Regardless of what unholy, unconstitutional filth issues from the mouths of oath breakers in “Mordor on the Potomac” our answer is MOLON LABE.
    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force: Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”- Patrick Henry

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