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Bear Hunting Tips – Shot Placement And Baiting [Video]

This is the second installment of bear hunting tips with bear baiting and shot placement covered in detail.

Turkey Hunting in High Country With An Airgun [Video]

Unleash the power of high-caliber air guns in turkey hunting. Join Zach Owens in Idaho’s backcountry for an exhilarating run-and-gun style

2 - Hunt365 - Take The Shot

Take The Shot: A Hawaiian Axis Buck Presents Hidden Challenges

What seems to be a chip shot at a Hawaiian Axis buck presents. But hidden challenges lurk behind the scene. Will you take the shot?

Recipe - Simple Gourmet: Spiced Braised Marmot (Or Other Small Game)

Recipe – Simple Gourmet: Spiced Braised Marmot (Or Other Small Game)

This spiced vinegar marinade will tenderize small game. After braising, even Rock Chucks are a tasty meat.

Bear Baiting Guide: Secrets for Success [Video]

Unlock Spring bear hunting success with Zach Owens’ expert baiting tips and ethical hunting strategies in this excellent video

3 - Hunt365 - TAKE THE SHOT: Buck In the Grapevines

TAKE THE SHOT: Blacktail Buck In the Grapevines

The author searched for hours to locate a particular big old buck, and now he has him in his sights. But so are the barns and buildings of the Winery Headquarters. Can he take the shot?

Hog Hunting & More with the Christensen Arms MPR

Crafted on a lightweight aluminum chassis boasting a 20 MOA integrated rail, the MPR goes the extra mile with its carbon fiber barrel, carbon fiber comb, and carbon fiber handguard.

Waterfowl Headlamps – Technology At Its Best

Waterfowl Headlamps – Technology At Its Best

I reached out to some high-tech companies to gain access to a few of their products that I considered among the best if not the best in the current marketplace.  I am not talking about hyped-up splash ads for headlamps but rather ones with a great deal of engineering, design, and durability meant to last for seasons.

Hunting Wrecks: Episode 1 [Video]

Hunting Wrecks: Episode 1 [Video]

Welcome to the first episode of Hunting Wrecks! In this episode, titled Don’t do this after surgery, we follow the story of a deer hunting trip on horses that ends in disaster.

Hunt365 – TAKE THE SHOT: Monster Cape Buffalo

The author is presented with a shot at a giant buffalo, but the shooting light is poor and there is a screen of twigs in the way. Should he take the shot?