We Like Shooting Ep. 99: ‘We’re going to survive!’

The We Like Shooting show is a hilarious panel discussion about safety, guns, gear and gadgets and the issues that affect responsible shooters everywhere.

Episode 99, We’re going to survive! – this episode we’ll talk about 3D printed VZ Scorpion, our event, long range shooting, fix it sticks, Manticore Arms, Second Call Defense, DEZ Tactical arms and more and more!

Our guest this week have been our biggest supporters, and our sponsors, Sean Maloney, Co Founder Attorney Second Call Defense; member NRA Board of Directors, up for reelection please vote for him; Leader and Legislative Director Buckeye Firearms Association FASTER team member. Brian Zawistowski, Owner of DEZ Tactical Arms, Inc. And Sven Jonsson, Owner and head design guru at Manticore Arms, Inc.

In gear chat, besides talking about some of our sponsors great gear, Savage talks about 3D printed VZ Scorpion kits, and how every thing in the future we will ever need will be printed… you are on notice my dear sweet wife.

Shawn takes to shooting long distance and the failures he had because of crappy preparation.

Lil find a great tool on Sniper’s Hide, Fix it sticks, portable wrenches that will help repair your gear and take up as little space as possible.

And finally we all discuss our own WLS Event hosted in Colorado Springs over the weekend.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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