Crying Wolf Over Guns – Big Mistake in 2012

The new America is divided among those who get government checks and those who don’t, and now in hindsight, those who don’t never had a chance. 2nd Amendment concerns were dismissed by many gun owners and shooters because back in 2008 the entire American gun population went crazy. We were then laughed at by the mainstream media, as Obama did no “above the radar” attempts at taking away our guns. He did of course orchestrate behind the scenes attacks, both by appointing anti-American and anti-2nd Amendment Supreme Court Justices, and attempting to shut down our gun dealers and restrict personal gun ownership in the border states with Fast & Furious. If we go crazy again after this election, we are again going to lose the swing voters, and especially women voters in 2014 and more importantly, 2016.

Election day clearly spelled out that America has become an “us vs. them” society. The “them,” meaning those who are receiving government entitlements, now outnumber the “us” who do not, and they outvoted us. The election had almost nothing to do with guns, and our core voters apparently didn’t show up at the polls. Mitt Romney got two million less votes than McCain did in 2008. We lost the election before it started, because Mitt, as Rush Limbaugh recently pointed out, ran on a platform of hard work, what many of us believe is the only thing that will bring America back from the precipice of destruction on which we now stand.

Obama ran as Santa Claus again. This time Santa even had free birth control pills. How do you beat that? Thomas Jefferson once said, “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those willing to work and give to those who would not.” If you saw the polls at 11am in Miami-Dade county, when “those who work” were mostly at work, it is easy to see how our democracy ceased to exist on Tuesday. The election was bought and paid for by Santa Claus, with our own money, but everyone should understand that nobody in those long lines cared about taking away our guns, or pretty much anything besides not losing their government checks. America will not change. The powers that be will continue to demonize American capitalism and sell our future to China. And at some point our empty service based economy will most likely collapse, but that’s a story for another day, and it has little to do with guns for now.

We are here to talk about guns, and what will most likely be a frenzy for the next year or two in the gun and ammunition market, as people buy up everything they can afford, in fear of losing the ability to do so later. This is a foolish approach, and we should not be crying wolf over guns today. Doing so in 2008 cost us a great deal of votes, especially women votes. Here in 2012, if we are smart, we will all keep our heads and wait for Obama to create his own “I told you so” moment.

There is no imminent threat to gun ownership of any kind. At the heart of Obama’s threat to the 2nd Amendment is the Supreme Court. Obama has had the chance to replace two Supreme Court Justices during his first term. He appointed Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Both of them are anti-2nd Amendment moonbat zealots. In his second term he will most likely choose at least one more, and long after he has left office, long after all of Obama’s band-aid bailouts and tax increases have failed and faded, his legacy will be these justices. And they will, without any doubt whatsoever, have an anti-gun majority. We won a couple battles with the Heller and McDonald decisions, but the gun haters and power drunk government bureaucrats will find the next avenue from which to attack our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, of that you can be sure. But in the next round, after Obama’s judges have taken over the court, we will lose. That has been Obama’s plan from the start. If you didn’t vote in this election, this is your legacy. For those of us who did vote, as Dick Morris just wrote in a column, we were beaten from the start.

Therefore, again, there is no imminent threat to gun ownership, “assault weapons,” or anything else to do with firearms or 2nd Amendment freedom. If Obama is planning to re-instate the assault weapons ban, he will most likely wait until the second half of his term, hoping for a flip over in the House of Representatives. Today there is no political willingness to pass anything related to restricting guns in any way, and anyone who pays more than fair market utility value for an AR-15, AK-47, FAL, M1A, etc., is a fool. If you are active on discussion boards, especially local boards for your gun club, please take the time to assure the casual gun owners and shooters out there that Obama isn’t going to rush to take away their guns. Anyone who says so is just crying wolf again, or trying to make money off of you.

