The New American Made Burris XTR III Tactical Riflescope – SHOT Show 2019

New for 2019, Burris Optics has introduced their new flagship optic line, the XTR III tactical riflescopes, that were a huge hit at the booth. Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, this scope possesses all of the features that precision riflemen need when taking that shot at long distance.

Compact and weighing under 30 oz, the 3.3-18 is a great option for any rifle platform.

The XTR III will come in two versions, a 5.5-30X56mm and a 3.3-18X50mm, both with 34mm main tubes first focal plane reticles, adjustable parallax, and resettable elevation turrets with integral zero stop. The 3.3-18 has a whopping 120 MOA of internal travel and according to Burris the 5.5-30 has about 90 MOA travel, more than enough for 1,000 yards and beyond.

The 5.5-30X is bound to be a huge hit with long range shooters.

The clicks on the elevation turrets are head over heels better than the XTR II that I have been using, very audible and tactile, they were not mushy at all.

1/10th MRAD elevation knob has alternating height stadia so you know where you are in your travel. The windage knob can be set up to be covered or uncovered.

One of the cooler options that comes with the XTR III scopes is what they call a Race Dial that is geared towards precision rifle competition where you need to quickly access your dope for a stage. The Race Dial is white and sized specifically to the width of scotch tape so that you can wrap a piece of tape around the turret and write your dope directly on it. There’s also a vertical ridge along the knob so that you can easily get your fingernail underneath the tape and pull it off once your stage is done. Of course, this feature has other uses such as for long range hunting or law enforcement marksman.

The Race Dial option can turn the elevation knob into a BDC for fast target engagement.

The 5.5-30X XTR III’s side parallax adjustment knob will provide a crystal clear image from 20 yards to infinity, while the 3.3-18 has a 25-yard minimum. These low minimum parallax distances will make either one of these scopes a great option for precision .22’s trainers or match rifles like you’ll find in National Rifle League competitions. To help get the reticle in focus to your eye, the XTR III scopes have a European-style fast focus eyepiece with a locking color to make sure that it stays put if the rifle and scope get tossed around a little. There’s also some serious knurling around the turrets, magnification ring, and diopter lock ring to give you a firm grip on things if you have sweaty or muddy hands.

Both versions of the scope are available with three reticle options, the standard SCR Mil reticle, the SCR-2 Mil reticle, and SCR-MOA. Of course, these reticles are matched in scope adjustments so that it’s a simple process to zero in, dial elevation, and make shot corrections.

MSRP for the 5.5-30X56 will be $1,849 and the 3.3-18X50 will be $1,699. Expect availability in the Spring of 2019.

For more information on the Burris XTR III line up click HERE.

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About the author: Ian Kenney Ian is a lifelong firearms enthusiast and veteran of the Global War on Terror. For over a decade, he has been actively competing in precision rifle and action shooting competitions. Ian has also contributed to multiple online publications, covering general firearms topics, precision rifles, and helping to improve the skills of shooters.

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