Build Your Own M1 Garand – In Person CMP Advanced Maintenance Class

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(Editor Note 12/15/14: We inadvertently missed the close date of Dec. 1 and sent the Digest notice of these classes after it was too late. Sorry. Hopefully next year we will catch a timely reminder. Meanwhile, check out the AGI video. That is what we are using to build a Garand from a parts list for a future installment.)

CMP Advanced Maintenance Classes

One of the most popular topics on GunsAmerica is our M1 Garand series. The M1 Garand is perhaps the most classic rifle of all time, and we have provided an overview of how you buy guns from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) direct, right to your door, without having an FFL. Next planned in that series is a “Build Your Own Garand” project currently in the works, and we’ll be using the instructional video from the American Gunsmithing Institute, along with the barreled action we were able to buy from the CMP. Just as a heads up, if you are not the type to learn from a video and you’d like some personal instruction, the CMP is offering an expanded class schedule this year of 12 classes limited to 20 students each. Registration is currently open, and the details are below.

Civilian Marksmanship Program Advanced Maintenance Class

With the overwhelming popularity of the CMP Advanced Maintenance Class, we have decided to increase the number of classes to 12 for 2015. Each class will be a three-day event and have a capacity of 20 students.


The three-day class is intended for individuals interested in knowing how the M1 Garand rifle functions in detail, as well as those desiring to know how to properly perform advanced maintenance procedures to their personal rifle(s). The class involves classroom lecture as well as hands-on shop time.  Tools will be provided for students to use during the class.

This class is not intended for gunsmiths or students with advanced knowledge of the M1 rifle. No prior armorer or shooting experience is required to attend the class. Students will each assemble from parts their own CMP Special rifle (manufacturer of receiver may vary depending on the current inventory available) that is included in the AMC fee.  Some of the key components of the class will include:

  • Component purpose and function
  • Use of gauges
  • Commercial barrel installation, chambering and headspace
  • Component selection and inspection
  • Fitting and proper assembly of a complete CMP Special rifle
  • Some discussion of malfunctions and their remedies
  • Accurizing techniques for the M1

2015 AMC Class Dates

January 9-11
January 13-15
March 6-8
March 10-12
June 12-14 (buddy class)
June 16-18 (buddy class)
August 7-9
August 11-13
September 18-20
September 22-24
December 4-6
December 8-10

The Lottery For Registration

Registration will be different this year. We will use a lottery system that will utilize our Competition Tracker software. The lottery for registering for 2015 classes will open on November 17 and stay open until December 1.

This is how it will work:

Any time between November 17 and December 1, you will be able to go to our website and enter the required information for each class date that is compatible with your schedule. When the lottery sign-up closes on December 1, each entry will be assigned a number, then random numbers will be picked by the system. No applicant will be able to win more than one seat in a class for 2015. At this time, no former AMC students may register for classes in 2015. For more information, visit CMP announces the Advanced Maintenance Class dates for 2015.

New this year:

We will be trying two special “buddy” classes. Last year, we had many requests to help facilitate pairs of students wanting to take the class together, such as father/son, husband/wife, brothers or just friends. These two special classes are scheduled for June 12-14 and June 16-18. Only one member of the “Buddy” team may register.  You must indicate your “Buddy” and their city and state along with either their date of birth or CMP Competitor Number, upon registration. Each student attending the “Buddy” classes will have to pay the fee of $1800.00 and send in the paperwork requirements.


Students will only need to bring themselves, safety glasses and a shop apron.


Individuals who attend the AMC in Anniston, Alabama, must arrange your own housing. To find accommodations in Anniston, click here (Ask for the CMP Rate).

There is an $1,800 fee for the class and includes the CMP Special Rifle that participants will build in the class and three lunches that are provided. The class fee of $800.00 will be charged to the credit card provided approximately 4-5 weeks prior to the class. Cancellation requests may be submitted by email or phone to the Custom Shop at [email protected] or call (256) 835-8455, ext. 1113. Cancellations received at least 30 days prior to the class will receive a full refund. Any cancellation received 29 days or less will receive a 25% refund ($200.00). The balance of the class fee plus applicable taxes and shipping costs for the CMP Special Rifle will be charged to the credit card provided during the class.

Class Location: CMP Custom Shop

1803 Coleman Rd, Anniston, Alabama


If you want more information about CMP AMC, please contact John McLean via email at or the CMP Custom Shop at (256) 835-8455, ext. 2114.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • scott December 15, 2014, 12:00 pm

    I built one myself this fall. Get some books and field guides. Read them. Learn as much as you can. Order the components and the tools and build it. I did it in 2 months. Great historic/technical adventure. Great result. Shoots well. Learned a lot and had a great time doing it.

  • James Erb December 15, 2014, 9:00 am

    Would have been a great class to attend. I just might go for the video as My American Legion Post still has uses M-1’s for Honor guard detail and a few of them are getting a bit of wear.

  • Jonathan December 15, 2014, 8:45 am

    “Any time between November 17 and December 1, you will be able to go to our website and enter the required information for each class date that is compatible with your schedule. When the lottery sign-up closes on December 1, each entry will be assigned a number, then random numbers will be picked by the system.”

    Of course, the e-mail about this goes out on December 15.

    • Administrator December 15, 2014, 9:16 am

      Yea we screwed the pooch on this one sorry.

  • C. Thomas Dillon, Captain, USAF, Retired December 15, 2014, 6:09 am

    Is this offered as a home course on video so that one my do this at home, as a veteran I have some expertise here but would love a video to run through building my own, with the supply of parts parameter thrown. In my day it was the M-16. Yet, I would love to build one of these classic M-1’s on my own. Thank you.

  • Chick December 15, 2014, 5:12 am

    SWEET! They publish the M1 Garand classes, with an application period of Nov 17 – Dec 1, and here it is Dec 15! Nothing like a good SNAFU.

    • stevo December 15, 2014, 8:40 am

      Chick, TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! why even bother publishing this story now that we’re unable to register, additionally i would have loved exploring my old, now toxic, basic training camp “Ft. Mac”

      • Administrator December 15, 2014, 8:44 am

        Yes, we didn’t catch this sorry. Get the video it is very good.

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