There will be “behind the scenes” attempts at attacks on gun ownership and self defense in this term from Obama. Obama himself promised this methodology in his last term. Most likely there will be attempts to restrict ammunition, and most likely he is going to try to go after inexpensive handguns, as he said in the debate. Part of keeping the permanent victim class in the inner cities is to make sure that the criminals have all the guns, and restricting cheap guns is the way to do that. If we handed out ten thousand free Cobra revolvers in Chicago with one cylinder of .38 Special each, the murder rate would decline to almost zero. Obama doesn’t want that, and neither do our increasingly militarized police forces. The permanent victims now have the right to own guns because of the work of the NRA in winning the Heller and McDonald cases, so Obama and the anti-gunners will now make sure that guns are priced out of reach.

The most important thing is for all of us to keep our heads and come to terms with the fact that the next four years is going to pass, and Obama is going to the President of the United States. But in 2016 there will be another election, and three years from now we will be mobilizing the pro-2nd Amendment voters to elect a Constitutional, gun loving candidate again. And again we will be reminding everyone that gun freedoms are not guaranteed forever by the 2nd Amendment, and that we need to elect politicians who will rule in the spirit of the Founding Fathers. Even if by that time we do have a Supreme Court that is dangerously anti-Constitutional and anti-American, it takes a legislative branch to create laws, and eliminate old bad laws, and it takes an executive branch to enforce those laws, often as they see fit. The executive branch police force on guns, the BATFE, recently ran a fraudulent operation to demonize gun dealers. Politicians are always going to be politicians. But in a year and a half we’ll be trying to defend the House of Representatives, and in three and a half years it’ll be primaries time for president again. Time moves forward, and so will we.

We can’t do that if all of the gun lovers out there cry wolf again and drive the gun market crazy for no reason. Young voters are watching, margin voters are watching, and most importantly, women voters are watching. There was a 20 point margin between male voters and women voters this election. In the light of free birth control pills it was easy for women to dismiss the 2nd Amendment argument, even if they were shooters, because everyone cried wolf in the last election. If you are a woman reading this, you probably have friends who made this exact balance sheet before voting, and then voted for Obama. Getting in their face now to tell them the horrors of what they did isn’t going to accomplish anything at this point. The future of our country has been sold for sixty bucks a month in birth control pills. But there is hope. You can fool all of the people some of time, not all of the time, and at some point, the history of the reproductive rights movement will see the light of day, and it isn’t a pretty history.

If you read the comments on our article asking people to Vote for Mitt, it is clear that the gun gold rush of 2008 had extremely negative impacts on perceptions for this 2012 election. Those who commented that Obama did nothing in his first term to hurt guns rights were fooled, but America is apparently composed of 52% fools, so you don’t have to look too far to find one, even among gun owners. You would have to have lived in a cave for two years to not have heard about Fast & Furious, but it takes a thinking person to understand the implications of that program. It also takes a thinking person to realize the importance of Supreme Court appointees when discussing the 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. Don’t forget the attempted international arms treaty, which was revived literally the day after the election, no bullshit. American is short on thinking people these days, and long on fools. We don’t need to add to the total buy crying wolf on guns again.

Nobody can control price gougers, but the only way they will succeed is if people pay their prices. So far, things have been brisk here at GunsAmerica, but we haven’t seen any serious price gouging. In 2008 it didn’t happen right away either though. The mainstream media will put articles out over the coming weeks about gun shortages most likely, and that will get the ball rolling, but only if we let it. At present the market is full of ARs and plastic pistols, and ammunition is plentiful. The states govern most firearm law, and 30 of the states now have Republican pro-gun governors, many with Republican legislatures as well. Most likely, concealed carry and other pro-gun measures will improve in the short term, and there is no imminent threat to gun ownership whatsoever.

If you own stock in Ruger or Smith & Wesson, our two beloved public companies in the gun world, you probably won’t be a fan of us banging the drum for restraint, but the best thing for the future of our gun freedom is to look to 2016, and to practice restraint when it comes to crying wolf over Obama and guns. The “I told you so” will come, and when it does, remind people that they sold their vote for a government check, or for free birth control pills, or for an abortion they will most likely never need. They did, and they were foolish to do so. Hopefully we can recover from it.

