Alex Kincaid: A Legal Warrior Defending Our 2nd Amendment Rights—SHOT Show 2017

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It has been a good few years for the industry. Between the SIG “Arm Brace”, Mossberg Shockwave non-NFA shotguns, and MagPul producing hi-capacity magazines at the cyclic rate, innovation is helping us all beat idiotic government regulation. One of the reasons I like Alex Kincaid, 2nd Amendment lawyer extraordinaire, so much is her stance on these things. She argues that we shouldn’t have to do these things in the first place.

Pretty much every government ban since NFA act of 1934 has been defacto infringement on the poor when you really think about it. The original NFA put a $200 tax stamp on short barrel rifles and suppressors, the equivalent of six months wages for a working class stiff back then. The Hughes Amendment didn’t mean automatic weapons went away, it just meant the price skyrocketed because they could no longer be produced for civilian sale. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $20,000 for a transferable M16 receiver.

Alex Kincaid’s book, Infringed, is a spirited legal defense of our 2nd Amendment rights.

There shouldn’t be different rules for the rich and the poor. It’s not like we are talking about buying Ferrari collections here. This is a base 2nd Amendment issue, and it’s about damn time we started fighting like it.

Check out Alex’s book, Infringed, available here.

About the author: Clay Martin is a former Marine and Green Beret, retiring out of 3rd Special Forces Group. He is a multi-decade and -service sniper, as well as 3-Gun competitor and Master ranked shooter in USPSA Production. In addition to writing about guns, he is the author of “Last Son of The War God,” a novel about shooting people that deserve it. You can also follow him on twitter, @offthe_res or his website,

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  • Bob February 9, 2017, 10:35 am

    Totally agree with this lady on to many gun laws that confuse most law abiding citizens.

  • Ken W. February 9, 2017, 9:08 am

    We need more people like her. Far too many people sit back and silently accept all of these , frankly, illegal anti-2nd Amendment laws. These regulations must be irradiated and never should have been tolerated in the first place.

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