American Gunsmithing Institute in Path of California Fire

Editor’s note: We have a deep and abiding respect for the work of The American Gunsmithing Institute. While much of this industry is concerned with the posturing inherent in politics, AGI is taking a grass roots, hands-on approach to firearms education. Until I read the post below, I had no idea how close they were to the fires. We’re posting their update here so everyone can see. And if you are interested in helping out, please do.

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From AGI…

We are having a FIRE SALE to raise some money to help some local fire victims. As you may have heard there have been a series of devastating wild fires in the West. One of the worst is happening near us right now. It is called the “Valley Fire” and it has burned over 73,000 acres and destroyed approximately 1,000 homes so far, including about half of the small town of Middletown. Currently it is about 60-70% contained, although that could change at any moment.

Many of you have called us concerned about how it is affecting the AGI staff. We Thank you for your concern. While the fires are close, our offices and homes are safe.  We do have one employee that was evacuated from her house and is still unable to get back home. Several houses burned right around hers.

While we are fortunate that nobody with AGI has suffered any fire damages (other than soot) to their homes, many of our neighbors have not been as fortunate. AGI would like to help raise relief funds for those affected by the “Valley Fire” in Lake County.  So to raise funds, we would like you to take an Immediate 10% off on all AGI courses including Certified Professional Gunsmithing courses and we will give an Additional 10% of all Sales directly to fire Victims through the local Rotary Club fire trust fund. Help is needed immediately, but we will honor this offer through the end of September, donating to help those affected by this fire.


Click here to find out more about AGI’s assistance efforts:

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Or call (800)797-0867 mention offer code Fire15

We at AGI would like to thank you in advance for your purchases and donation. If you are stocked up on AGI courses and would still like to contribute something please feel free to visit any of the donation options. Listed below:

American Gunsmithing Institute (800)797-0867

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  • Joe September 28, 2015, 6:52 am

    While I am sure 10% off the price of education is quite generous, are people who are worried about losing the very place they sleep going to be focused on firearms education right now?
    Seems a bit silly to me.

    If they want to help out without helping themselves in the process, perhaps AGI could help provide assistance directly to those that have lost their homes or have had their lives negatively impacted as a result of these fires.

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