Cool! Magazine Fed Mossberg Shockwave from Black Aces Tactical

The Mossberg Shockwave with a Black Aces Tactical makeover.

Black Aces Tactical (BAT) is known for being ahead of the curve when it comes to scattergun innovation.  This week they’ve done it again with the introduction of the company’s magazine-fed Mossberg Shockwave.

“Given the incredible success of the Mossberg Shockwave platform, it is only natural that we offer a magazine fed version of the weapon that has proven nothing short of a phenomenon,” said Eric Lemoine, president of Black Aces Tactical in a press release.

“This as of late has been the question we have been receiving most. ‘When will Black Aces Tactical release a magazine fed version of the Shockwave?’ Now that weapon is a reality.”


  • Billet Black Aces Tactical receiver
  • 4140 nickel plated bolt and slide
  • 7-4 Stainless Steel firing pins
  • The awesome Shockwave grip
  • OEM Mossberg corncob forend standard
  • Black Aces Tactical magazine tube spike standard
  • Each weapon comes with 2 5rd stick magazines
  • 27.5″ total overall length
  • Backward compatible to most Mossberg 500 accessories

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Black Aces Tactical is charging $499 for the mag-fed Shockwave.  As an additional option, users can get a Magpul AFG (Angle-Fore Grip) handguard.

You’ll recall a few weeks ago that BAT unveiled a quad rail for the Shockwave.  That retailed for $214.

The awesome thing about the Shockwave and its Big Green competitor, the Tac-14, is that it doesn’t require NFA paperwork.  It’s all the fun of a shortie with none of the red tape or hassle.  Before you make a decision on one or the other, make sure you read our reviews: Tac-14. Shockwave.

Shop for a Mossberg Shockwave or a Remington Tac-14 on GunsAmerica.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • loupgarous May 8, 2018, 4:32 pm

    Looking forward to a test of the Black Aces mag-fed version of the Shockwave.

    One reason for that is because owners of Black Aces’s own line of non-NFA/non-AOW weapons based on Mossberg actions with external magazine have complained on this site about problems with rounds feeding smoothly through the action. If that can be demonstrated not to be a problem, it’d be cool.

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