Could ‘Coordinated Thermal Expansion’ Make You A Better Shooter? — SHOT Show 2022

ASA’s rifle is designed to move uniformly with temperature changes to ensure on-target shots every time.

Materials change dimensions with significant temperature changes, but the amount of change differs from material to material. The variety of materials used to build a rifle could affect its performance under such fluctuations. Advanced Shooting Analytics have designed their Disruption rifle to minimize such fluctuations.

Disruption Rifle

ASA’s premise is that their rifle changes uniformly with significant temperature shifts. Maybe it was zeroed at 80°F and now needs to shoot at -17°F. Their design allows predictable results every time.

The action is a Remington 700 built by Pacific Machine and Gauge and refined by ASA. It is paired with a trigger tech trigger and it’s all set in a stainless chassis that takes AICS mags. The controls are ambidextrous and they can mount left- or righthanded actions.

The action is refined in-house.

The folding buttstock is fully adjustable and locks the bolt in place. While the show model was finished in nickel with wood accents, production models can be finished in a variety of materials. The handguard has M-Lok and the forend has an ARCA rail.

The folding buttstock is fully customizable.

The scope is included with the rifle and mounts to a Picatinny rail on the action. It’s not shocking that the stock and action and barrel use the right alloys to move at the same rate, it’s remarkable that ASA has done the same with the scope tube.

The custom scope is made by Tangent Theta.

The scope is a custom creation from Tangent Theta. The tube uses the same stainless alloy as the rest of the rifle so that any dimensional changes happen to the scope, too. It’s a 5-25x56mm scope. The whole package with scope weighs 17.5lbs.

The chassis is stainless and the trigger is from Trigger Tech.

Advanced Shooting Analytics’ Disruption rifle is available to order now from their Colorado plant. It’ll run you right about $10,000. Or you can order their chassis only for $2,500.

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