Is the 2A better off today than it was before the midterms?

The midterm elections are over and I have a bad taste in my mouth. The reason?

Comments like this:

“Liberty needed a big win and she got one last night.” -NRA Chief Lobbyist Chris W. Cox

I don’t agree. See, as long as I’ve been covering the battle over gun rights in this country there has been one maxim that has rung true and will probably forever ring true: Any victory is a temporary victory, so in a sense it’s no victory at all.

To put it another way, merely holding the line on the battlefield doesn’t mean one has defeated the enemy. And that’s exactly what we did on Tuesday, we just held the line. We didn’t win anything. We didn’t defeat the enemy. The war ain’t over.

Sure, one can argue that we gained a little ground in one state or another and on the federal level, but overall there was no watershed moment, no Stalingrad, and quite frankly the Second Amendment isn’t any safer today than it was on Monday.

Critics would challenge my argument and suggest that because we have a few more pro-gun Senators in Congress that our rights are more secure.

To those critics I’d say, ask the citizens in Washington State if having a GOP-dominated Senate matters all that much now that a universal background check mandate is going to be on the books. Or ask New Yorkers how they feel now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the architect of the most draconian and misguided gun law passed since the Clinton-Era “assault weapons” ban, the SAFE Act, is back in office.

See, these losses cannot and should not be downplayed, because the reality is that lady liberty gets shat [sic] upon every time one of those anti-gunners takes office or one of those pro-gun control bills passes. And that ought to be the message we’re sending out. We ought to set the bar higher and have zero tolerance for hoplophobia in our elected officials. Anything short of this mindset and we’re not living up to the core ethos that our founders and framers enshrined in our Constitution.  After all, “shall not be infringed” was not an accident.

So, no, I’m not celebrating the “victories” of the 2014 midterms. I can’t. The road ahead is too long and arduous to take solace, regardless of the brevity, in maintaining an unacceptable status quo.  We’re engaged in an all or nothing war, and I want it all.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Mason Hamilton November 11, 2014, 4:58 pm

    Anyone that doesn’t understand that the management of our country ceased to be controlled by so called “party politics” – at least since Nixon, hasn’t been paying attention and likely not consuming enough brain foods. The only “difference” between the Republican – G.W. Bush and the Democrat – B. H. Obama – was that Bush sold out to big oil/MIC, while Obama sold out to big insurance/healthcare. That’s equivalent significance of whether one wears boxers and the other briefs – both with holes in them. They (and their teams) both have dipped their snouts equally deeply in the public trough. Another privilege that public apathy has turned into an expectation of public office.

    The actual responsibility for the management/mechanical functionality and therefore the direction of the country is little impacted by politics, or it’s associated stage rhetoric, and or the regurgitating/reprocessing of political media. No one with any serious assets at risk and or in their right mind would allow such great responsibility for those assets to be handed to (by a popularity contest/election) candidates with the general lack of mental/intellectual capacity and character as those that we have had run for election since Nixon.

    While a lack of character seems synonymous with politicians, the general lack of gray matter in presidents and or potentials for example would include; Reagan – Actor and Gov. of Hollywood, G.W. Bush – frat boy and general FU, and most exemplary Sarah Palin – cheer leader and beauty queen for life. That said – even being demonstrably and individually brighter academically has included presidents like Carter – Nuclear engineer and nuc. sub commander, Clinton – Rhodes Scholar, and Obama – President of the Harvard Law Review – but just as demonstrable have produced no real change in the US’s general direction, number of major policy disasters – and or real improvements for the average person. Governing a nation the size and complexity of the US is far too difficult for four year terms or to let the inexperienced and unknowledgable avg. Joe chose them.

    The US form of “democracy” (democratic theater) is analogous to the toy steering wheel mounted on the kids car seat. It gives voters the impression they are controlling their destiny in some way. However, real management of US direction and destiny is no more connected to elected officials management of anything (other than graft) than the toy steering wheel is connected to the actual mechanics of the car.

    If you think differently, you really haven’t been paying attention for the last few decades and elections – when not much really changed that wouldn’t have changed regardless of the party in “power.” Party political drama is now a multi-billion dollar industry – not unlike other forms of theater (professional wrestling, football, soap operas, etc.) and it’s associated advertising industry. Modern US politics is all for distraction, entertainment and or to sell products – and occasionally to introduce basic concepts to the public that they would not otherwise grasp or remember. Managing the actual affairs (mechanics) of the country – not so much.

