Airforce Airguns Condor SS – Super Silent – Protect Your Nuts! – SHOT Show 2013

Airforce Airguns

Some things are too awesome for words. Thankfully we have a video so you can hear how
quiet the CondorSS really is. OK, I know it’s pneumatic, but this new model from Airforce
Airguns delivers the kind of punch that Lewis & Clark relied upon during its Corps of Discovery
Expedition for food from its air guns. Despite the lack of report, it delivers a .177-, .20-, .22-
or .25-caliber pellet at velocities that range from 600 to 1,300 fps. To put things into perspective,
that 1,300 fps mark exceeds many velocities delivered by .22 Long Rifle cartridges. With the
CondorSS, a variable-power setting allows the shooter to dial up or down as needed and speed
produced will naturally vary by caliber and projectile weight. Power for this single shot rifle
is provided by a rechargeable tank in the buttstock. It comes with an 18-inch Lothar Walther
barrel to ensure accuracy and if you want to really reach out, a bipod can be mounted. With a
two-stage trigger adjustable for position, a rail for mounting iron sights or a magnified optic
and color choices in racy red, blue and black, this non-noise polluting gem is one of the SHOT
Show’s real sleepers. Add the fact that you can come home from work and let some steam off
while punching paper at BB-gun defying distances or neutralize those annoying pests without
your neighbors “discovering,” and I can’t wait to bring one of these babies home. MSRP is $717
to $737, depending on tank-attachment system requested (QD or spin).

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  • jay March 17, 2015, 6:51 am

    I own a talon ss in .177 that will shoot 1/4″ groups at 25yds. I will be buying a condor ss in .25 asap. It is not overpriced but a reasonable price for a high quality gun with a Walther barrel made in the USA by skilled Americans. My next gun purchase will be a Ruger gp100.357magnum revolver. It will cost $600, this is for the stainless 4.2″ bl model. Some say it’s expensive, but it is also made in the U.S. . I don’t want cheaply made import junk when it comes to my guns. Yes some airguns from overseas are quality, but I’d rather be supporting my neighbors if possible. Walther barrels are imported I believe, but a smart move to use them by airforce. Airguns have their place and the .25cal version is totally capable as a hunting tool/plinker. With Airforce airguns, you actually get what you pay for. Protect your 2nd amendment rights and become an NRA member, and shoot responsibly.

  • Sluggo February 24, 2014, 8:32 pm

    This is a pnuematic powered air rifle capable of considerable foot pounds of energy and far greater precision than many of you my powder burning breatheren will likely posess the finess to ever understand.
    This platform is actually very versatile as it is so modular in design and function . As it is so modular and straight forward economical design it is actually very reasonably priced considering its performance. the Lothar Walther Barrels produce M.O.A. accuracy and the triggers are quite crisp. While the ergonomics and esthetics might not be for everyone, this is one of the finest and most powerful package at this entry level price point. The simplicity of their bottle fed inline valve does away with much of the roadblocks in transferports and air passages. Maximizing the potential for airflow and can easily be increased with some modest massaging and modification.
    The power wheel is functional and is very practical and valuable to those who are advanced enough to understand how to tune these guns for power vs shot string and have a understanding of the interactions of hammer weight vs valve opening distance vs air pressure vs dwell time

  • bryan scott November 23, 2013, 6:12 pm

    Hi ,
    You guys are partly correct. The power wheel is for fine tune adjustment of the hammer strike.Along with the adjustment of the Top hat, ( this is the valve on the end of the bottle ,that the hammer strikes to let the air out of the bottle for the shot)
    You get the greatest change in velocity with the top hat, you adjust your power wheel to ballance the hammer strike with the opening of the top hat for greatest consistency.

    You can take the air force condor and shoot 32 grain pellets at 1150 fps, or down to 450 fps with 14 grain pellets,very adjustable gun, and has match accuracy with proper adjustment and break in .

  • Jason February 1, 2013, 7:45 am

    It’s an Olympic event and thousands go to camp perry every year for air gun competition.

  • William Howard January 27, 2013, 12:13 am

    Lewis and Clark carried an air rifle on their explorations West. They used it to impress the various Indian tribes
    along the way. Maybe a 50cal musket ball would be more impressive but it worked for Lewis and Clark. Just a bit of history for ya.

