Christmas Knives – Practical Everyday Gift Ideas

Here are some Christmas knives that should be on your list this year.  Each category should help if you need ideas to upgrade your own carry collection, or perhaps need some ideas to fill up your wish list.  Not only are these practical, but each is also a great value.  These recommendations were the result of putting them through everyday use and a little abuse to see how they held up.  I hope they serve you well into 2022, whatever it may bring. 

Keychain Assistant – Gerber Shard

I use the Gerber Shard regularly.   There is no excuse not to add to your key chain if you don’t already have one.  It fits nicely on any keychain. You will hardly notice it is there, until you need it. The Gerber Shard is an accessory that punches above its weight and price. The Shard covers the basics with a standard and Phillips screwdriver, prybar, and bottle opener.  For me, it mostly rescues trapped bottle caps from their evil, bottle captors.  But, it has capabilities to get you out of a jamb to shore up loose screws, and the pry bar will save a ruined tip of a pocket knife.  You can open a package with the pointy Phillips end as well. The Shard is not a fancy alloy or titanium, but it if you do manage to break it, just get another one.  A bonus, with no sharp cutting edge, it is not going to be confiscated by security.  It should be on your keychain, or in a stocking. 

Pocket Multi-tool –  Leatherman Skeletool

I have carried several different pocket multi-tools, and this is my favorite.  This strikes a balance between utility and weight.  It is simple, and not too bulky in the pocket.  It has needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, and a pocketknife.  Plus, the carabiner allows you to clip it to a belt loop or webbing strap.  It can also wrestle a cap away from a bottle.  The bottom of the blade has serrations for a troublesome cut. 

Leatherman has a lot of color and blade configurations, so you can dial in the exact look you want.  Leatherman offers an expansion set of bits should you have some extra room.  Again, for visibility, I ordered this in green.  Even if you don’t carry a dedicated pocketknife, I highly recommend the Skeletool if it’s one of the only things that you have clipped in your pocket.

Pocket Knife Splurge – Benchmade 4170BK Auto Fact

The recommendation is a total splurge.  It’s expensive, I get it.  But, man, is it cool.  Its official name is the 4170BK Auto Fact. Have you ever insisted that your martini be shaken?  Or leaped off a burning building while wearing a tuxedo?  Chances are, if you had recently, this knife would be in your pocket.   The sleek lines, the carbon fiber scales, and the black blade make it appear as if it was issued from Q himself.  But, the Auto Fact is not a show pony.  This is a functional pocketknife that grabs attention each time the blade is deployed with a sharp, crisp snap.

However, the more I use this the more it was clear that this had more than simply good looks. Don’t let the minimalist appearance deceive, it feels good in the hand, but the long, skinny blade, patterned after the stiletto blades of yore, does take some adjusting.  But, it is not something that you need to only use on special occasions.  The construction and blade steel can handle abuse.  

Great Value Everyday Pocket knife – Benchmade Bugout 535

I love this knife.  The Benchmade Bugout 535 is a great value.  There is nothing flashy here, just everything you need for a reliable, rugged pocketknife.  While this knife isn’t cheap, the upgrade to CPM-S30V blade steel will make the edge last longer and take more abuse.  The Grivory scales keep the Bugout light and thin in the pocket, and the thumb stud quickly deploys the blade.  Despite being light in your pocket, it feels solid in the hand. It also has a fully open back for easy clean-out.

I went with the blue scales for quick location as nothing is worse than searching for a dropped knife in the dark. The open back also allows for a quick wash-out.  The deep carry clip makes it hardly noticeable.  I was impressed with the simplicity of this design. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The upgrade in steel hardness of the blade is worth the extra cost. It is for its price a wonderful everyday pocketknife that will last.

The Successful Hunter or Amateur Butcher– Benchmade 15500 Meatcrafter

While I stalk my meat at Costco, the Benchmade 15500 Meatcrafter is perfect for the successful hunter.  The CPM-154 holds a clean cutting edge, and the long slender blade makes trimming up a brisket or slicing steaks effortless. The rubberized handle provides a solid grip even when wet.  The ridges along the top of the handle ensure a solid grip for fine work like removing silver skin.  The shape of the Meatcrafter’s blade allows enough flex to slice around bones, but stiff enough to break down a chicken., While it is not ideal for small fish filet work, it can handle tasks with larger fish.  The sheath has narrow openings and is not really meant to be worn.  The sheath has a channel running from the tip of the stored blade to allow moisture to drain. The sheath is fine for storage but does not work for carrying on a belt.

Hunting and Camping Blade – Spiderco Moran FB02 Drop Point

The Moran Drop Point can handle any task you throw at it.  From camping to field dressing, the length and shape of the blade allows maximum pressure on the cutting task whether it’s field dressing or slicing salami at camp. The VG-10 blade steel holds a nice edge and can be quickly resharpened after some abuse.  The upgrade of steel makes this a nice little blade for its price.  The rubberized handle keeps a solid grip even when it is wet.  The blade and handle are balanced, which gives steady control of the cutting edge.  The knife and sheath are lightweight and are hardly noticed while carrying it around. The sheath it versatile with multiple carry positions.  The two holes in the sheath are not at the point of where the blade is stored, so there may be problems with moisture accumulating in the sheath. But, that is one of the only downsides to this knife.

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  • RossASalerno April 11, 2022, 5:05 am

    Knife is one of the best gift option. Good knife ideas you shared here.

  • Gallo Pazzesco December 17, 2021, 8:44 pm

    Ohhhh if only MSRP prices were included with these pieces … how professional that would be.

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