Christmas Shopping: Tactical Whiz-bang Edition

If there is one thing this author knows, it’s tactical whiz bang.

Once again, Christmas shopping is upon us. And as a rule, the gun fanatic in your life can be very hard to shop for if you aren’t also part of the cult. But fear not friends, we here at GunsAmerica Digest have once again gone deep into the rabbit hole to secure the coolest of the cool in new toys. Now it is up to you to disseminate this list, by whatever means necessary. Leave it on the printer. Email it directly. Blow it up to 50 point type and glue it to the refrigerator. Or, as a last-ditch effort, put your stocking full of Amazon gift cards on eBay so you can get the goods you actually need! Let’s get it on!


Brand? The kind that goes bang.

This is a cruel joke to some of you, I know. 9mm has become the Tickle Me Elmo of 2020, which is doubly painful since most of the newest guns are 9mm only. We can talk later about the vast conspiracy against 45 ACP and Globalist embrace of the Euro-weenie caliber. The point remains, we all need some 9mm. And while it is rare, the big boys are actually cranking it out. Online deals go fast, but if you check-in enough, you are likely to find some on the shelf. The smaller the local gun store, in my experience so far, the better the odds of some being available. At the risk of earning myself a home invasion to steal my gold coins, I tell you this. I have put 400 rounds back in the stash in just the last month, at a semi-reasonable price, by checking in at my local place every time I drive past. MSRP $ (one arm and one leg, region dependent).

New Sig P320 Slides

SIG pro cut slide kit.

With the new Sig Fire Control Units finally shipping, the P320 custom market is primed to explode. You may know someone with an FCU on order, or just trying to upgrade their factory P320. Well, we have some options here. The new Sig Factory Pro Cut slides are absolutely fantastic, and at a very reasonable price for what you get. Available in a variety of sizes, these things are going to be HOT! I strongly recommend you get yours while the getting is good. MSRP $399

Norsso aftermarket slides.

If you want to turn it up even more, Norsso has released their very own P320 slide series. Best known for creating fantastic Glock aftermarket slides, Norsso hit the ground running this year with new P320 offerings. The level of machining and detail here is amazing, and we have a full review coming out soon. But with the FCU units shipping in earnest, I expect Norsso to hit machine capacity soon. If you have a build coming up in the next year, get you one of these, stat! MSRP $469

Spartan Blades Ares

Spartan Ares
The best steel you can buy.

Spartan Blades is a perennial favorite of mine, knives made by Special Forces Veterans in the backwoods of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Earlier this year I treated myself to an Ares fighter, and I can recommend it highly. The balance and agility of this blade make it an excellent choice for anything from cleaning a deer to an emergency weapon. Not so big as to make Rambo blush, but not so small as to lack for reach. This is a perfect size of knife. And full of all the goodness we know and love from Spartan, such as cryogenic treatment of the steel, and a fantastic sheath system.

Volund Gear Works Micro Battle Belt

Volund Micro Battle Belt

Tactical belts are all the rage this year, and it is easy to see why. With riots and unrest at every turn, even people that once scoffed at equipment like this are lining up to grab some. Volund came to my attention via another Special Forces Veteran, and I am impressed. They make top-notch equipment for the modern warfighter, in use on battlefields around the globe as we speak. The Micro Battle Belt is perfect for hauling just enough magazines and kits to solve most problems and should be considered a staple of “Modern Minute Man” equipment. This belt is a huge leap forward from the bulky, oversized belt kits of yesteryear. We have a full review coming up, but trust me, this setup delivers. Of all the things on this list, this one is the most highly recommended. MSRP $170.

Grey Man Tactical

Back pack and seat back kits

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to stumble across a new product from Grey Man Tactical called Rigid MOLLE Panels. As we slowly devolve into Mad Max world this product is making more and more sense. The MOLLE panels are designed to fit in either a backpack or seatback and make organizing your gear a cinch. The idea is that you don’t want your rifle just bouncing around in a bag, should you need to carry one covertly. Not only is it going to be less detectable if you can keep it upright, it is easier to deploy. Combine that with the fact that if you are covertly carrying a rifle, you also need the stuff that goes with it readily at hand. If the time comes, you don’t want to be grabbing into the bottom of your purse for a reload. The RMP offers space to secure both gun and accessory pouches, utilizing any MOLLE pouches you have on hand. Great not only for magazines but for medical equipment and anything else you need quickly available. These come in all different sizes for any need. If you have a go bag, you need an RMP to organize it. MSRP $40 and up.

Prairie Fire/Concrete Jungle

The most important gift on your list. (For me. You’ll probably like them too.)

I don’t know about making your Christmas any better, but this will certainly help mine. (Edit note: delete that part.) Seriously, thanks to all the fans that have made my two books released this year such a stunning success. Prairie Fire: Guidebook for Surviving Civil War 2 made the Amazon #1 Best Seller list its first week, thanks in large part to our GunsAmerica Digest family. Concrete Jungle: A Green Beret’s Guide to Urban Survival has stayed near the top of the charts as well, fueled by an ever-growing number of city dwellers concerned about the future. I wish I could be wrong, but both are looking more and more like a crystal ball as time goes by. Either makes a great stocking stuffer for friends and family that are just now thinking something may be amiss. Don’t let them be caught flat-footed if 2021 makes this year look like a walk in the park.

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About the author: Clay Martin is a former Marine and Green Beret, retiring out of 3rd Special Forces Group. He is a multi-decade and -service sniper, as well as 3-Gun competitor and Master ranked shooter in USPSA Production. In addition to writing about guns, he is the author of “Last Son of The War God,” a novel about shooting people that deserve it. You can also follow him on twitter, @offthe_res or his website,

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  • Rick December 6, 2020, 12:14 am

    Hell, I don’t need more toys. I NEED MORE AMMO. That’s all I want for Christmas…

  • Mikial November 30, 2020, 9:55 pm

    Good list, especially the books listed as the last item. So many of us have been telling people things were going to unravel for years, only to be laughed at and told we were paranoid. I wonder how the people in Portland would feel about that now.

  • Charles Keethler November 30, 2020, 10:05 am

    What does your guy have on his face?

    • Justin November 30, 2020, 1:52 pm

      Looks like a SiOnyx Aurora Sport (full color night vision device). They are pretty awesome little devices and on sale for $400 right now. I was skeptical when I bought mine but believe in them 100% now.

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