ATI Gunstocks Benelli M4 System + VEPR & Mossberg Sidesaddles – SHOT Show 2013

Our picture from the ATI booth was too dark so this is the marketing pic for the Benelli M4 system. Currently the stock and forend are available for pre-order, but the front tri-rail and heat shield aren’t available yet.

This is the buttstock for the Benelli. It is infinitely adjustable for the perfect cheekweld, which makes it perfect for 3-Gun competition.

This is the overmolded forend and tri-rail. Without the rail this system is weight neutral on the Benelli. Neither the heat shield nor the tri-rail are yet available for pre-order on the ATI Gunstocks website.

This is the VEPR system. It makes an otherwise ugly and rudimentary gun useful and sexy.

The Mossberg side saddle system is only $119 complete, with a top rail.

The add-a-shell holders are modular and available in different colors for different types of shells.

All of the systems are available on the ATI website in whole or in pieces, but none of these are going to be available until April.

ATI Gunstocks

In the midst of the gun grabber legislative chaos, ATI Gunstocks had some pretty neat stuff for this year’s SHOT Show 2103. Their big new product is set to ship in April and they are taking pre-orders now. It is a complete replacement stock system for the Benelli M4 called the Raven. Like all ATI stocks, it is modular and you can buy one piece or the whole system. All ATI stocks are what is known as “992R” compliant as well. On foreign made high capacity weapons, you must have at least 5 parts that are made in the USA if you want to use a pistol grip, and they have to be one of a core list of parts on the gun. For the Benelli, there are 14 parts, and ATI makes the five that you need for compliance. The kit retails for $374 on their website (again, currently in pre-order). The extra part you see here in the pictures is that front rail system, which they call the “magazine tube shroud,” and that isn’t available yet on the website.

The shoulder stock on the gun is not an AR-15 M4 knock off. It is specifically made for the Benelli by ATI, and it has a unique infinite adjustable cheek piece, so you can tune the cheek weld to your body and shooting style. For 3-Gun shooters shooting, this Benelli system is going to be a huge hit. We got a chance to actually heft the full system, and the overmolded forend, coupled with the beefy pistol grip and perfect cheek weld makes the Benelli a whole different gun, and one that you are going to want to try. Sans the front tri-rail, it adds zero weight over the stock Benelli furniture, yet the guns is noticeably more wieldly. For law enforcement and home defense, besides the ability to add accessories, the Benelli Raven stock just makes the gun more solid and easier to hold onto. We hope to get one of these in for review after they become available, but in hand on first blush it felt solid as a rock.

The ATI VEPR Strikeforce stock was also ready to demo at SHOT, but is also only available on pre-order. The basic package is $274.99, and it comes with a long six sided forend, as well as an adjustable stock (different than the Benelli) and handgrip. ATI also unveiled a new sidesaddle system for the Mossberg 500/590 shotgun . It requires no additional holes in the gun, and the shell holders are aluminum and available in different colors for different types of loads. It is also available in parts (pre-order only), but the whole system, with top-rail and six “add-a-shell” holders retails for only $119.99.

ATI is an American company with 100% of their production in the US, so they are at a completely different level than the bargain basement Chinese knock offs. This is what the pros use. ATI makes component stock parts for almost every popular tactical gun, plus a lot of inexpensive guns that you wouldn’t think of as tactical, but which become tactical using ATI components, like the H&R Topper single barrel shotgun. If you own an SKS, AK-47, 870, AR-15, or Saiga you’ll find components at ATI to make your gun better, and you will also find stuff for your Winchester, Ithaca, CZ, Ruger, Marlin and Maverick. If you want to make your Enfield, Mosin or Mauser into a respectable looking deer rifle, you’ll find that too, without the need for a gunsmith. ATI Gunstocks is an innovative company, made in America by Americans, that can improve many of the guns in your safe.

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  • Rich January 28, 2013, 10:44 am

    “This is the VEPR system. It makes an otherwise ugly and rudimentary gun useful and sexy. ”


    I think VEPR is already beautiful! Though the ATI clothes do look sexy on it.

  • Will Roan January 28, 2013, 10:11 am

    Wow, is it just me, or did they turn the VEPR into a Hi Point?

    • Administrator January 28, 2013, 10:16 am

      Just you.

      • R MOUNCE January 28, 2013, 11:52 pm

        I guess it pays to actually open your eyes to see what youre looking at. Although I’m not a huge fan of the look,, it does look better than the original.

        • Will Roan January 31, 2013, 10:14 am

          By the snotty replies, you guys must never have looked at a Hi Point carbine.

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