Advanced Armament Corp. Slams Gun Blog: ‘Douche about guns’

An employee of Advanced Armament Corp. fired some serious shots at a writer from a prominent gun blog. I’m not going to wade into the disagreement because I don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong, but on some level it is newsworthy.

Below is the press release from Mike Smith of AAC designed to clarify the apparent rumors and speculation published by the blog:

Having been at SHOT 2015 and hearing some of the wild rumors and unfounded speculation going around about AAC, I felt I needed to step in, clear the air, and set the record straight.

RUMOR: AAC is going out of business.

FACT: AAC is not going out of business. We are, however, moving to a new facility in Huntsville, Alabama, that will include most of the other companies that make up Remington Outdoor Company. The AAC facility in Lawrenceville, GA will cease production in February. The relocation of equipment and personnel will take place between the cessation of production and early May. We are taking steps to minimize any interruptions in communication and customer service during the transition so that the move is as transparent to our customers as possible. We introduced not one, not two, not three, but four new silencers this year. Would we do that if we were going out of business?

RUMOR: They came in and fired everyone.

FACT: No they didn’t. No employee has been fired from AAC in the last three years. This rumor has been spread ad-nauseam by a mouth-breathing oaf that writes for a blog, the title of which begins with a word that rhymes with “douche”. He’s relaying bad intel, spoon fed to him by former AAC personnel. Consider the source.

RUMOR: They ran off all the creative people.

FACT: Again, no, they didn’t. With the exception of one silencer in the current 2015 catalog, the other 30 or so silencers were designed by personnel that are still drawing a paycheck with AAC at the top.

RUMOR: They are merging AAC with TAPCO.

FACT: Um, no. Why would they do that? This is another one of those “douche about guns” rumors. Again, completely baseless tripe passed on by former AAC personnel and regurgitated by an easily manipulated blogger.

To all of you out there that own AAC products, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patronage. The four products we introduced at SHOT are not the last new products to come from us this year. There are some really interesting new silencers to come that I believe will surprise everyone, and re-establish AAC as the leader in silencer innovation. Please stay tuned!

Thanks for your time,

Mike Smith/AAC

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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