Watch Vice Reporter Go From Gun Foe to Gun Friendly

A weirdly entertaining video.  Two Canadians (from what I gather), corn beef sandwiches and guns.

From Vice:

Weird Guys is a show about strange men, as seen through the eyes of VICE News reporter Hilary Beaumont. In this premiere episode, Hil’ goes to a gun range to discharge a firearm for the very first time with Derrick Snowdy, a high-rolling, gun-wielding private investigator. After that, they discuss some tricks of his trade and a few of the high-profile political scandals he’s been connected to over corned beef sandwiches.

Guns and beef. Enjoy.

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  • Fro July 20, 2015, 10:02 am

    I only hope that the entire video was not broadcast on a country wide status because her first words concerning what the zombie did to her mom are not conducive to a creditable reporter, fit for a wide viewing audience, or should flow so freely from a young person’s (especially female’s) mouth.
    I am glad that she enjoyed the shoot, most people who give it a try do enjoy the shooting sport. Now ‘Hil’ , go wash out your mouth.

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