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Ben shot this gun again at Media Day and the buzz around the shooting world is that Ruger really nailed it with this gun. We expect the American to be around for a long time.

The Ruger American Rifle – An American Legend is Born

We were able to shoot the new StG 44 from American Tactical Imports at Media Day. This gun is a big deal for historical collectors and .22 rimfire collectors both, because the real StG 44 guns can't be found for reasonable prices in the US. These are full weight guns with real stamped steel parts that handle just like the originals, and they should sell like hotcakes.

Historical StG 44 in .22LR Rimfire Coming from ATI

Unlike other gunmakers, Sig releases only very mature new products and this new P224 will be available in many finishes and options. This is the Equinox version.
The SPR-Mod1 comes in two new chamberings in 7.62 x 39 and 6.8 SPC with the monolithic rail platform.

TC Arms Youth Rifle – Venture Compact

The review rifle at Media Day at the Range, SHOT Show 2012 had a Leupold Hog scope on it. It is a 1.25-4 power optic with an LED powered center dot.

Savage Arms Hog Hunter & Leupold Pig-Plex

Ben got to shoot this suppressed .338 Lapua Magnum at Media Day. APO does also make the suppressors by the way, but what we found really amazing was that this was a chassis product, not a custom rifle. We only saw the folding stock versions that day.

APO Saber Modular Rifle Chassis System

Teludyne StraightJacket Proof from H.P. White

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