Creedmoor Sports Announces New Reloading Equipment Catalogue

Creedmoor Sports released its reloading catalogue.

Precision shooting supplier Creedmoor Sports has announced the release of its first-ever catalog dedicated to reloading equipment and components.

The 16-page catalogue features top-of-the line equipment from companies like Redding, Forster, L.E. Wilson, Hornady, RCBS, Nosler, Sierra, Berger, and Lapua.

“We get calls and emails every day asking us to carry more reloading supplies,” Creedmoor Sports President Greg Kantorovich said in a press release.

“We decided it was time to make the investment into adding equipment that our customers demand.” He added, “We didn’t want to jump into the reloading game without extensive research on what brands and philosophy that would set us apart from larger suppliers. We feel our mix of equipment, components and technical will satisfy everyone from the beginner to the expert.

Creedmoor Sports is based out of Anniston, Alabama, and the company offers a wide variety of shooting supplies on its website. Its new reloading catalogue provides a more curated list of the best products from a variety of suppliers, including Creedmoor.

The catalogue is organized by brand and includes standard equipment like dies, presses, and powder measures from Hornady and RCBS. It also includes high-end products like a $460 case trimmer from Giraud and a $140 micrometer from Starrett.

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The popularity of ammo reloading has increased in the last half-decade, in part driven by the ammunition shortages experienced several years ago. Reloading allows shooters to produce their own ammunition more cheaply than purchasing it from the store. It also benefits those who own firearms chambered in rare calibers, which may not be readily available at traditional outlets.

More recently, long-range shooting competitions have seen an increase in popularity, and customers have begun to demand the kind of high-quality equipment capable of producing the most consistent, accurate rounds. Almost all long-range shooting competitors reload their own ammunition because reloaded ammo can be tailored to a shooter’s specific rifle by adjusting the powder, bullet type, primers, and bullet seating depth.

Creedmoor Sports has been serving the precision rifle community for over 35 years, so the company is well-positioned to offer the best products and know-how that precision rifle shooters require.

Click here to see a digital version of the catalogue.

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