Cimarron’s New Limited Edition Texas Ranger Walker Looks Great

The Cimarron Texas Ranger Walker has a warm, specially aged finish to make it look like one of the original 1,100 models produced. (Photo: Cimarron)

Cimarron Firearms, known for their solid replicas and popular Cowboy Action guns, is producing a limited edition run of Walker replicas in .44-caliber. Colt Walker or Walker Colt revolvers were the most powerful, mass-produced black powder handguns made in its time.

Additionally, very few — 1,100 — original Walker revolvers were ever made. And most were made for military use making them rare and very collectible. Cimarron wants to put new guns in the hands of shooters and collectors alike with their replica 1847 Texas Ranger Walker .44 black powder repeater.

“The 1847 Walker was specifically designed to meet the hostilities of war and it put Samual Colt on the map as a gun maker,” said Jamie Wayt, Cimarron Firearms vice president. “The Texas Walker replica is meticulously produced. The attention to detail and craftsmanship make this replica a very special collector’s item.”

Walker insisted on a design so powerful that it would set the standard for decades to follow. (Photo: Cimarron)

The replicas will be as authentic as possible with original-style company markings with a special finish by Cimarron. Cimarron isn’t the first company to make Walker replicas but these guns stand out with their special aged finish and period markings.

The Texas Ranger Walker is a six-shot single-action .44 with a long 9-inch barrel. It has a substantial steel frame to handle the large charges. Walker insisted that the gun be capable of taking out a soldier on horseback, either by stopping the soldier or stopping the horse.

The original 1847 Walker revolver was a collaboration between Texas Ranger Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker and Samuel Colt. Built to fight in the Mexican-American War, Walker carried two of the revolvers but was killed on the battlefield shortly after receiving them.

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They are heavy at well over 4 pounds and were originally intended to be stowed in a saddle holster. That does help with recoil — each chamber can hold as much as 60 grains of powder.

In recognition of their legacy, Cimarron is going to donate 5 percent from each sale of every Texas Ranger Walker to the Former Texas Ranger Foundation.

And while the replicas are intended to be collectible with only 1,000 made, they’re very affordably priced with a suggested MSRP of $668. At that price, they will go fast, so collectors will have to move quickly before they’re completely sold out.

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