The American Tactical AR-15 .410 Bore Shotgun – SHOT Show 2018

Among the unique new firearms at SHOT Show 2018 is a shotgun unlike any other. New from American Tactical, or ATI, is their American Tactical AR-15 Shotgun chambered for .410 bore.

American Tactical has been teasing this gun for a while and quietly launched it in 2017. It’s compatible with standard AR-15 parts and receivers and can easily be converted to 5.56 NATO, 300 AAC Blackout and more. Best of all the company is loading their own .410 ammo to ensure a constant supply of reliable, low-cost ammunition.

The American Tactical .410 bore features 18.5-inch barrel. It uses specialized

The shotgun is part of American Tactical’s Omni Hybrid series of ARs. These low-cost, lightweight guns have alloy-reinforced polymer receivers that push the AR design into new territories.


The American Tactical AR-15 Shotgun is a rifle-styled, smoothbore gun with an 18.5-inch barrel. The barrel is threaded for combination muzzle devices and chokes with additional chokes sold separately.

The shotgun comes with M4 A2-style furniture and a free-floating 13-inch KeyMod forend. The upper receiver and handguard sport a full-length flattop rail for accessories including red dots, lights and laser sights.

The magic lies between the magazines and upper receiver. It uses specialized molded magazines and a balanced short-stroke piston action. This helps ensure reliability with the low-pressure cartridge. The shotgun ships with 5-round magazines with 15-round magazines available through their web store.

It takes more than a gas system to ensure .410 ammo runs well in a self-loading gun like this. The ammo itself is a factor and the company recommends using high-velocity Federal, Hornady, Remington, Winchester and American Tactical ammunition. Due to receiver constraints, the shotgun is limited to 2.5-inch shells.

American Tactical produces buckshot, target and rifled slug .410 ammunition at prices that compete with standard AR rifle cartridge prices. They also make a loading tool to help reduce user-induced rimlock.

The M4-style pistol grip and stock makes the unqiue .410 shotgun easy to manipulate.


  • .410 bore
  • 2.5-inch chamber
  • 5-round magazine included, 15-round sold separately
  • 18.5-inch threaded barrel
  • 6.5 pounds unloaded
  • MIL-SPEC compatible receivers
  • M4-style pistol grip and stock
  • 13-inch free-floating KeyMod handguard

The shotgun ships with 5-round magazines and 15-round magazines can be purchased separately.


This shotgun is a neat idea. It’s slightly lighter than an AR rifle but the recoil is minimal thanks to the relatively low-pressure chambering.

It’s capable of taking small and medium game, with the right ammunition, and it can play many of the shotgun games we know an love. If nothing else, you could take it to the skeet field and really raise some eyebrows.

For self-defense, it’s more than adequate with 15-round magazines loaded with buckshot or slugs. Since it’s compatible MIL-SPEC parts it can host a centerfire rifle upper for even better protection. This is a versatile firearm.


With a $599 sticker, the American Tactical AR-15 Shotgun is inexpensive even at full price. Extras are sold separately but they’re not bad with extra mags in the $18-29 range and the complete choke kit running $99.

As someone’s first AR-pattern gun or your latest range toy the American Tactical AR-15 Shotgun won’t disappoint.

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About the author: Clay Martin is a former Marine and Green Beret, retiring out of 3rd Special Forces Group. He is a multi-decade and -service sniper, as well as 3-Gun competitor and Master ranked shooter in USPSA Production. In addition to writing about guns, he is the author of “Last Son of The War God,” a novel about shooting people that deserve it. You can also follow him on twitter, @offthe_res or his website,

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  • Zack Westmoland January 27, 2018, 11:35 am

    I’ve had one since September, and used it during dove season to shoot a limit with, handy little shotgun. It’s like any other gas shotgun and has an adjustable gas system, but does work best with 1400 fps and higher. The ATI branded slugs work great, but if you leave it at the recommended tuned gas setting target loads wont cycle, and really heavy loads give blowback. It really is tuned for ATI’s loadings, and they’re cheaper than most others anyway.

  • Floyd Porteous January 25, 2018, 8:54 pm

    Hey Richard, Just want you to know that as a Vietnam era draftee no one asked me if I was afraid of the recoil of any rifle. But they did teach each and everyone of us how to use them properly. By the way Have you ever felt the recoil of a portable or mechanized flamethrower? I have and was not afraid. You should keep your bad days to yourself.

