TrackingPoint is Back with a Vengeance – SHOT Show 2017

To learn more, visit the TrackingPoint website.


TrackingPoint was back with a vengeance this year. What exactly is TrackingPoint? It looks like some space-age madness mounted on your gun and functions pretty much like a fighter jet missile in that it uses lock-and-launch technology to make your black rifle a precision-guided weapon. It feels kind of weird, but it does work.

Here’s how it works in basically three steps.  Step one: You select a target and mark it in your scope with a button. Step two: You pull the trigger and hold it. Step three: The TrackingPoint system fixes a ballistic solution in your scope as a crosshair, and when that crosshair crosses the target the gun fires. It’s pretty cool.


A look at the options.


Well, their budget model in 5.56 starts around $6,000.  That seems like a lot of coin, no doubt. But an H.D. television was $10,000 when it first hit the shelves and now you can buy them at Walmart for what seems like pocket change.

New technology always comes at a premium.  But over time, as it is refined and perfected and as more users purchase it, the price usually comes down.  To that extent, TrackPoint rifles are way more accessible today than they were when they initially launched (prices were upwards of $20,000).  We’ll see if that trend continues.

Back to the question of functionality. Does it work? Granted, I only had a few rounds, but yes it works. I had multiple 460-yard hits with a 300 AAC. But for the record, I did also miss at least once. Am I excited about the technology? Absolutely. Is my checkbook out? Not quite yet. But let’s not forget, danger close for a gun run from an A-10 is a couple hundred meters. And they cost at least an order of magnitude more than $6,000.

The TrackingPoint system is much more compact than the earlier generations.

Preparing to put some lead down range.

Price and Availability

As mentioned, the 5.56 rifle starts at around $6,000.

To learn more, visit the TrackingPoint website.

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  • Doug February 24, 2017, 12:42 pm

    I’m sorry, but still out of the price range of anyone but those with large amounts of disposable income. On top of that the low end one is laughable in my opinion because if you can’t reach out to 300yrds with a 62gr, 5.56 round, then you should get out and practice IMHO, not buy a $5K optic to affix to your rifle.

    • Dirk Diggler March 1, 2017, 2:56 am

      Agreed, however this really shines with moving targets.

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