Backyard Mosin-Nagant Shooting – The Gletcher Model 1891 BB-Gun Replica Rifle

Gletcher Model 1891 – At Gletcher – $199

It is so frustrating sometimes to have a safe full of guns, but no time to go out and shoot. For that reason I’ve been exploring a series here on air gun training, and BB gun, Airsoft and Paintball versions of popular guns in general. This is a high-end replica of the Mosin-Nagant rifle from Gletcher. It weighs over 5 lbs, and looks, feels and even works similar to a real Mosin. The bolt cycles with the same weight and resistance, and you feel as if you are shooting the real thing. Of course it goes “poof” and not bang, but oh well, the neighbors would call the cops on you anyway. And who doesn’t miss the gargantuan Mosin kick right?

Take a look at the video above. Like the previous Gletcher I reviewed, a Broomhandle Mauser (with a full-auto switch), this Model 1891 is far and away above the quality you would expect on a BB gun. The wood is wood. The steel is steel, and besides the fact that it is chopped front and back, the gun is nearly indistinguishable from a reason Mosin.

Shooting the gun is standard BB gun, or, excuse me, “air rifle.” There is no adjustable sight, and it shot about two inches left from point of aim. I didn’t try to move the sight over, but for that little bit, a couple inches at 10 yards, it isn’t hard to shoot it well regardless. You probably can just bend the front sight a little and fix it.

You get about 100 shots per 17 gram CO2 cartridge. The stated velocity is 450fps, which is pretty good for a BB. I can attest that at close range it will penetrate and kill a mouse, because that was what got me to break this gun out after sitting on it for several months. I had forgotten that it had come in, and needed a BB gun to kill a mouse.

Loading the Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant copy is a bit tedious, as you can see in the video. I can’t say I tried to take apart the magazine to make it easier, but I don’t think it comes apart. You really do have to load the BBs in one at a time. It holds like 18.

If there is a downside to the gun, it is the price, $199. But I have to say, there is likely more machining and more parts to this gun than there are to the real ones, and the real ones were government subsidized in most cases anyway. Real Mosin prices have come up since the 80s when most of them came into the country, but they were $80 back then. For those of us who remember those Shotgun News ads, it’s going to be a little hard to spend a couple hundred bucks on a BB gun version of the gun we used to be able to buy for $80 lol.

Would I be as likely to buy this as the Broomhandle? No for sure not. But it is a nifty thing, and if you would consider owning one, don’t think twice about whether you’ll love it. You’ll love it.

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  • BJG June 20, 2016, 3:16 pm

    Why is the stock cut off? Is it suppose to be a pistol? Would be mush better if it has at least a 20″ barrel and a full length stock, you know like a rifle.

  • Gerri June 13, 2016, 5:41 am

    Not bad. I like it that it has an actual bolt action like the real ones.
    But what a shame they didn’t make it closer in size (length) as the Mosins.
    You should try the Crosman MTR77NP break barrel AR style rifle. It’s supposed to go 1000 fps with
    lead pellets and 1200 fps with alloy ones. It has a kick as much as my Ruger 10-22s. Really fun to
    shoot, and weighs as much as my AR-15.

    From the old commercial” “Try it! You’ll like it!”


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