Alien Gear CLoak Tuck 2.0 Holsters (Review)

Alien Gear Holsters has an innovative design concept that sets them apart from almost every other holster maker. It begins with a genuine commitment to modularity that comes in at an almost unbelievable price point. This is possible thanks to an incredibly simple structure. And if the price doesn’t convince you try this–they will let you test drive a holster for 30 days. If that weren’t enough, they guarantee all parts. And, my favorite, if you ever decide to change the gun you’re carrying, Alien Gear will trade out the Kydex shell.

Alien Gear

The concept is simple, and growing in popularity. One side Kydex, the other side is neoprene backing on an ABS polymer core.

Alien Gear

The back of the neoprene is a lot easier on your skin than Kydex.

Alien Gear’s basic design is easy to understand. A lot of holster companies have been moving away from a Kydex clam shell in favor of a half-shell, half something else. Leather is a popular choice, and Alien Gear makes a leather backing, too. This one is a combination of polymer and neoprene. It molds to the gun, proving a lot of friction to hold the gun in place, yet feel better on the skin than plain Kydex, and is waterproof, so sweat won’t soak through.

Alien Gear

Modular holsters for the 1911 and the GLOCK 19.

The Kydex half-shells are bolted onto the neoprene backing with only four bolts. At first, I wasn’t a fan of this, as I thought that the bolts could easily pull through the backing. And I’m used to holsters that are built like tanks, so the four connection points (for a 1911, especially) seemed a bit skimpy. But the bolts have wings on their backs that grip a wide surface area.

It would take a tremendous amount of force to pull them through. They function like many drywall bolts, or picture hangers and spread the force out over neoprene.

Alien Gear

This shell for the GLOCK 19 will fit on the same back as the 1911. One back, and multiple shells will allow you to carry almost any gun.

Alien Gear

I’m always pleased to see this level of detail printed inside a Kydex holster, as it means the holster was molded on the real deal.

The molds are easy shape and finish. This is one of the ways Alien Gear is keeping down costs. Yet the simplicity isn’t a weakness here, either. The single sided Kydex is enough to hold the gun tight against the mailable polymer and neoprene. As these are IWB holsters, the belt and friction from the body snug it all up. There’s no way that the gun will come loose from this holster unless the gun is purposefully drawn.

Alien Gear

The nuts are fixed into place on the back of the holster.

Alien Gear

On the front of the holster, the belt clips bolt in place and can be raised or lowered a bit to meet carry styles.

Alien Gear has added extra bolts on the back of the clip that will allow you to sink the holster deeper, or raise it up, depending on your preference or need for concealment. changing the carry position is easy enough to do with a simple allen wrench. If these polymer clips don’t float your boat, there are steel clips available.

Alien Gear

With the right kind of cover, the 1911 is quite well concealed.

Alien Gear

I’d suggest getting tailoring your wardrobe to match carry styles. It is important that the fabric move.

There’s a tangible benefit to Alien Gear’s design. I believe in only carrying one gun (or one type of gun) and making your modes of carry consistent with one type of holster that is carried in the same place, every time you carry. You may see a theme there. It is consistency. I may carry a full sized gun in the winter, and a compact in the spring and fall. With this one holster, I can get an extra shell or two. I could carry a GLOCK 41, 19, and even a 42–all from the same holster, just by buying additional half-shells. All of the guns would function in exactly the same fashion, and the holster would stay consistent, and it wouldn’t break the bank.

Alien Gear

Get both hands involved in the draw to ensure that you don’t get caught up in the shirt tail.

The proximity to the body makes the draw more complicated, but is the price you pay for concealment.

The proximity to the body makes the draw more complicated, but is the price you pay for concealment.

Some will balk at the idea of concealing a full sized 1911 IWB. Nuts to that. I do it all the time. A holster like this will pull the gun in very close. The most prominent feature of the 1911, when concealed in this manner, is the sharp end of the grip. But it tucks up nicely, and doesn’t print much at all. If you wear dark shirts, or shirts with wild, varied patterns, the gun will be even harder to detect. Thin linens, and light colored cotton shirts may not be a fashion option, but a little trial and error will provide a workable solution.

Alien Gear

The Alien Gear holster holds the 1911 very close. Really skinny small people will have more difficulty with printing with a gun this large. Large land mammals like me? Not so much.

Alien Gear

The holster covers a lot of territory. Look how far apart the belt loops are. This helps hold it in place.

