A Red Dot for Accurate Shots at Distance: Aimpoint’s CompM5b – SHOT Show 2020

The newest Aimpoint Red Dot, the CompM5b

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While most people are familiar with the rugged and reliable red dots that Aimpoint is known for, they have changed the game at SHOT Show 2020.

As the battle rages on for which optic is superior between a red dot and magnifier or a LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) for general carbine use, Aimpoint may have tipped the scales.

The CompM5b lets you easily adjust for bullet drop by turning the customizable elevation turret.

A drawback of using a red dot, even with a 3x or 6x magnifier, has always been that you have one point of reference, the red dot. So if you are say zeroed at 50 yards, how familiar are you with where that bullet will impact if your target is say 300 yards away?

LPVO scopes have long had the advantage due to etched reticles that can give the shooter different drops in the form of hash marks and whatnot, while those using red dots have been forced to learn holds above or below their target out in space in order to get accurate hits for any distance that their optic isn’t zeroed at. The Aimpoint CompM5b changes all this.

The 5.56 elevation turret can be quickly adjusted between 6 different yard lines.

The CompM5b uses an adjustable elevation turret which lets the shooter quickly adjust the dot inside their optic for different yard lines with 5.56. Another .300 Blackout version switches between 2 different distances.

The 300 Blackout version offers two different drops.

While the CompM5b comes with an adjustable elevation turret with factory settings (which should get you close to the respective yard lines given your barrel length and bullet weight), they also have a blank elevation turret.

The blank turret can be tuned specifically to your weapon and ammunition. On the back of the CompM5b is a small hole that serves as a jig. The optic comes with a kit including a small hand drill bit. Using this drill bit, you can easily create indentions in the turret cap to correspond with various yard lines.

For example, when you start off zeroing your rifle at 100 yards, you then adjust the elevation until you achieve point of aim/point of impact at 200 yards. Then put the blank turret cap on, use the small drill bit to create a notch in the cap and then continue the process out to 600 yards. You now have an accurate shooting solution for various yard lines with the simple turn of the elevation cap on the CompM5b.

Depending on the wind conditions, you can easily adjust between 3 settings.

The CompM5b also has a easily adjustable windage cap with 3 settings in either direction for light, medium or heavy crosswinds.

The new CompM5b comes with everything else you have grown to expect from Aimpoint, a clean 2 MOA dot, 5-year battery life, robust waterproof housing, etc. They also ship with a mount that can be removed and replaced with any aftermarket mount of any height that fits the CompM5 footprint.

The Aimpoint CompM5b will be available Q1 with an MSRP of $1124.

For more information, please visit Aimpoint.

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