17 Facts about the Leupold DeltaPoint Micro and Field Test Report

Fact 1. It’s Ugly.

Just like your mother-in-law, it’s carrying a little extra weight around the backend. Function before fashion, the Leupold DP Micro works and it’s tiny. They had to put the electronics and the battery somewhere and they ended up hanging over the back of the slide. While it’s not pretty, it’s very functional and doesn’t get in the way of a proper two-handed grip or stick up above the gun.

Fact 2. It’s the smallest and toughest red dot sight on the market. 

There is literally no other red dot in existence that is even close to the size of the Leupold Delta Point Pro. It sits less than half an inch above the slide. 

Fact 3. The DP Micro has been in R&D for 6-7 years. 

The DeltaPoint Micro didn’t just get developed and dropped on the market. I shot an original prototype in Bend, Oregon 6-7 years ago. It’s been going through testing and prototyping for years now. 

Fact 4. It’s completely sealed making it waterproof, dustproof, and fogproof.

This is important because almost all other red dots have a small (open to the elements) hole that the laser emitter shoots out of and onto the lens. Dust, dirt, lint, snow, rain, and other particles can block the emitter making the red dot useless (it’s happened to me multiple times). Because the Delta Point Micro is completely sealed, it’s immune from the biggest downfall of almost all other red dots and is therefore much more reliable. 

Fact 5. The batteries in the DP Micro should last for 3.5 years on the medium setting. 

If you leave the dot turned up higher than medium, the sight will automatically shut down after five minutes of no movement and automatically turn back on the moment it senses movement, thus increasing battery life. The batteries are the common 1632’s and are very easy to change.

Fact 6. The red dot housing acts as a backup rear ghost ring sight with the stock factory front sight. 

DP Micro mounts low in the rear sight dovetail and sits at approximately the same height as the factory iron sights.  It’s technically a ⅓ co-witness but at self-defense ranges, the front sight anywhere in the circle will result in hits. Should your electronics or battery fail at an inopportune time your backup is already in place. 

Fact 7. Should anything go wrong with the optic all of the electronics (including the battery) are housed in the rear round thing that hangs off the back. 

“Round thing” is a technical term. Should you break it, send in the battery housing with the electronics and Leupold can send you a new one without even dismounting it from your gun. No re-zero required.

Fact 8. It fits on existing Glocks and S&W M&P’s that aren’t milled for red dots. 

It fits all non-MOS Glock models and all Smith & Wesson M&P handguns. 

The takeaway is that it works on all of the older models of Glocks and all of the S&W M&P’s without needing to alter the slide in any way. Suddenly your Gen 3 Glock can have the benefit of a red dot without needing to send it in for expensive surgery. It’s also easy to mount.

Fact 9. Mounted to your gun it will likely still fit in the holster you already have. 

Fact 10. It’s durable.

I’ve now shot approximately 3500 rounds through the Leupold DP Micro.  I haven’t had any issues.

Fact 11. You don’t have to re-zero when you change the batteries.

Zeroing is simple. There is a windage and elevation adjustment just like on a rifle scope. The DP Micro has 100 MOA of elevation and 180 MOA of windage adjustment.  

Fact 12. The DP Micro contains a 3 MOA daylight bright dot.

It’s big enough to see and precise enough to be very accurate. After getting used to the sight, I could hit 3 inch knockdowns and other small pieces of steel much further than I ever could with iron sights. There are eight different brightness settings and Leupold claims it’s compatible with NV. I didn’t test the NV aspect.


Fact 13. The Leupold Delt Point Micro weighs just 1.1 ounces. 

The housing is made from aluminum making this sight extremely lightweight. You won’t feel the weight difference either carrying or shooting your gun.

Fact 14. Because of how low the DP Micro sits on the gun, it’s easier to find the dot when you’re first learning to shoot a red dot. 

There is a learning curve with finding the dot on all red dot sights. Dry fire practice is the best way to learn to quickly and naturally find your dot. The process is easier with the DP Micro because of how low it sits on the slide.

Fact 15. MSRP is $519.99 but you should be able to find it for a street price of $399.

Leupold released the DeltaPoint Micro in January 2021 so you should be able to find them for sale.

Fact 16. It’s made in Oregon, USA.

America. We should support American manufactures whenever we can. Enough said.

Fact 17. The Leupold DeltaPoint Micro comes with Leupold’s Lifetime Performance Guarantee.

Basically, they’ll repair or replace it for free for anyone in possession of the sight.  

Visit Leupold to learn more about the Leupold DeltaPoint Micro by clicking HERE

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About the author: True Pearce is the Managing Editor at GunsAmerica. He’s a competitive shooter, hunter, instructor & attorney. You can see and follow his adventures on Instagram. @true1911 https://www.instagram.com/true1911/

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  • Christopher Gray July 20, 2021, 12:03 am

    So I bought one the day it came out. Leupold sent me the mount for the Glock, though I ordered it for the M&P and the box said M&P. I forgave, mounting delayed. Done by a trusted pistolsmith at my local shop on M&P40 m2.0c. With each round, the damn sight changed it’s brightness setting! ARRGH! Beyond frustrated.

  • JohnL June 7, 2021, 12:36 pm

    And it most likely will not fit a pistol near you!

  • Dr Manarii Tane June 7, 2021, 7:21 am

    This sounds good, but it is not available anywhere. Probably waiting for the shipment from China.

  • JohnL May 31, 2021, 9:45 pm

    Does this fit G48?

  • Keith McIntyre May 31, 2021, 9:36 am

    I choose not to patronize Oregon due to its liberal politics. Why would anyone dependent on the firearms industry patronize Oregon? Leopold is a great company, but I have a choice of where to spend my $. Maybe I’m just stubborn.

    • SuperG May 31, 2021, 10:58 am

      It is true that the government of Oregon is infected with the disease of liberalism, and the majority of our Republican senators are RINOs, but not all of us are thus handicapped. It’s still America, and this product at least doesn’t support the CCP. One less product made in China, is a step in the right direction.

    • DELCO June 7, 2021, 10:26 pm

      If more people thought and acted like you things would be a little better. Common sense is not very common unfortunately. Oregon , like many other democrat controlled places has been RUINED. Literally RUINED, and it ain’t coming back around in our life time. Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, NYC, St. Louis to name a few others are also literally WRECKED in ways that no sensible Patriotic American would ever consider visiting let alone living in one of those places that have been run into the dirt by decades of liberal policies. Unfortunately the problems will never get resolved either , because anytime an honest person steps up to confront the real issues they are attacked in many ways. Usually starts by being called some sort of a racist, followed by having your employment jeopardized, and in some cases lives threatened. That’s my rant , that’s the truth, and Keith don’t ever back down keep pushing back buddy.

  • Jim88 May 31, 2021, 8:51 am

    So good for Glocks but I wonder if it could fit onto a Spgfld XD regarding it’s cocking indicator that protrudes off the rear of the slide

  • Doug G Roy May 31, 2021, 7:43 am

    Count me out on a striker fired gun as I’m a fan of hammer fired guns and the only poly bottomed gun I have is a HK p30

  • Philip Clyde May 31, 2021, 4:28 am

    Yes, it IS truly ugly. Why? Because some of us don’t TRUST striker-fired weapons, and we like to be able to keep our thumb on the HAMMER of our DA-SA hammer-fired weapon because having a hammer that you can physically control is INHERENTLY safer than ANY striker-fired weapon. Just sayin’.

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