Tin Foil Hats – Holy Reality Batman!

Have you ever been driving along on the highway and realized that everyone going slower than you is an old lady and the everyone going faster than you is a maniac? It is the same thing with what you believe, at least when it comes to “conspiracy theories.” Anyone who believes less than you believe is “asleep” and everyone who believes more than you believe is a nut.

Take for instance, the poster child for conspiracy theory nutcases, the “tinfoil hat wearer.” Well, did you know that the US Government, or more specifically, the US Air Force, actually owns a patent for putting “voices in your head.” It is right there on Google Patents as US 6470214. There is also a further development patent, filed in 2002, that has a human head in the artwork for the patent. From the original patent:

1. A method of encoding an input audio signal a(t) to produce a double sideband output signal having a ωc carrier frequency, which when transmitted to the head of a receiving subject, will by the radio frequency hearing effect induce a thermal-acoustic signal in the bone/tissue material of the head that replicates the input audio signal and is conducted by the bone/tissue structure of the head to the inner ear where it is demodulated by the normal processes of the cochlea and converted to nerve signals which are sent to the brain, thereby enabling intelligible speech to be perceived by the brain as any other nerve signal from the cochlea

This is a mind blowing invention, literally, owned by none other than Uncle Sam.  This is no conspiracy. It is an actual US Patent.

This is a mind blowing invention, literally, owned by none other than Uncle Sam. This is no conspiracy. It is an actual US Patent.

How do you feel about tin foil hats now? The government not only knows how to put voices in your head, they have developed the technology into an actual device that does it. How do they know it does it? Because they test it on humans. Many of those people are the nutcases that you see being made fools of on conspiracy TV shows, put out by the mainstream media to keep you asleep. The best way to stop radio frequencies is with a “Faraday Cage,” which is just a conductive metal enclosure. ie. a tin foil hat…

The foundation is crumbling, and if you don’t want to be trapped in the dark when it falls, come out into the light now. Yes, there are genuine nutcases out there. They are just there to cloud things up, and if you tune your tin foil hat correctly, they are pretty easy to tune out. Take this video of Wolfgang Halbig talking to the Newtown School board. Wolfgang is a national school safety instructor who actually testified in Columbine. He ain’t no nut. He has never been involved in the conspiracy theory or truther movement, and he has 16 simple questions for the officials in Connecticut. They have refused Freedom of Information Act requests, and Wolfgang is there just asking them why. He is followed by a nut brigade in the video, one of whom is dressed up like a British aristocrat circa 1776(?!).

The Sandy Hook incident has been used as a platform in an attempt to take away our guns. They haven’t been shy about it. It is time for us to not be shy about sharing the questions about its legitimacy, and to also look into this latest string of shootings where the shooter always seems to end up dead, and witness reports never seem to match the official story. Where are the Walmart surveillance tapes in Las Vegas? We have known since 1977 that the CIA had a project called MK Ultra with the sole purpose of controlling the human mind. Sirhan Sirhan‘s (the guy who killed Bobby Kennedy) lawyer always claimed that someone else killed Kennedy and this his client was under a form of mind control when he made his famous confession. He has no recollection today of the event or the trial.

How far has the MK Ultra project come today? Why is there always an official spokesperson for gun control before the blood is even dry in these shootings?

Wait, is my tin foil hat crooked?

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  • CW Wade July 10, 2016, 11:58 am

    Youre a liar. Wolfgang never testified at Columbine and he declares nearly every mass shooting a hoax.. from Orlando to Virginia.

  • Phil Wong June 16, 2014, 12:57 pm
    • dink winkerson June 17, 2014, 3:17 pm

      I truly believe our government is SERIOUSLY over stepping it’s bounds. I could see our gov. being involved in things like 911, which really messes up my birthday by the way, LOL. In an article here it was stated ” proof: martial law coming!” . That is a very dogmatic statement. It would not surprise me if that were true, however that was not “proof” of anything. Could I see our gov. being involved in sandy hook, sure. It is foolhardy to assert these things as fact. I also believe you’ll keep your audiences attention better if you could admit you could be wrong. I’m just as scared of our gov. as you, i’m sure. I don’t trust our gov. any more than you. As far as 911, I see a ton of compelling evidence to support that our gov. may have had something to do with it. I just have the sense to admit I may be wrong.

  • trugrits June 16, 2014, 11:44 am

    I think it is so funny how even on gun forums the majority it seems are quick to disbelieve any conspiracy sounding thread. They are quick to call someone a conspiracy nutjob and put their tinfoil hats on. What’s even more funny is how many of the gun forums moderators are so quick to shut freedom of speach. Their precious gun forum can’t be aiding such things lest their site get shut down. Have to pry their guns from their cold dead hands. Sheep with hands talking so big and bad is such a joke. The sheep keep getting sheared and even get herded to wait in line for it. Oops! There I go again with that conspiracy thing.
    People as a whole believe our government could never be involved in a conspiracy against its own people. 911, three presidents assassinated, HAARP weather control reported as not even feasible but millions spent on it each year, a commercial airliner can’t be found but cell phones get answered, one drone gets hijacked by China, parents caught laughing before interviews in Sandyhook, 5 terrorist leaders exchanged for 1 deserter soldier just to name a few happenings. But no, anybody thinking conspiracy is a total fruitcake. The sheep have been controlled very well it seems. The biggest way to control is make anybody questioning what really happened look like a conspiracy nutjob. OOPS there I go again with that conspiracy thing.

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