The future of America transcends race, gender and class, and we are truly all in this together. A lot of people out there are hurting right now, and even those who have weathered the storm are mostly working twice as hard for half as much. We all wish things could be better for all of us, and we really are all in this together. The real America is color blind, gender blind and even sexual preference blind, and it has no interest in a permanent victim class propagated by government checks and complete disarmament of inner city minorities. We all want to be free and live a good life, able to protect ourselves from harm, and we want our neighbors to do the same. The Bill of Rights had to be added to the Constitution after the fact because the rights it contained were thought at the time to be self evident. Fortunately the Founding Fathers realized that someone would someday attempt to take them away, so they wrote them down. Number 2 on that list, right after the fundamental right to free speech, was the ability to protect all of the personal rights in the Constitution with arms. We took a big hit on Tuesday, and though America appears to be on a downward spiral, we may yet persevere.

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  • Bee Cee January 25, 2013, 1:28 pm

    The “Core voters” didnot turn out because of “ROMNY CARE” and his suport of GUN CONTROL!!!!!!!! When will Republicans ever learn ??

  • tim January 14, 2013, 12:30 am

    Screwed the pooch on this one, hey!

  • Billy January 2, 2013, 12:45 am

    I work hard to play even harder. I paid as gas gussel tax on my new car in 2008 only because “It’s what I wanted at the time and I felt I have earned it with all my hard work.” It’s now 2013 and that same car is sitting in my garage and “it’s paid off”. I love it just as much NOW as I did the 1’st day I got her home.
    After the events @ Sandy Hook and the “Get now befor it’s banned” scare I see happening, I think am going to have to pay extra for something else that I have always wanted.
    My timing my be all wrong about this but now is as good as time as any if I really want it.
    WHY ?
    Because I think things are going to change here real soon on the “Assult Weapon” issue.
    Is the AR15 an “Assult Rifle” No… But try to tell that to the suits in Washington. That great design of a gun and all it’s “knock offs “are getting a bad raps for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    MY prayers go out to the familys in Newtown Ct and 1st responders that have lost their lives in the past month.

  • James December 19, 2012, 5:46 pm

    I find myself agreeing with 99% of your thoughts, but have to point out it’s the right wing that is selling out to China. Corporate America continues to move manufacturing offshore. And will continue to do so until all 50 states become “right to work” non union states, bringing wages and benefits down to a level that it will pay them to bring the work back home.

  • Ragnar Daneskjold December 19, 2012, 2:19 pm

    Crying wolf? Care to reconsider at this point?

    • Administrator December 19, 2012, 5:52 pm

      Oh please fidiot.

  • WE THE PEOPLE December 18, 2012, 3:08 pm


  • ORTOOSSI December 17, 2012, 8:09 am

    Private gun ownership in the U.S. is over…and as for many, this lifetime joy I will mourn loosing. There will be no understanding public outcry from those who commit the crime of ignorance over reason, rather, their necessary evil will satisfy mob rules of the moment without apology. We are grist for the mill and bear only responsibility for bearing responsibly the theft of dreams and ideas by those who would take in steel, the guns they do not understand in return for something they will never have by taking our freedoms.