The Alien Gear can be worn in a variety of positions. The two most effective are strong side and small of the back, though I’d carry a smaller gun appendix style. The cant on the holster is steep, which makes small of the back very effective. I prefer a slight cant on a strong side holster, but I can work with this without having to retrain my brain.

Drawing from concealment is slower than drawing from an open carry holster, and the closer to the body the holster rides, the more you’ll have to train. Getting your hand to the gun, and making sure that it is uncovered and capable of being drawn, requires daily practice. If you carry, you need to practice. My first 50 draws from the holster were peppered with false starts, as I kept catching my shirt tail in my grip.

Alien Gear

The grip angle on this cant makes it easier to draw from the small of the back.

Alien Gear

In the small of the back, the 1911 rides very well, but I find it harder to sit and get in and out of cars.

Alien Gear has nailed it. The simple design means the cost comes in below most other holsters–$35.88.  New pieces and parts are available as needed. New Kydex shells, too. If you aren’t someone who owns a lot of guns, there’s always the shell-swap option.  All told, this holster is comfortable, dependable, easy to conceal, and modular. I’d pay a lot more than $36 for that.

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  • Neal Scroggins December 8, 2017, 12:28 pm


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    We noticed something when researching other clipless holsters: We’ve found that some brands don’t last very long. We use sturdier materials in all 3 layers of the Comfort Cling holster. In addition, we use a cross-stitch sewing pattern around the binding of the holster.

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  • Dan March 4, 2015, 11:28 pm

    Left two emails inquiring about a shell for my Century Arms tp9 sa, with no answer, a week plus on the first email and 3 days since the last. No response… need for me to order one, no matter what the price is.

  • Jonathan January 8, 2015, 4:37 pm

    Alien Gear Holsters are by far the most innovative, comfortable, and well made holsters on the planet. Their reputation proceeds them and they have consistently exceeded my expectations again and again. I have never been happier with my carry holster and I would recommend these holsters to anyone looking for the perfect concealable holster for their everyday carry needs. Aside from the fact that the product is awesome, the staff at Alien Gear is top notch as well. Always available to help, always consistent and ready to do just about anything to keep their customers satisfied. If you havent purchased a holster from AG by the time you finished reading reviews, you should be ashamed of yourself. Enough said.

    • matt March 2, 2015, 11:35 pm

      Couldn’t disagree more. These are so inexpensive I had to give them a try. Compared to my Mtac Minotaur the cloak tuck 2.0 I received, after a redicoulous 6 week shipping time, is a piece of junk. Kydex fit and finish is terrible. Captive nuts dig into your skin and snag and tear tucked in shirts. I sent 2 emails to alien gear about my complaints with no response. Terrible product and customer service. Don’t go cheap. Spend a little more and get a quality product.

      • Ryan March 24, 2015, 6:27 am

        Seems like the 30-day money back trial is your get-out-of-jail-free card in that case. Just got mine today, seems like a good product to me, especially since I paid $35 when their competition wants triple that for a similar holster. Also, I ordered over the phone and was very positively impressed by their customer service. Wait time was a month because of their backlog, but that’s understandable due to their popularity. Time will tell if it’s good or bad, but if it’s bad within a month I get my money back, and if it breaks after that they replace or repair if for free. Tough to call that a bad bet on $35.

  • Chris December 11, 2014, 10:42 am

    I bought the new version (2 I think) and was totally under impressed…it went back. No only did not not hold the gun, the holster would not stay put in your pants. Also their customer service sucks – 4 days to get back you you, inform you AFTER your purchase it will take 4-6 weeks to ship, and other crap. You have been warned….

    • Doug December 18, 2015, 12:28 pm

      I bought a 3.0 and a 2.0 for 2 different guns. I love the 3.0 but not so happy with the 2.0. I wanted to either return the 2.0 or exchange it for a 3.0. I called the customer service # and after 20 min was forced to leave a message. It’s been two days so far and my call has not been returned. I also sent an email the same day which was not returned either. So far I would have to agree that the customer service sucks.

  • Joe Burge August 25, 2014, 5:49 am

    I have the predecessor to this, the old faithful leather in a commander 1911. I have played around with several holsters, but once I bought one of these it was like coming home. Now I can carry one of these all day and never even think about it. I even find myself wearing it around inside just because it is so comfortable.
    One thing you mentioned is the sharp grip of the 1911. I was lucky enough to find a bob-tail, and it makes a big difference in both comfort and conceal-ability. I have found myself walking around during summer in short and a t-shirt with my Colt without anyone noticing.

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