Action Target: AR500 Without Breaking The Bank – SHOT Show 2020

Action Target’s Legion Target system is modular and uses 2x4s as stands.

Shooting steel is incredibly satisfying — hearing the ring of the steel and seeing the gong move feels good. You can also build practice scenarios to help refine your shooting skills.

The trouble is that steel can be costly and heavy. has addressed these problems by removing the steel stand and saving you lots of money.

The brackets slide over 2x4s and cam in place.

The Legion Target system uses brackets that slide over 2×4 lumber and cam against it to keep it elevated. Two-by-fours are under $5 for an 8-foot piece and can be found almost anywhere. Removing the steel stand makes shipping and stocking at retailers much less costly.

The T-slots make changing profiles easy.

The targets are made of AR500 steel and are 3/8″ thick.

Five sizes of gongs and various obstacles and silhouettes are available. This one is 18″.

The brackets have a T-slot so you can change between target styles. Gongs range from six inches to 18 inches, and there are silhouettes and dueling trees. Prices start at just $30. Learn more at

You can add a silhouette to a dueling tree for a hostage target.

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