Springfield 1911 Range Officer in 9mm—SHOT Show 2014

springfield01Springfield Armory

When Springfield designed the RO 45 Range Officer, the objective was to produce a finely matched 1911 that could be used in competition but wouldn’t cost thousands of dollars. It’s made from close tolerance, match-grade components without all the fancy extras that you may or may not need. The company evidently hit the nail on the head because its selling ROs as fast as they can build them. The newest member of the Range Officer line is the RO 9 in 9mm, introduced a couple of weeks before the 2014 SHOT Show. It has the same dimensions, match grade parts and shooting accuracy, only in the softer recoiling, and less expensive, 9mm cartridge. Springfield also had the new XDs 4.0 to show us. The original XDs had a 3.3” barrel. Extending the barrel to 4” makes for a better balanced pistol with a longer sight radius. Should be easier pointing and more accurate for the average shooter. MSRP starts at $599.



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  • Yohan January 29, 2014, 8:45 am

    Do you know if the 4.0 upper is interchangable to install on a 3.0 frame?

    • David January 29, 2014, 8:08 pm

      Yes, the 4.0 slide fits in the 3.3 slide the frame of the gun is the same.. that goes for both the 9mm & the 45acp. Get one you’ll love it.

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