American Tactical’s Bullpup 12ga, American Galils, .410 AR-15 & Holy Translucent Receivers Batman! – SHOT Show 2020

You may know American Tactical Inc., or ATI as one of the first pioneers of polymer AR-15 receivers. They also made some news with their .22LR copy of the German STG-44, and also an MP-40. Cool stuff.

Initially the polymer ARs were problematic. I still have a couple kicking around from 2012ish that standard mags jiggle around in a little too much, but hey, they worked ok, and the price has always been right.

Since then the polymer ARs, called the Omni-Hybrid, is a hybrid because there are key steel elements molded into the polymer, and these days they work great, and are still among the most reasonably priced guns you can find.

Fast forward to 2020, Range Day before SHOT Show. That same Omni-Hybrid now hosts a .410 shotgun upper, sold as a complete gun. It comes with a 5 round mag, but will take up to a 15 rounder. Talk about the perfect home defense gun for a slight person, or even a pig and coyote gun for the ranch. Anywhere you want to lay down a giant wave of constant buckshot, that’s the right gun for the job.

They also have a new Bullpup 12 gauge coming out of Turkey. We have reported on a bunch of these over several years of SHOT, but you rarely actually ever see these guns at gun dealers. Now that ATI has taken on the project, I’m sure it will actually materialize. The guns take MKA1919 mags, and will retain circa $500.

New this year is also an SBR version of their Galil. This gun is made from a US receiver and barrel, and mostly Israeli parts. You can get the full sized Galil now, and they will take orders for the SBR. The nice thing about these guns is that American Tactical is now a long standing company in the market with a great reputation. Before these guns, if you wanted a Galil, you really had to order the separate parts, or a kit and a receiver, and have a gunsmith build it.

Translucent receivers were all the rage with the ladies when I was at their lane. They are kind of cool because you can see all the interworking parts, and I’m sure we’ll try to get one in for testing once they have them in the market. You just never know what idea is going to take off, and though I’m personally a little cold on it, each to his or her own. That’s what makes America great.

Some of the products on already on the website, so call them if interested:

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  • Joe September 25, 2020, 9:22 am

    Nice guns. But next time why not do the video at a construction site with a jackhammer going at 5 feet away. I could not finish watching due to the background shooting. Jesus.

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