  • Jim December 15, 2012, 9:42 am

    Since the mentally deranged individual murdered 28 people in Newtown, CT, the anti-gunners are foaming at the mouth. They are attempting to demonize the guns not the cause. I am 71 years of age and have owned a firearm since I was 6 years old. I was educated by a very stern father in the proper care, handling, and firing of my 22 Cal Winchester, 5 shot bolt action rifle. I didn’t shoot anyone then and have continued with that philosophy to this day. I have guns (Pistols and rifles) for my personal home protection and informal target shooting. In my younger days, I hunted, however, bad knees put a halt to that. The criminals and foreign nationals that would like to control the innocents of the USA definitely want gun control. If they can get it passed so that a law abiding citizen is prohibited from owning or using a firearm, we, the innocent, will become the victims. I am not so knave that I don’t realize that potential burglars, robbers, and other criminals look for elderly and young people to victimize believing them an easy target. At present, they aren’t sure if they can victimize a senior with impunity because they don’t know if the target may be armed and able to defend themselves. The school murders are a tragedy but with a deranged mind, I firmly believe the individual would have accomplished his twisted goal with some other device if he was unable to acquire access to his mothers’ weapons. With all of the information available on the internet with “how-to’s” to build weapons of all sorts, this would have occurred in some other manner if a weapon had not been available. I served 26 years in the US military defending our constitution and one of the constitutional rights is to own and bear arms. I filled out all of the Federal and State paperwork and agreed to let these entities search my background. I wasn’t overly worried since my military occupation required an FBI background investigation for my security clearance. Until the Government can find a way to regulate mental illness, the debate will go on and the political beings will advocate for the side that they believe will generate the most votes for them. People who stand up for their convictions I can accept but the hypocrites I have seen pandering on the news media outlet since Friday morning make me wonder how much lower our countries values can sink. I grew up when no doors to ones home was locked, parents were allowed to discipline their children, law enforcement authorities had respect and authority, police didn’t have to inform anyone they had committed a crime, we were taught by our parents what was right or wrong. Schools were allowed to punish us in school and generally speaking if someone informed my parents I had done something unacceptable, I was punished and not defended just because I was their kid. We pledged allegiance to the flag every morning at 0800, a prayer was spoken over the intercom and we got to work on our school work. How many of you can relate to this time and see how far the liberals have allowed our society to drift into. They allow graphic wholesale movie murder scenes to be televised as entertainment, games are available depicting violence, etc. The gun is a piece of metal and doesn’t do anything until someone uses it. Law abiding citizens use them responsibly, criminals use them to further their means, and mentally deranged people use them for whatever their diseased mind tells them to.

  • roger rohrer December 4, 2012, 7:51 pm

    Just what I thought. Wind blowing through a hollow log!

  • Chuck December 3, 2012, 7:48 pm

    Holy Jeremy!! Slow down drinking the kool ade….. I am registed independent brain washed by non, man your out there!
    Any update on Prez’s up coming executive order restricting guns and ammo?
    Watch This Video:

  • Mike Harmon December 3, 2012, 10:55 am

    Who exactly is the author talking about when he defines “them,” as meaning those who are receiving government entitlements. Does he mean veterans receiving GI bill benefits? Does he mean seniors receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits? Doe he the working poor who receive food stamps. Does he mean corporate welfare? This is the kind of idiotic, brain-dead rhetoric that gives gun owners a bad name.

  • Mark Bateman December 2, 2012, 3:25 pm

    You stated that “…democracy ceased to exist on Tuesday.”

    I would argue that the pure democracy worked exactly as it does in a failed Republic. We live in what political scientists refer to as the “tyranny of democracy”. Majority rule. As long as the majority is on the payroll, they will rule without regard to minority existence (and we are not talking race here!) so long as the vote recipient is handing out the goods stolen from said minority.

  • roger rohrer December 2, 2012, 7:04 am

    I’m currently in process of fact gathering for publication. looking for some time lines and laws that the democratic party has proposed or had passed that are currently restricting gun ownership in the USA

  • Jeremy December 1, 2012, 5:05 am

    Myopic conservative echo chamber as usual. Listen, the Repubican’s yelled loud and clear that they wish to control womens reproductive rights and somehow expect them to jump on board, Republican’s yelled that they are going to round up the brown folk and throw their asses out….and somehow expect them to jump on board, Republican’s seem to be fighting tooth and nail to keep those few that currently have more gold than Croesus to keep having more gold with a solution that sounds like “if we ensure that our ‘betters’ have the lion-share, maybe we can benefit from their ‘leavings’ that will surely trickle down”, while actively discarding that that was one of the very reasons we almost went off a cliff..and expected all to jump on board, Republican’s seem ready openly contemptuously call out much of the poor and working-class as lazy, entitled leeches simply looking for a free handout…when that simply isnt as broadly true as they pontificate….and expect those..who have the right to vote to jump on board.

