5.11’s A.T.L.A.S. Boots Transform For Heavy Duty & Off-Duty – SHOT Show 2020

New A.T.L.A.S. boots are ideal for heavy rucks and lightweight P.T., too.

As the representative at the 5.11 Tactical booth said, “Most shoes aren’t designed for their wearers to gain 80 pounds for several hours each day.” 5.11’s new A.T.L.A.S. boots are intended to manage that very need as operators and first responders around the world don their gear each day.

The All-Terrain Load Assistance System family of boots and shoes is thoughtfully designed from the adjustable torsional rigidity to the bi-component midsoles and the double-stitched construction. And they do it in a low-drop design.

Torsion Control

Torsional rigidity helps keep your boots underneath you instead of rolling over on uneven terrain or when taking tight corners. But a boot that can handle the stress of an additional heavy load is going to feel too stiff when the load is off.

The orange torsion insert can be removed when loads are lighter. The Ortholite insert is thicker than average for more comfort.

5.11 has innovated a solution to this scenario. They’ve engineered a removable footbed that provides the kind of stability usually applied with a nylon shank in the sole. This footbed is lightweight but allows the wearer more stability under heavyweight.

Insert the footbed when rucking, but remove it when jogging. There’s an additional thicker-than-average Ortholite insert that goes over the torsion bed. The torsion bed is included with the 8″ boot and the mid boot. The low top trainer doesn’t include the bed, but it has room to accommodate it.


The midsole also manages adjustable loads. The heal strike zone is beefed up with Force Foam, a lightweight highly resilient foam that won’t give out. The rest of the foot has Echo Foam for fast rebounds that return energy to your stride (the kind of foam you’d find in a running shoe).

The midsole has different densities for more springiness and more endurance.


The leather portions of the uppers are all water-resistant for durability. High-abrasion mesh makes up the balance to keep your feet dry from the inside. Vents under the arch help transmit perspiration and reduce blisters. The 8″ high model has new lace locks midway so you can selectively tighten your boots.

Water-resistant leather and high abrasion mesh cover the uppers.

Additionally, the shoes are designed with a roomier toe box to accommodate the way feet splay under additional weight.


A.T.L.A.S boots and shoes come in 8″, mid-height, and low. They are available in coyote tan or black, and the black has the option for a polishable toe. A full-height YKK side zipper is also available.

The low top trainers don’t have leather toes. polishable toes are also available.

Designed to support heavy loads with adjustable rigidity, extra-tough cushioning, and higher volume design, these A.T.L.A.S. boots are a natural fit for military and law enforcement professionals. Hunters may also enjoy the same features.

Lace lock midway up isolate tension between the tops and the toes.

The full line of 5.11’s A.T.L.A.S. boots are in stock now. MSRP ranges from $119 to $149.

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