Jon Hodoway – (Range Gear Wishlist) – Remote Target Camera, sub-$100 Steel Target & More! #Xmas2016

This year, the author decided to help his kids with picking out some gifts for him. Maybe this list will help you as well!

This year, the author decided to help his kids with picking out some gifts for him. Maybe this list will help you as well!

Editor’s Note: This is a Christmas wishlist from GunsAmerica contributor Jon Hodoway to his kids. Take a look, and you might find some great gift options as well!

Okay kids, that time of year is here when the Christmas family gift exchange happens. Remember last year, when were both stuck looking at each other awkwardly in the room, me pretending I like my gift, you pretending you put some thought into it? 🙂

So, let’s cut to the chase this year. Here’s some stuff that I would really like for Christmas. I’ve even gone so far as to give you some links where you can order this stuff online; both of us will pretend that you went out shopping with me in mind and found just the perfect gift all on your own.

As an incentive to you, I promise that I will not give my grandchildren any of the following this year: Puppies, kittens, toys that take more than six batteries, a drum set (either analog or digital). I also agree not to tell any inappropriate stories about what you did when you were their age. As a final concession to make this work for both of us I agree to let your mother by all the gifts this year for you and your spouse (I don’t care what you say, I still think liquor and cigars are great Christmas gifts).

Chronograph G2

The Caldwell Ballistic Precision G2 Chronograph is a next-gen Chronograph system.

First on the Christmas list this year is the Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2 from Caldwell, available from Midsouth Shooters. What makes this such a game changer is that they have taken the chronograph and literally flipped it 180°. By putting the lights on the bottom and the electronics on top it eliminates most of the frustrations of trying to get the light just perfect. Higher accuracy was achieved by using a high speed 48 MHz processor and by a circuit with an advanced data interface that allows each unit to be computer calibrated at the factory after assembly. The result is much better accuracy than other chronographs on the market (+/- .25%) and measures from 5 to 9,999 FPS. It also comes with a tripod and it has an app for your phone or tablet that allows you to record and manipulate the data immediately. Price: $201.14 at Midsouth Shooters.

Long Range Target Camera System

the Caldwell Ballistic Precision Long Range Target Camera System allows you to set up next to your target and receive info via your tablet or smartphone.

The Long Range Target Camera System transmits info to your tablet or smartphone.

Next up is the Ballistic Precision Long Range Target Camera System, also from Caldwell and available from Midsouth Shooters. This is ideal for rifle work. You simply set the camera by the target, and then set up the receiver where you are shooting from. The system creates its own wireless network and then transmits it to your phone or tablet. This eliminates the need to go down range and check your group after each volley. The one mile range delivers live streaming HD (720P) video footage of your target to your smart phone or tablet. It is rugged and ready for outdoor use with its hard plastic waterproof cases. It will run off rechargeable internal batteries, or offers the option of 110V power for more permanent installations. The target camera comes with everything you need: tripods, chargers, carrying case, batteries and a free downloadable app. Price: $357.02 at Midsouth Shooters.

MTM All-Weather Target Stand Backer

The one that I can’t believe I don’t already have is the All-Weather Plastic Target Stand Backer from MTM, available from Midsouth Shooters. Made of Blue Polypropylene plastic, it will not tear, wilt or soften in wet or humid conditions. Targets may be taped, tacked or stapled to backer. Good for thousands of rounds. This is the perfect thing to keep when going to the range. You can use any target stand at the range or bring your own. These come in a box of 12 which will last most shooters a year. This eliminates the need to buy expensive cardboard targets and allows you to print your own targets and simply staple them to the backer. Price: $42.02 at Midsouth Shooters for a case of 12.

CTS Targets AR500 Target Kit

The CTS Targets AR500 Target Kit gives you a rock-solid steel target at a very reasonable price.

The CTS Targets AR500 Target Kit gives you a rock-solid steel target at a very reasonable price.

Who among us doesn’t like to shoot steel and this could be the perfect target the folks at CTS Targets have an AR500 Target Kit with an AR500 Plate, hanger and spike base, available from Midsouth Shooters. The 10″ diameter, 3/8”-thick laser cut target plate is made of certified AR500 steel producing an extremely durable target capable of withstanding thousands of rounds from both pistol and rife calibers. The unique hole cut into the top is designed to let the target swing freely to increase the audible sound when the target is hit or it will accommodate a ½” carriage bolt for mounting and securing as a static target. When you add your 2×4 to the spike driven into the ground, add the plate hanger with the included plate and you are ready to go. They have even included a spring for the plate to help prevent ricochets. Price: $97.74 from Midsouth Shooters.

Predator Shooting Table

The MTM Predator Shooting Table offers a lightweight and portable, yet- solid shooting base for a great price.

The MTM Predator Shooting Table offers a lightweight and portable, yet solid shooting base for a great price.

How often does it seem like when you go to the range I go to that special spot you like to shoot that you never have that stable shooting surface? Well let me introduce you to the Predator Shooting Table by MTM and available from Midsouth Shooters. Standing 30 inches tall and weighing less than 18 pounds, the Predator Shooting table is at home on the range or in the field. This portable bench offers an ample 28″ x 35″ wedge-shaped tabletop design provides a comfortable shooting position for either left- or right-handed shooters. You can lean your rifle into one of the three barrel grooves molded into the sides of the table. All of this and it still folds down to no more than 2.1 inches thick. This is a great alternative to shooting off the hood of your car! Price: $51.19 at Midsouth Shooters.

Okay guys, there is something for each of you to get dad this year! I know that money is tight for some of you so they start at under 50.00. I also might suggest while you are on Facebook you could pool your resources and get one of the other items I have suggested. Know that Dad love you no matter what and I have a drum set wrapped and under the tree!

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