Tapco Timbersmith Wooden AK/SKS Stocks


As venerable as the AK47 is as a weapon, there very few rifles that can’t use a stock upgrade. They all seem to be made for little people, and most Americans are big people. SKS rifles are even worse. Generally those stocks are weathered in cosmoline and slippery, as well as being undersized.

Timbersmith is a new product family from Tapco, the king of American made replacement stocks, magazines, and just about every aftermarket part you can imagine. These new wooden stocks are a classy addition to a full line of polymer stocks in the Tapco line. I guess bringing them out under this new name, Timbersmith, is designed to help consumers understand that these aren’t just the same parts with a different name. These are actual wood stocks and they come in red wood set (meant to replicate the high quality Romanian stocks that are among the best), and a regular hardwood, a brown laminate, and a black laminate.

The SKS stock is a Monte Carlo variety, and I have to say really elegant. I am someone who would never even think to upgrade an SKS to a nice deer rifle, but if you are, this stock is really something else. It comes in all but the red color, and also has a laminate they call camo, because it is greenish. They make a right and left handed as well. And there is a standard SKS style stock with a cheek piece if you just want to get that cosmoline sponge off of your otherwise nice and usable SKS rifle.

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  • Jim March 9, 2011, 5:58 pm

    I have never been a big fan of Timbersmith’s wooden stock sets. For the price they are an inexpensive upgrade, but definitely plan on doing some of your own fit and finish work. The best product tapco ever made was the 40 dollar side folding ak stock. I will forever be a fan. No need for a fancy ACE stock. If someone with larger hands wants a more suitable grip, Tapco Galil style fore grip is great for the money. http://www.gunmodreview.com

  • meeester January 26, 2011, 6:18 pm

    If picture is worth a 1000 words then what are the pictures of the stocks in the right column worth; photos of un-mounted, sans-iron stocks. i would have liked seeing a fully installed version.

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