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Man Parades In Bar With Muzzled Wolf

Patrons of a bar in Sublette County, WY were going about their business on February 29. Imagine their surprise when a man walked in towing a live muzzled wolf. 

A hunter in orange in the woods.

State Fish & Game Departments Are Changing and That Should Concern You

Some critics might call it metastasizing and it could spell trouble ahead for the hunting traditions Americans have enjoyed for centuries.

A Look Back at the SCI Show in Nashville – The Premier Hunting Event of the Year

Nashville, Tennessee – The recent Safari Club International (SCI) Show held in Nashville, Tennessee, proved to be an unforgettable experience for hunting enthusiasts and conservationists from around the globe. Hosted in the music capital of the world, the event was not only a celebration of hunting and conservation but also an embodiment of Nashville’s vibrant [...]

Tennessee Cracks Down On Deer Poaching

Hunters in Tennessee were banned from hunting last month after multiple convictions of deer poaching and hunting offenses.

A dog trained to detect CWD in deer and elk.

Can Dogs Detect Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Deer?

In an innovative twist, dogs are now at the forefront of battling Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Pennsylvania’s deer and elk.

A turkey.

Wisconsin DNR Announces Price Increase for Nonresident Hunting Licenses

Here’s what you need to know: the fees for nonresident archer and crossbow licenses have increased by $35, jumping from $165 to $200.

NSSF, SIG SAUER, AFWA and USFWS unite to ensure the future of wildlife and habitat for many years to come.

New ‘Partner with A Payer’ Video Showcases Industry-Agency Partnership

NSSF, SIG SAUER, AFWA and USFWS unite to ensure the future of wildlife and habitat for many years to come.

Remington Ammo 22 Golden Hunter rimfire ammo.

Remington Ammunition’s New 22 Golden Hunter Rimfire Load Now Shipping

Remington Ammunition has announced the availability of its recently launched 22 Golden Hunter rimfire ammunition.

Colorado Governor Opens Crate Releasing Cattle-Killing Wolves 

Colorado Governor Releases Cattle-Killing Wolves 

Many experienced ranchers know that it doesn’t take long before any wolf pack learns to kill livestock.

A participant in the Philly hunting program.

Philly’s Latest Adventure: Urbanites Turn to Hunting with a Twist

Ultimately, the program transcends age, race, and background, uniting participants through their shared interest in hunting.