Bodycam Footage Shows Takedown of Florida Gunman Who Killed 9-Year-Old Girl

A 9-year-old girl was killed last week when a young man went on a shooting spree that ultimately killed three and injured two more.

Keith Moses, the 19-year-old suspected gunman, is being held without bond at the Orange County jail for his involvement in the string of shootings in Pine Hills, Florida.

Among those killed were a 9-year-old girl and a Spectrum News 13 reporter. 

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon when Moses allegedly shot four people within 15 minutes, per NBC News.

The arrest report shows that he left the scene where the first victim, Nathacha Augustin, was killed earlier that morning and went to 9-year-old T’Yonna Major’s backyard, where he allegedly shot her and her mother. 

When interviewed, T’Yonna’s mother said she had been napping when her daughter ran into her bedroom, shouting, “He shot me!” After suffering a bullet wound to the arm, the mother took her daughter and they hid in the bathroom.

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According to reports, the shooter entered her house through a sliding door, which was normally locked. 

Less than five minutes later, news reporter Dylan Lyons and his photographer Jesse Walden arrived to cover the initial homicide investigation, and Moses is accused of shooting them as well. 

Lyons died within the hour, and T’Yonna died in the hospital two hours later. 

In the past few days, video has also been released with footage from police body cameras during the arrest of Moses. 

The victims’ families are seeking justice, and deputies are still investigating the motive. They claim there is no connection between the victims of this tragedy.

This was a series of incredibly unfortunate and heartbreaking events. It is also a reminder to us that we should always be prepared, for we never know when a disaster could happen, affecting us or our family. 

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About the author: Kimber Pearce is a student, an avid shooter, and a pro-2A advocate.

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  • Shanz March 6, 2023, 3:40 pm

    This scum bag deserves to be burnt alive in public. Nope instead we will pay for him to watch t.v and play basketball for 15 years until he’s released. If he even serves that. RIP to the poor victims.

    Always be prepared!

    • Hondo March 7, 2023, 5:43 pm

      Can’t say I disagree with this sentiment, we should be putting these animals down as they have zero compatibility with society.

  • DIYinSTL March 6, 2023, 12:30 pm

    So why is the cop holding his Glock almost horizontal like gangsta?

  • Paul Hillar March 6, 2023, 11:30 am

    Wow! Your idea of graphic must have stemmed from you playing with Barbie’s when you were 3. That douche didn’t get what he deserved and laying on his back screaming ooh ouch ooh isn’t what he should get, it should have sounded like pow pow, pow, pow, pow, pow! Now the anti 2A idiots will want more gun control that won’t fix anything, juts give the criminals more reign and the idiot judges and lawyers know it! Scum of the earth!

  • BJG March 6, 2023, 10:55 am

    Graphic Violence warning….Where??????

  • Anthony March 6, 2023, 10:16 am

    After that BLM don’t matter no more you paint yourself with the same brush time after time.

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