Cases of Ammo, Guns & Gear Up for Grabs as ‘The Armory Life Giveaway’ Enters Week 3

Click HERE to see the Week 1 and Week 2 winners.

Win a Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP 3.8 along with two cases of Federal Personal Defense Punch ammo this week, during The Armory Life Giveaway. Over $17,000 in guns and gear will be awarded to winners this September!

Each week during September, GunsAmerica and Brand Avalanche, Springfield Armory and Primary Arms are giving away prizes to help some lucky winners build their armory. There is a winner every week and It all culminates on September 30th with one Grand Prize winner who will get to choose one of the Springfield Armory’s guns given away during the month or an M1A if they want a classic.

Prizes include targets from Legion Targets, training aids from Mantis, hearing protection from Axil, knives from We Knife and bags and holsters from Safariland. Primary Arms is also giving away $1,000s in gift cards so if there is something missing from the prize package the winner can get it at Primary Arms.

This week’s giveaway theme: Fuel Your Armory, is designed to help keep ammo readily available. Federal is providing a case of 9mm and a case of 22LR Personal Defense Punch ammo. Primary Arms is including a $1,000 gift card so the winner can get a reloading press, dies, scales or whatever else they need to maintain a stock of ammunition. The Safariland bag will keep things organized and the world’s highest capacity micro 9mm, the Hellcat with the HEX Wasp will unload all that ammo. The total prize package this week is worth $2,400 and starts at 12:01 a.m. September 15 and runs through 12:00 a.m. September 22.

Entering is simple and free; just click HERE and provide your contact information.

The Armory Life Giveaway continues each Wednesday in September with weekly packages to Build Your Armory, Build Your Range, Fuel Your Armory and Gear Up Your Armory. Finally, on September 30, there will be a Grand Prize package for one winner, who will win packages from the previous weeks and choose one of 5 Springfield Armory guns given away this month.

Celebrate The Armory Life Giveaway with us today and throughout September! Just click HERE to enter!

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