  • AirForceOwner January 23, 2013, 7:18 am

    PJ, Your correct about the dial it does change the FPS 75-50 up and down in each direction. That is called adjusting, whether its a considerable amount that is a different story.
    As far as the rifle, yes they are expensive. But they are a one of a kind, highly customizable air rifle. Match grade barrel, integrated suppressor(albeit not very quiet on the original Talon SS with out customization), ergonomic functional platform air rifle you can shoot in urban and suburban areas with out anyone knowing or getting arrested for discharging a firearm. That being said, if you live in a rural area where sound and discharging firearms is not an issue, get a cheap 10/22!
    Check out Talontunes website if you want to see the potential of this weapon… Tony customized mine, and now it’s a .25 cal 90-100 foot pound, completely silenced very accurate rifle (80 yards destroying golf balls) i can discharge with out a class 3 license off my patio.

  • Hydrashokk January 22, 2013, 1:35 am

    These things are not toys. They got power and will penetrate a human from 30m. Of course, you’re not trying to knock out an engine block or an enemy in battle with this. But if you’re in your neighborhood backyard, it would be great for target plinking and varmint control. You will still need a firearms permit to purchase this in some states. I definitely want to get one of these things! I’ve been using Gamo and Winchester break barrel spring action air rifles for a while – they fire .177 pellets @ 1,000 FPS average velocity. Almost like a .22 but very quiet – no joke! Yet, this Airforce SS looks HOT! I think the rechargeable air tank will cost an additional $150 or so.

  • PJ January 22, 2013, 1:11 am

    So I travel overseas alot and from country to country firearms are a big deal. if you have a pellet gun, its not considered a firearm and therefore i have not had a problem shooting wherever i go. just ship it to yourself wherever you go and you have a way of enjoying yourself if you enjoy shooting alot, like i do. i did buy my AirForce gun Talon SS, but let me tell you a couple things about this rifle!!!! the “adjustable speed dial” is dad-gum snake oil. this gun does’nt adjust but 50 fps up or down from what the rifle comes with out of the box. LET ME SAY AGAIN, its marketing, but the dang gun doesnt adjust like it advertises it does. dont believe me? well get yourself a chrony(R) and see for yourself! i thought at first this was my gun that was having the problem, but after a lengthy discussion with the manufacturer its true.

    • PJ January 22, 2013, 1:51 am

      Now with that said, believe me i was as taken aback as you are reading this right now, but it is true. the “adjuster” on the gun adjusts the tension placed on the spring when you cock the rifle. the sound is variable and that is true, but the quiter sound difference happens because the dial you adjust, adjusts the spring travel, but the mechanism that releases the air into the chamber to fire the pellet is fixed, meaning it doenst matter the amount of force you hit it with, the amount of air released is fixed. so if you hit it with alot of spring force or a little, it doenst matter, the velocity changes 50 fps up or down from your first shot not the wide range of velocities as advertised. now the manufacturer never lied. check this out……….so if you look at the website, literature, and hell what is written in the story above “With the CondorSS, a variable-power setting allows the shooter to dial up or down as needed and speed produced will naturally vary by caliber and projectile weight” NOW HEAR THIS!!!!!!! THE SPEED IS DEPENDANT ON THE CALIBER AND PROJECTILE WEIGHT NOT THE “POWER SETTING” ON THE RIFLE. I spent sooooo much time on reading, i even wanted to send this back, but in the end they never lied. the sound is variable (spring tension up or down) and the “power settting” means power of the spring releasing that strikes the mechanism that releases the air. but no matter how hard you hit the mechanism with the air, it is fixed and therefore the velocities will only change by shooting a lighter pellet. SNAKE OIL! however the gun is very very accurate, and the scope that comes with the rifle is amazing, but the gun is way way way overpriced for what it actually is. and if your wondering, the only difference in the mechanisms that power the talon and the condor, is that the condor has a larger port for air to travel through, so it will be a faster shooting pellet, but all of the rifles are built with the same design. buy another rifle and save yourself the pain of getting taken as a “sucker”

  • LD January 21, 2013, 7:16 pm

    Toys to replace the real thing, “THEY” hoping you’ll take the bait to soften the transition from 2nd Amendment armed and ready to 2nd Amendment BB gun, and at a price that will loft the cost of REAL guns to a year’s salary+ annual taxes, registration fees and quarterly mental health evaluations. THIS is why America is in a funk with liberalism. People will not fact check, nor will they think. The US has become the “ERP” (eat, reproduce and party) culture of the world, and folks…

    … It isn’t getting any better!

  • Jeff January 21, 2013, 12:50 pm

    I can’t understand why anyone would pay over $700 for an air gun. Nice concept but……

    • Administrator January 21, 2013, 1:17 pm

      You have to be a connoisseur in the art of protecting your nuts.

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