    Consequently, the Second Amendment is in just as much – or more danger than – it was before the elections and regardless of who was elected or not. As the population density continues to increase – firearms are going to represent greater risk to the population at large (not a consequence of good or evil – just consequences of basic trajectory math), risk to its political system representatives, as well to the police and others who try to keep us from running a muck – while they bend us toward the greater good – and or the will of those that really run things.

    • Russ November 14, 2014, 4:59 pm

      What a giant heaping pile of shit that was.
      Maybe you can leave this country and go start one that thinks like you do.
      Take Carter and Barack Hussein with you.
      I’ll stay here and try to bring it back to the place our founding fathers fought and died for.
      The greatest Country on Earth with a great constitution and bill or rights, inalienably given to us by God and no man.
      And the answer is ; YES
      But our 2A will always be challenged by the enemies of the United States and people who think like you, in order to control their fellow man.
      So we will have to be ready to defend it and all our other rights, forever.
      It’s the reason we have our Liberty and Freedom, and why Brave Americans give their lives to defend it.
      Live free or die you Socialist communistic PC Democrat.<—(did I nail it?) Better yet, move to France.

  • Chris November 10, 2014, 1:43 pm

    The authors premise is based on the idea that there will be a day where the war is won.

    There is only one way the war ends. The grabbers will never back down, never admit defeat and never stop, not until every single privately owned gun is banned and confiscated. It remains to be seen if such a thing will happen in my lifetime, but if it does we will find out who is willing to give everything for freedom.

    • Russ November 14, 2014, 5:05 pm

      You will at that point have no “Freedom”
      And you will do whatever the tyrant that takes our country over, tells you to do.
      If you don’t, he will shoot you dead with whatever gun he chooses.

  • TDW November 10, 2014, 9:23 am

    The common refrain is “you have to have a license to drive a car” so by extension you should have a license and some form of state control to own and/or carry a firearm. WRONG. There is nothing in the constitution regarding the privilege of driving a car (or in their day a horse and buggy), but there is the 2nd amendment and nowhere in that amendment does it say “shall not be infringed, except for legitimate state regulation”. It says “shall not be infringed” PERIOD. Until the Supreme Court recognizes that fact and once and for all proclaims that the states have no right to “infringe” in any manner on the legal ownership and carrying of a firearm we are not safe from the gun grabbers.

    • Jayson November 10, 2014, 11:07 am

      For much of American history, the right to travel included the right to travel by the vehicle of one’s choice, and courts occasionally struck down regional regulations that required licenses or government permission to travel on public roadways. With the advent of the automobile, however, courts began upholding laws and regulations requiring licenses to operate vehicles on roadways. Constitutional scholar Roger Roots has referred to the forgotten right to travel without license as “the orphaned right.”

      • shootbrownelk November 10, 2014, 1:01 pm

        The “Right to Travel” is not included in the Constitution I don’t believe. Correct me if I’m wrong. The second amendment is indeed a right and not a privilege.

        • gopher baroque November 10, 2014, 7:10 pm

          Well, the First Amendment recognizing “freedom of assembly” sounds rather like a transit pass, but I do agree that it does not specify methods of transportation to assemble.

    • rUSS November 14, 2014, 5:34 pm

      TDW, you want to talk license? Well…..
      You have to have a license to;
      1. Have a dog
      2. Drive a car
      3. own a hand gun
      4. Go fishing
      5. To vote
      6. Get married
      But I think people should have to get a license to have a child.
      Too many people breed bad and dumbass kids that have poor values and are uneducated. ( PARENTS FAULT )
      And this has been going on for way too long now.
      It’s starting to make the movie ” Idiocracy ” look good.
      The license can be acquired after proving you’ve learned the basic moral values of humanity and childcare.
      If your caught without a childbearing license, the ignorant pairs tubes get tied, and the baby goes to a certified couple.
      I have a dream! Stop infecting the world with ” Bad People “

  • MarkPA November 10, 2014, 8:15 am

    You are correct. Even so, I see a silver lining in WA. Complacent gun-owners throughout the country can look to WA and ask themselves: Could this happen in my State? Most will say: I don’t care; that was SA State. Couldn’t happen here in the State of Confusion. Then, one by one, similar State laws will pass and eventually, home-loving gun-owners will see how vulnerable they really are. As long as we are fighting State-by-State there are 50 canaries-in-the-mine. We ignore them at our peril; and recognize them to our salvation. Take your pic Fudds.
    At the Federal level, I look to the Republicans to show us whether they are going to support the 2A via National Reciprocity. If they don’t, we withdraw our support. We primary them with 2A supporters and let the Democrats take their seats. If they support us then we support them.

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