Christmas Gift Ideas Sure to Make Every Shooter Smile

Short, but highly capable LMT AR pistol is a gun for all purposes

We may have all we need, but we seldom have all we want. So, here are a few ideas for the competitive or casual shooter, hunter, or outdoorsman (or woman) to put on their list to Santa.

The LMT MLC  pistol is at the top of my Christmas wish list this year. I’ve been a fan of AR pistols for years, and since spending some time shooting LMT products this year and handling the MLC, this is definitely one I want. The ambidextrous controlled MARS-L lower and interchangeable barrel feature of the LMT MLC put it in a class of its own.  MSRP $2099

Modular design makes installation a breeze

Few things matter more than the trigger in a firearm for determining how well it will perform. The ARGOLD trigger by American Trigger Corp is one of the best for an AR-15 platform and my personal favorite. I’m not sponsored by them but I have used the Gold trigger in competitions for years and it was my trigger of choice while shooting in the IPSC World Rifle Championship in Russia; enough said. They have multiple styles to choose from and prices run about $250- $280, but you will feel the difference.

Built by the same folks providing battle rifles to our military but designed for the hunter and the field

Barrett Fieldcraft rifle has been on my wish list ever since I did a review on one a year or so ago, unfortunately, I had to send it back when I was done. This lightweight rifle would be an awesome addition to anyone’s hunting arsenal. The Fieldcraft is available in long and short action calibers. MSRP varies depending on model but begins around $1879, with street prices running a bit less. 

One of the many great product from Kuiu that will give years of service on the hunt

Outdoor clothing has certainly come a long way in both material and design. The Kuiu Attack pants are one such product that is highly recommended by my most experienced hunting friends, and they wear them as their all-around pants as well. The sharp looking, comfortable pants are water-repellant and vented to allow use over a wide temperature range. The Attack pants are rugged enough for the mountains and sharp enough for around town. They are available in a variety of colors and camo patterns, with a MSRP of $139.

These tools are purpose built to do all the hard work for you

The more AR style guns you own, and the longer you tinker with them, the better the tools you need to be successful. The REAL AVID AR15 Armorer’s Master Kit is just what the doctor ordered for the do it yourself shooter, maintainer, tinkerer, or builder. It includes the wrenches, punches, blocks, and all the tools to make disassembly or modifications of your AR15 a much easier more controlled process. Jobs are so much easier with the right tools.  MSRP is $249.99, but I have seen prices as low as $199.99 online.

High mount for AR or low mount are both included

The red dot optic has continued to gain popularity since its development over 2 decades ago.  The Holosun red dots are neither the most expensive nor the least of these, but they have developed a reputation for being well made at affordable prices. They manufacture a variety of styles available to fit your rifle, shotgun, or handgun. Select a model to fit your gun and head to the range to give it a try.

There is no substitute for professional training

“Knowledge is power,” it can’t be taken away, but it can be shared, so give the gift of training. Get your shooter or significant other a little range time with a professional instructor. It doesn’t matter if it’s in sporting clays, defensive shooting, long range, or firearms safety; it is the gift that keeps on giving. Find a local source at your range, nearest competition, or plan a trip to one of the established facilities like the SigBarrett or Gunsite Academy. 

Fantastic stocking stuffers that bring a band to the season

The laws of economics say the best time to buy is when supply exceeds demand.  So, since there is very little pressure on high-capacity magazines or bulk ammunition right now and there is adequate supply — buy, buy, buy. Get a few extra magazines and boxes of ammunition and use them as stocking stuffers. Manufacturers and wholesalers are running frequent specials to generate sales and neither ammunition nor magazines will go bad if stored properly, but I doubt the ammunition will make it to the New Year. 

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas season and some quality time on the range with friends and family.

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About the author: Jeff Cramblit is a world-class competitive shooter having won medals at both the 2012 IPSC World Shotgun Championship in Hungary and more recently the 2017 IPSC World Rifle Championship in Russia. He is passionate about shooting sports and the outdoors. He has followed that passion for over 30 years, hunting and competing in practical pistol, 3gun, precision rifle and sporting clays matches. Jeff is intimately familiar with the shooting industry – competitor, instructor, RO, range master, match director. Among his training credits include NRA Instructor, AR-15 armorer, FBI Rifle Instructor, and Officer Low Light Survival Instructor. As a sponsored shooter, Jeff has represented notable industry names such as: Benelli, 5.11 Tactical, Bushnell, Blackhawk, DoubleStar, and Hornady. He has been featured on several of Outdoor Channel’s Shooting Gallery episodes and on a Downrange TV series. Jeff’s current endeavors cover a broad spectrum and he can be found anywhere from local matches helping and encouraging new shooters as they develop their own love of the sport, to the dove field with his friends, a charity sporting clays shoot, backpack hunting public land in Montana, or the winners podium of a major championship.

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