    Even the strategic redistricting and deliberate difficulties at the poling booth’s didnt help at all. The purple states you swore were yours in fact were not (sans N.C.). The narrow-minded echo chamber had you ABSOLUTELY KNOWING the Republicans were going to win this much so that Romney didnt even have a concession speech which by the way….if what he ended up saying and the manner in which he said it, if that was the guy that put himself before the nation and conducted himself in this manner, he would have had a fighting chance. The nutjob hatemonger that was campaigning prior didnt have a prayer….and that you thought he did says volumes. YOU created US and THEM amongst your own fellow citizens AND EXPECTED THEM TO VOTE FOR YOU AGAINST THEMSELVES…. Good luck with that next time around.

    Romney’s own history did not lend any truth to what he claimed to be the entire time he was on the stump. Conservatives were so busy deciding who the “real Americans were” they deliberately aliented tens of millions. Conservatives seem to continue to aggressively, and often angrily yell that everyone should abandon their own self identity and wrap themselves in the cloak of what conseratives decide what a real American and patriot is, so utterly and absolutely shows those that do not want to drink that single-flavored coolaid the distinct impression that they are not wanted.

    I suspect the plan is to continue to circle-jerk and decry that all that do not agree and believe as “we” do are un-american scum…and while the electoral demographic futher diversifies you’ll utterly ignore it and somehow continue to hope to delude everyone that your American ideal is simply not one inclusive of all American, only those select Americans you deem to be “true Americans” and still somehow crazily expect to win the election. Your America is one of exclusion, What independent female, recent immigrant, person of color, non-traditional living, open-minded individual is crazy enough to vote for those that seem absolutely against their own self interest?

    Did you not see the makeup of both the Republican and Democratic audience while the votes were being counted. One an ocean of white faces and the other a representation of all America….and still on the relentless movement to in fact be the reflection of what America looks like.

    Get your thumbs outta your assess (or keep them there, I hear it might actually feel pretty good) and structure a nation that tries to work for all and not the few.

    There absolutely is more to ones day to day concerns than singularly the second amendment. That’s the flat truth of it. Way too many on the right are stating as fact what Obama wants to and will do with regard taking away rights. And you buy into your own paranoia, AND thankfully the firearm industry LOVES IT…they’ve never sold so many guns and ammo EVER!!!! We all keep buying even tho the prices keep going up..THEY LOOOOOVE IT. Economic troubles…not if your in the arms business they cant make em fast enough. What will you do in the end if Obama actually does nothing you assert he “wants” to? Eat crow and apologize? Nah…you’ll pat each other on the back stating that he didnt do it because of your collective resistance which would be utter non-sense because you seem only to talk to each other and contemptuously yell at the rest of us.

    Anyhow…see ya in a few years and I’ll be on the lookout for who else isnt a real american enough this time around and how you crazily assume the fix for it all is for everyone to abandon their own self-identity and fake being “just like us so that we can accept you”…which by its nature is prejudicial, exclusionary and bigoted which I know, I know…you simply do not see it as anything of the sort yet you will somehow believe this is the way the country must be. Best of luck with that… I’ll have a big bucket o popcorn watching that comedy…

    Have a good weekend all..

  • Curtis November 30, 2012, 8:29 pm

    What a load of crap. Believe it or not, the election was not about gun ownership for most people. Speaking only for myself, voting for Obama was about not wanting the Koch brothers agenda to get into the Whitehouse. There are are allot of things I don’t like about the Democratic Party, but the evils I see there are allot less then the bullshit and lies coming from the Republican Party. I have read Ayn Rand and know she is probably spinning in her grave knowing what kind of crap is being placed at her feet.

  • Gray Peterson November 29, 2012, 1:35 am

    “The permanent victims now have the right to own guns because of the work of the NRA in winning the Heller and McDonald cases, so Obama and the anti-gunners will now make sure that guns are priced out of reach.”

    The NRA did not win the Heller & McDonald cases. The NRA-ILA actively opposed Heller and did everything possible to kill the litigation at every level of the court, including filing a sham litigation called “Seegars v. Ashcroft”.

    McDonald was filed by the Second Amendment Foundation, not the NRA-ILA.

  • Richard Cooley November 27, 2012, 10:12 pm

    Well I am doing my part. I started it in April of 2008 when I started writing my book “The Second Amendment Party part 1 a Stranger to Die For” The fictitious story of the Second Amendment Party and what happens when a corrupt Government outlaws guns.

