5 Stocking-Stuffer Ideas for the Shooter on Your List

Holy cow – is my calendar fast or is it really Thanksgiving already?! Well, we know what that means – time to start making those lists, checking them twice, and trying to fill stockings with little things nice. The people on your list may be close family and friends or they may be folks that you don’t know as well. Here are some ideas for gifts that can be appreciated by most anyone who is a shooting enthusiast, and in most cases they won’t break the bank.

Gives new meaning to the over-under.

Gives new meaning to the over-under.

Over/Under Handgun Hangers from Gun Storage Solutions

If you’ve started to accumulate a number of handguns, you might be quickly running out of space in your safe. Safes are very expensive and take up considerable real estate – so just adding another safe is probably not your first option, right? One of my favorite solutions for this problem is the Over/Under Handgun Hanger from Gun Storage Solutions. They allow you to mount a pistol above and below your shelf by sliding the barrel over a plastic coated rod. The hangers can be placed close together, and it is very easy to get a dozen handguns above and below a 1-foot shelf space. In addition to saving space, they are also a great way to organize the guns and protect them from damage that can occur if they are stacked or stored loosely. Cost is about $20 for a set of two (that holds 4 guns) and they are available at many online retailers.



Everyone needs a light.

Everyone needs a light.

StealthGear SGX-5 Tactical Flashlight

Packing the punch of 850 lumens and a strobe in addition to high and low settings (300 lumens on low), this light is serious business at far below the cost of many similar lights. Aircraft aluminum housing, soft-touch on/off/mode button, lanyard ring, and wet or dry operation. With just one button on the rear you can select between an instant flash, full power, low power, or strobe. At about 5” long it is a light that you can carry most everywhere and not sacrifice “big light” quality or features. This is the light that has been my EDC for most of this year, and it is a bargain at about $55. Available in a gift box too!


Not familiar with Fix It Sticks? You should be.

Not familiar with Fix It Sticks? You should be. This micro-tool company even makes a torque limiter.

Fix-It Sticks – Shooting/Hunting Edition

Have you ever been at the range and needed to fix something, or just make a change to your scope mount or sling swivel – and find that you didn’t have the right tool? That can be exasperating! Don’t let something as simple as that ruin your day at the range, or possibly even cancel it.

Every range bag has room for Fix-It-Sticks, the small driver set that contains most commonly needed bits. The two parts go together to form a “T” handle, giving you plenty of torque when you need it. This special version of the kit called the Shooting/Hunting Edition that includes commonly used bits for firearms and optics and the like. At around $40 it’s a very handy toolkit to ensure you maximize your range time. You can even add a torque limiter (sold separately) to ensure accurate tightness of sensitive optics screws.


Fix It Sticks!

The ‘go-everywhere’ tool with common shooter’s bits.

Keep mags organized and at hand.

Organized access for half-dozen AR mags.

AR-15 Magazine Storage from MagStorageSolutions

Okay, maybe a bit too bulky for the stocking, but a guaranteed hit with your favorite AR owner – and pretty easy on your budget, starting at about $35. Allows the AR-15 magazines to be kept out of the cardboard box, old drawer, or bottom of the safe, and kept organized and handy. Fits all sizes of AR mags and holds a half-dozen. There is also a magnetic mounting option available separately.


Channel Cleaning Tool from Calbico

Every stocking stuffer list has to have at least one gadget that is about $10. The Calbico Channel Cleaning Tool is my first choice at that price point. I use this tool at least every week. It was designed to help you clean the nooks and crannies of your handgun – primarily the channels in the slide and frame. Simply fold a patch over one end (there is a thinner and a thicker end) of the angled polymer tool and go to it! The angles are like a dental instrument and make it easy to reach into awkward places – and being polymer means it can’t damage your firearm. Every workbench needs one of these.


Don't let this humble tool fool you. This is one versatile tool.

Don’t let this humble tool fool you. This is one versatile tool.

There are five ideas for the shooters on your list (or maybe even for yourself). Do you have some other clever ideas to share? Leave a comment below and help each other out.

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