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Two turkey hunters.

Burris Optics Presents ‘Legacy’ — The Story of Strut Commander

Burris Optics, a leading innovator in precision optics, is proud to announce the release of an exciting new video that captures the history of Strut Commander and shares what “legacy” means to the Strut Commander host, Jordan Summitt.

Two hunters in the field.

Tech Advancements Spurring On America’s Next Gen of Hunters

Hunting remains one of America’s greatest pastimes, but using new technology is key to recruiting and retaining America’s next generation of hunters.

Photo of the light shining at a cow nearly 900 yards away

Weltool W4Pro TAC Flashlight Review: Spotlight or Laser?!

In a world brimming with options, finding the perfect flashlight can be daunting. However, when it comes to a purpose-built spotlight, I’ve grown fond of the Weltool W4Pro TAC.

Dive into Weatherby’s New SORIX Shotgun [Video]

Weatherby launched the SORIX, stirring the hunting and shooting communities. This shotgun promises to redefine what hunters and shooters expect from their firearms.

Bear Baiting Guide: Secrets for Success [Video]

Unlock Spring bear hunting success with Zach Owens’ expert baiting tips and ethical hunting strategies in this excellent video

Turkey Hunting Essentials

As we gear up for the season, ahead investing time into our preparation ensures that we are equipped with the essentials and are ready for the hunt. When it’s time to hunt, just grab a quick cup of coffee and we’re ready to hit the woods!

Eberlestock Team Elk V2: Backcountry Hunting Pack Review! 

Eberlestock Team Elk V2: Backcountry Hunting Pack Review! 

Maintaining the exceptional patented rifle-back scabbard and a robust aluminum frame designed for bearing heavy loads, the Team Elk V2 goes a step further by incorporating an innovative meat-carrying system.

3 - Hunt365 - TAKE THE SHOT: Buck In the Grapevines

TAKE THE SHOT: Blacktail Buck In the Grapevines

The author searched for hours to locate a particular big old buck, and now he has him in his sights. But so are the barns and buildings of the Winery Headquarters. Can he take the shot?

Hot for Nilgai

One thing is for sure, long-range shooting is not required for Nilgai, and a good bullet placed properly will still kill even the hardiest of animals.

Close up of Scotch eggs, one cut open on a plate.

Simple Gourmet: Deer Sausage Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs are like a complete breakfast in a compact bundle. They are pub food in Britain, but I could eat them for any meal — serve them mustard, ranch sauce, or maybe maple syrup at breakfast. The best part is that they are simple to make and they put your wild game sausage to good use.