Check Out the Velociraptor by Aklys Defense: Integrally Suppressed AK

The Velociraptor is a two-stamp SBR. (Photo: Aklys)

Aklys Defense is happily teasing their upcoming new gun, the Velociraptor. The Velociraptor is a short-barreled, integrally suppressed AK-pattern rifle.

“From the trunnion back it’s a regular AK,” explained Aklys operations manager Dennis Clements. “From the trunnion forward we make it.”

The Velociraptor can handle both supersonic and sub-sonic ammunition. Aklys starts with a milled receiver and builds the barrel and suppressor system on it.

The Velociraptor features a 9.25-inch barrel and with the suppressor installed, it measures just 12 inches long. Also, the suppressor is part of the gas system to operate the Velociraptor’s action.

The suppressor is part of the gas system. (Photo: Aklys)

Chambered for 7.62x39mm the rifle is capable of throwing ammo downrange at 2,100 feet per second. That’s full speed or close to it with standard production ammunition.

While some of that is because 7.62x39mm works well with short-barreled rifles, some of that also has to be due to Aklys’ special suppressor design.

The suppressor is completely user-serviceable. Because it’s constructed from 17-4 stainless steel, it should last a long time. It’s also fully hearing-safe, even indoors.

Since these guns are being built to-order customers will have the option of any standard or even exotic AK chamberings. The company will also modify customer rifles on request.

It’s also user-serviceable. (Photo: Aklys)

Aklys is currently taking pre-orders for Velociraptors with delivery to begin early Fall 2018. They’re still tweaking the design, looking for a better handguard and handguard mount.

The final design will likely have a carbon fiber handguard with M-Lok slots for accessories. The current model weighs 8.2 pounds so the finished version could weigh even less.

It is a two-stamp gun. It’s an NFA-regulated short-barreled rifle, an SBR, and it’s suppressed. Buyers will have to wait patiently to get these, but they’ll wind up with the coolest gun at the range for sure. For anyone looking to buy one stamp at a time, Aklys will also manufacture a pistol version.

Gemtech MIST-22 Integrally Suppressed 10/22 Barrels — SHOT 2018

Due to the cost of materials and machine time, the Velociraptor is not inexpensive. The final price will be $4,500 per gun. Right now Aklys is offering early adopters a price break.

If you decide to get in on the first batch the price will be $4,285 and as a bonus you’ll get a “swag bag” of Aklys gear. Aklys is accepting deposits on pre-orders at $1,785.

“It’s the smallest, quietest AK I could make in this package,” said Aklys’ Zach Hall at the NRA Annual Meeting. For more information about the Velociraptor and other products and services, check out the Aklys Defense website or hit them up on Facebook.

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About the author: Max Slowik is a writer with over a dozen years of experience and is a lifelong shooter. He has unwavering support for the Second Amendment and the human right to self-defense. His ambition is to follow Thomas Paine, as a journalist by profession and a propagandist by inclination.

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  • Z May 19, 2018, 6:42 pm

    It will be interesting to see the final design and price point. I’m curious how they managed to only lose 200 FPS with a nine inch barrel.

  • kurt May 19, 2018, 1:42 pm

    expensive and ugly!

  • Jeff May 18, 2018, 5:06 pm

    Yea, the chances of me “pre-ordering” anything from former employees of Red Jacket is slim to none, especially at that price point. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice… Not gonna happen gents!

  • Archangel May 18, 2018, 1:57 pm

    If you decide to get in on the first batch the price will be $4,285 and as a bonus you’ll get a “swag bag” of Aklys gear?

    At that price the “SWAG BAG” better contain at least 2-1/2 oz of .999 GOLD!

    Where do these people come up with those prices?

    An AK should be no more than $500, a new barrel (even short) for an AK is less than $150, then toss on a home made suppressor (no lathe, no milling machine) for no more than $50!

    Less than $1000, so add a $3300 bonus?

  • Michael Christensen May 18, 2018, 1:07 pm

    With the silencer that long, make the hand guard almost as long so you can rest the weapon on something without it touching the silencer and affecting accuracy.

  • Ben Dover May 18, 2018, 7:51 am

    That is one ugly front end. Much more aesthetic ways to do it integrally. They certainly don’t have to worry about another company stealing their design…
    Another ‘never bin dun befo’ from the leftover crew at Red Jacket

    • carl May 23, 2018, 4:16 pm

      im interested in how you would do it ? Ak platforms are very hard to inergrally suppress because of the way the gas system is shaped and positioned … how would you make this look better and actually work .. please share

      i am not a fan of the look myself i just dont see how it would be done so much easier / cheaper / better looking


      • Ben Dover May 28, 2018, 8:22 am

        look up the VSS Vintorez built in the Tula arms factories. A classic integrally suppressed AK.

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