    I agree with you. He is treating with the “Gun problem” the same way the deficit is being treated. Kick it down the road.

  • Louis760 November 27, 2012, 3:19 am

    Mitt ran on a platform of hard work? Yeah, maybe someone else’s hard work. Sitting in a suite and deciding to close a Illinois factory because the workers got $17, to open one in China and pay workers $1 is a no brainer. And the company has $145 million in quarterly profits. How “American” is that? Corporate America sells out the American worker, and the middle class, every time.

    President Obama is there for every American. He is living the American dream. Romney was born to privilege. He looks upon all of us as serfs. And Romney’s Mormon faith is as close to Christianity as is Islam. Even Billy Graham, for 65 years, until the week before the election, stated Mormons were a cult.

  • Thomas The Temp November 26, 2012, 3:12 pm

    Have you ever considered writing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites? I have a blog based on the same ideas you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my visitors would value your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

    • Administrator November 26, 2012, 4:11 pm

      Over 40,000 people have read this. Too much to do to worry about writing on other web sites thanks though.

  • Mittastrophy November 26, 2012, 1:29 pm

    I’m addicted to Mosin Nagants. I am either investing in mosin nagants, or I am wasting my money on mosin nagants, I can only shoot one at a time. The more I buy, the more safes I need. I am up to my ass in safes. I love the smell of cosmoline. I am up to my ears in bayonets.
    I am addicted to CZ. To Glock, to Ruger….Of Fing Ruger. It either works great, or it is an SR9 and doesn’t or does work, depending on the defects. But they are modular, so the machinist with the cigar can polish the extractor and send it back to you free for 84 bucks shipping, I love Fing Ruger.
    I like S$W. The 642 is too small to love. But I like it.
    What I really am is surprised they gave me a handgun license this year and I spent 20k on guns. I never had bought a gun.
    Who knew?

  • rob November 23, 2012, 8:28 pm

    the real reason the moderates (including me) did not vote for R&R was his loyalty to the very very very rich. Millionaires and billionaires need to start paying their taxes and stop sending their money and jobs to other countries. Otherwise i would have voted for him and not and for an independent….. it had nothing to do with the other reasons listed

    • Administrator November 24, 2012, 6:35 pm

      You were duped. Obama has been in Wall Street’s pocket since day one. RR would have at least brought some fiscal accountability to the needs of small business, which is the most important growth sector for American jobs. You’re a fool.

  • Thomas November 20, 2012, 5:16 pm

    Wow … John, Sandra and Kansasman … I’m thrilled to see that indoctrination, rather than education, is alive and well in the university systems … I didn’t read an original thought in anything that the three of you posted … it plays like a tape recording of the “Occupy” crowd … continual hissing a crackling. You talk a somewhat educated talk but, are fundamentally flawed in your thinking and all the vitriol that you spew … who are the fascists; the marxists; the intolerant … guess you all broke your mirrors at your last Occupy event, eh?.
    I can tell when I am reading the postings of people who get their news soley from MSLSD, the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos … all perveyors fo news to the insane and inept among us. I’m sure that you would proudly proclaim to be members of the Progressive movement … like HIllary … have you ever studied the progressive movement? The writings “of” Margaret Sanger, not the writings about Margaret Sanger … Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood is where Adolf Hitler formulated his plans for the destruction of the Jews … Margaret was giddy in her plan (Planned Parenthood) that would drive the blacks and anyother non-whites to self-exterimate themselves … you people are all sick as evidenced by your lack of grasp of reality … your politics and your morals. Remember … when you see your boy in the White House … it’s Zeig Heil ! Not … “yes we can”.

