Reloading Guide

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An Introduction to Reloading for Handguns

The circle of reloadling life...

Reloading: The Reloading Process

What do you really need to reload your own ammunition? Read on to find out...
A vibrating tumbler will get your brass clean. The dryer sheets shown here help collect some of the dirt so the cleaning media lasts longer.
The resizing step does exactly what the name implies. Using a die like this Hornady .308 resizing die, you squish the fired case back into its original dimensions.

Reloading: Brass Resizing

OK, so maybe this isn't the most precise way to trim your cartridge cases...

Reloading: Trimming Cartridge Cases

Choosing the right primer for the job is a bigger deal than you might expect.

Reloading: All About Primers

Reloading powders

Reloading: Powder, Propellants, and Pressure

All of these are .308 bullets, but as you can see, materials, shape, and weight vary dramatically.

Reloading: Bullet Materials and Shapes

Reloading: Seating and Crimping Bullets

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