Birchwood-Casey Premium Gun Care Products and Materials

July 2019 – Birchwood-Casey, the leading name in professional gun care supplies and shooting equipment, understands that shooting firearms is a lot more fun than cleaning them. The fact remains, though, that routine maintenance and follow-up cleaning after every range session is essential to maintaining peak firearm performance and long life. That’s why Birchwood-Casey has developed a full line of gun care products to make firearm maintenance easy and effective for shooters and hunters.

For one-stop shopping that take all the guesswork out of choosing cleaning solutions and supplies, Birchwood-Casey makes several all-in-one cleaning kits for handguns, shotguns, rifles, and universal/multi-platform firearms. These kits provide the essentials for basic range or in-the-field cleaning as well as everything required for deep-cleaning at home.

Since few firearm enthusiasts own only one gun, rounding up all the small tools and specialty items needed for each firearm can be challenging. Birchwood-Casey makes it easy with their broad line of cleaning rods, jags, brushes, mops, bore guides, muzzle protectors, patches, cloths, picks, and other cleaning essentials that are necessary to efficiently remove fouling from bores and those hard-to-reach areas in receivers. To keep the workbench organized and to prevent losing small parts, Birchwood-Casey also offers assorted gun cleaning mats. Their Waxed Canvas Long Gun and Handgun Cleaning Mats are also ideal for protecting a firearm’s finish during cleaning and repair procedures.

Of course, Birchwood-Casey has all the premium solutions and chemicals to keep firearms in top performance condition, from bore solvents to lubricants and protectants. That’s been the case since the company’s founding in 1948 and is the reason why Birchwood-Casey is the go-to brand for professional gunsmiths and experienced shooters and hunters.

Gun cleaning isn’t fun, but it can be made easier and more effective by using premium cleaning products and supplies. Birchwood-Casey is dedicated to providing firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike with quality solutions to get the job done right. For more details on the complete line of Birchwood-Casey gun cleaning products, go here or visit

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