  • Antoin November 20, 2012, 7:23 am

    Admin, I agree with most of your comments but feel compelled to offer a different take on the election. Romney ran a terrible campaign and the Republican establishment lied to us as to how close the election really was. Romney’s internal polling had to clearly show he was losing and losing bad, electoral wise and the voter turnout gap. Instead of being upfront with his big donors (and the rest of us) they kept it hidden and wanted us to disbelieve the public polls. I further blame Romney for running a defensive campaign spending time answering spurious charges ranging from the “War on Women” to murder. The Democratic exploitation of his 47% remark was masterful and Romney’s ineffective response to all the charges was pure amateurism. With so much low hanging fruit that Obama provided for trench warfare, Romney picked none of it. Where was the “guns and religion”, the EPA abuses and on and on and on. Romney was supposed to be a turnaround artist that couldn’t even turn his own campaign around. This loss is unbelievable in that we can’t elect one of the most qualified and decent men in history running against what is arguably one of the worst failed presidencies in history. This election was Romney’s, and he managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Republicans were just plain outplayed and out maneuvered.
    This is the place to discuss politics as guns are political.

    • Administrator November 20, 2012, 10:26 am

      You are the first person I have heard enumerate that we were clearly lied to about the polling. I sensed on election day that the pundits and experts were just going through the motions for ratings because they already knew what the real polls had already shown. We had been lulled into complacency, and there was a behind the scenes effort to pull the wool over our eyes so that we wouldn’t mobilize the base. If you note, we put out an email to vote for Romney anyway, and it was quickly loaded up with comments from Obama campaign staffers as to why guns should not be an issue this election. We were all suckered and this election was decided long before that Tuesday.

  • Woodman November 18, 2012, 7:46 pm

    I guess that Government retirement get for 29 years, 7 months, six days and 10 deployments makes me one of the “Them” receiving gov entitlements. I dont think I saw most of you following me into Iraq or Somalia or trying to land in the dark on Naval ships at sea. So where T-F were YOU?

  • james November 17, 2012, 10:26 am

    Greets all, first off let me say I really enjoy this site, not only for the great postings here, but also the huge selections of guns. As an American who happens to be black, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge not just from the spirited postings, but also the vast differences in guns. I’m looking to purchase my first gun and I have learned a good deal of information about which one will best suit my needs. Thanks for such a great site and keep up the good work!

  • Joe November 16, 2012, 1:17 pm

    crying wolf??? If not now, then when should we stand up and make a hoopla? I see your point, and it’s a good one. But there absolutely no damage done in finding a POSSIBLE, and legitimate reason to buy more ammo and guns. Especially when there’s is the POSSIBILITY of some big moves coming our way. I’ve heard it both ways now – Obama can’t do anything, and won’t do anything – yet; and that he has nothing to lose because he is in his last term. So, while he might not be able to pass another Assault Weapons Ban (this one aiming to be a REAL ban), it’s possible that the senate could ratify a Treaty… the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty; and that one can be modified after it’s ratified. Of course, just do a little digging, and as part of it’s plan to manage the global arms trade, there are already provisions for registering small arms. AND, even use of U.N. troops if any member state fails to comply, or even needs help. So, crying wolf, that seems more of a dramatic statement than the industries current reaction. We will see – however, even if things do turn out to be nothing at all, it could easily be said it was because of the hell we’re raising now – the opposite could hardly be said the other way around. So, I’ll cry wolf and buy ammo like I am, and continue to raise hell that members withing our own government are even THINKING about doing what they claim they want to do. That’s the real issue! The fact that people are even on board with abridging and abolishing the second amendment. Regardless of what eventually happens, whether they get away with it or not, I don’t feel like a nut for reacting strongly like I have by urging others to STOCK UP now while they can – because the threat is real… very real… If the first thing Obama did on the Tuesday night was to back the U.N.’s call for new talks concerning the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, then there is call for alarm. Even beyond that, Feinstein started work on her new Assault Weapons Ban as early as the Friday before the election! So, hell yes I’ll cry and yell and scream at even the slightest attempt, argument and idea that our guns should be taken. Your point is noted though – and I’m sure Smith & Wesson doesn’t mind the panic 🙂