  • G M B January 25, 2018, 2:57 pm

    Looks affordable and like a lot of fun on the range, can’t wait until uppers are available for sale. Have had a spare ATI Omni lower receiver and nothing I could think of to do with it until now.

  • Gerald January 25, 2018, 12:32 pm

    Jeez, Rich, give us a break! The AR has brought people into shooting that would never have come in. I perfectly understand your sentiments, but use the situation to win over new shooters to your way of thinking,and keep them in the game, rather than kick them in the teeth. Chill!

  • Richard Hertz January 25, 2018, 11:55 am

    Please !!!!!!!!!!
    You and your ilk have already bastardized the aesthetics of rifles and ruined the appreciation of a fine walnut stock and fine craftsmanship for an entire generation, maybe two. But now you’re going to do it with shotguns also. Hell, I’ve got a mid-1970’s Winchester model 37 that’s nothing but stained hardwood and black iron pipe that looks like a Holland & Holland compared to an AR.
    How about an AR platform trap special with a 32” barrel for the next Olympics for God’s sake!!!
    I freaking HATE!!! ARs. They’re ugly, the .223/5.56 is an almost worthless cartridge for anything other than varmints, and accuracy beyond 100m sucks even in a decent bolt action. The only reason the .223 was ever adopted by the US military was because most of the Vietnam era draftees were afraid of the recoil of the .30-06 and .308.
    I know, I know, it’s whatever the marketing geniuses can get Joe Sixpack to believe he’s got to have. Since in reality nothing truly innovative has hit the market since the death of John Browning. And with half or more of the current shooting world’s economy based on aftermarket crap that can be attached to a Picatinny rail on an AR, from a flashlight to a cappuccino machine.
    Maybe next week I’ll comment on the cartridge that’s revolutionized the shooting world like nothing since the advent of black powder, the 6.5 Creedmoor! Give me an effen break.

    • Evan January 25, 2018, 12:08 pm

      Yeah. None of that is true, and your opinion is based in….I’m not even sure what.

    • helen sabin January 25, 2018, 1:56 pm

      Now do you want to tell us how you really feel? Thanks for this one – I needed a laugh for the day!

    • Tripwire January 25, 2018, 7:43 pm

      Dude, you gotta stop smoking those Crayolas. You speak of things you know nothing about.. You know nothing Richard Hertz

    • Floyd Porteous January 25, 2018, 9:05 pm

      Hey Richard, I just want you to know that as a Vietnam era draftee no one asked me if I was afraid to use any rifle regardless of the recoil. Also have you ever felt the recoil of a portable or mechanized flamethrower? I have and I was not afraid of them as there was plenty other things to be afraid of. Maybe you should keep your bad days to yourself and be happy you have found a rifle that you like. Just saying

      • Ron Coon April 3, 2018, 2:17 pm


    • Dogman January 25, 2018, 10:57 pm

      Sounds like you need a little more fiber in your diet.

    • Ron Coon April 3, 2018, 2:04 pm

      I agree with you on the worthlessness of the .22 calibered 5.56mm M16A1 and the like. The M16 was adopted by the US Military because of the humanitarianism of the pencil pushing bureaucrats in the Pentagon in not wanting to kill our enemies, but to only injure in the hope that they’ll just give up. The communist of Cambodia, Viet Nam, and the Viet Cong had AK’s from the USSR in 7.62mm and their intention was in killing ‘THEIR ENEMIES.”…….. US! ……….Now if the US military would have adopted an AR10 in .308, maybe the Viet Nam war would have not have lasted as long as it did and we would have won it.

    • ejharb June 1, 2018, 10:22 pm

      Sometimes my Richard hertz too! Take a ibuprofen and have a’ll feel better

  • LM January 25, 2018, 8:50 am

    45 Long Colt too???

    • Godfrey Daniel January 25, 2018, 11:30 am

      Believe they said it comes as a smooth bore.

  • Rocky January 25, 2018, 7:08 am

    Pretty cool gun at a reasonable price. The only downfall i can see is ammo availability and price. .410 high brass costs more than 12 ga here in Michigan. Great idea for the ar platform though.

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