  • Dale November 15, 2012, 2:17 pm

    The separation of church and state simply keeps the state from requiring anyone from becoming a single religion. It has nothing to do with with not allowing individuals to worship as they please.
    obama has every intention of dis-arming the citizens of MY United States of America! He has said so several times. It is unfortunate that so many people in this country are ignorant of what was important in this election. Most young people get their “news” from MTV or saturday night live and letterman. Most had no idea who was running for State or local elections.Most mature adults got their news from the main stream press who have a loving relationship with the democratic party. If mainstream media says obama is god you believe it. I am a combat vet and was disabled from that wonderful two year vacation in wonderful Viet Nam. I have paid for the right to tell you you have elected a person who does not give a crap about you, your unemployment, your hard times, of your gun rights. He does care about himself, his legacy, and his chicago cronies. His goal is to disarm America because the Europeans are disarmed and we can not have an armed America interfering with his idea of a socialist America. Please wake up and THINK before you vote the straight tickets or call those not agreeing with you vile names. We have to live with this even though the ballot count was extremely close. There is not a mandate about anything according to the close ballot count. Half of the country agrees with both sides!!

  • Rob Miller November 14, 2012, 11:36 pm

    I too have noticed all the hyperbole of “gun rights” and other issues being tossed around by a majority of Republicans/Conservatives. They take their claims too far assuming a conclusion when there is not enough evidence for such conclusions. Besides, I can be considered a liberal, actually I’m a humanist and dislike much of what this new Republican party tries to do, especially with civil issues. But I like guns, I don’t have a lot of them but I like to go out and shoot clay pigeons or simple target practice. In fact, my wife and I have even considered both getting our conceal and carry permits and buying pistols. I support the second amendment and seriously don’t think anybody is going to amend the constitution to remove that right. Even if they did, which isn’t an easy process, most of this country will be “up in arms” about it and things will get ugly real quick. Any rational and sane politician would see that and not want to remove that right. Besides, any logical analysis of the issue of banning ownership of firearms to reduce gun related crimes will fall apart because a criminal who wants a gun will get one unlawfully. Plus there will always be a black market for anything illegal.

    Fact is if the nutjobs of the Republican/Conservative party want to gain any pull on public opinion they should start stating the truth, using verified unbiased statistics for their claims. Their form of persuasion is similar to someone repeating the same thing over and over, louder and louder. It just doesn’t work and people start walking away. The problem with that for them is they won’t have so much to complain about.

    • Administrator November 15, 2012, 8:46 am

      Another one who just wants to talk without having a fourth grade reading level to even read what is in the article. How does it feel to be a poster child for everything that is wrong with America?

  • wbonesrus November 14, 2012, 8:56 pm

    I won’t say much, like a lot of Americans I think our better days are behind us, and I say this with dismay,Americans should talk about “AGENDA 21” and the UN take over (eventually) of our way of life, our 2nd amendment, and slowly one by one doing away with our US ,Constitution, our way of life.We live in the best country since the begining of recordable time, we are the most generous and selfless country,world protectors of the peace, and yes, if we like a better standard of living, to continue to protect freedom, and we give our lives for the cause, then so be it!!

  • Jay November 14, 2012, 7:19 pm

    The idiots who refuse to couple politics and firearms ownership are the traitors who will sell our 2nd Amendment to the Democrat party.

    If you can’t logically connect one to the other, if you truly cannot believe that the Uber-Socialists in DC are going to make gun ownership miserably difficult, then you’re not only blind, but deaf and dumb too.

    Shame on you

  • Terry L Starr November 14, 2012, 3:51 pm

    If you believe all of this crap then you are the fool !!

  • D. Gar November 14, 2012, 2:51 pm

    10 Signs That You’re Fully Awake

    Isn’t it obvious that there is a significant global awakening happening? Just as the Mayans predicted so many years ago, the apocalypse would become apparent in 2012. But many misinterpret the apocalypse to be the end of the world, when in fact it actually means an “un-covering, a revelation of something hidden.”

    As many continue to argue the accuracy of the Mayan calendar, it can no longer be argued that a great many people are finally becoming aware of what has been hidden from them for so long. Of course this awakening is not an overnight process. It takes time to peel away the many layers of lies to get to the core of the ultimate truths.

    It would be beyond pretentious for us to claim to know all of the secrets of the universe. We don’t. Everyday we are humbled by what we don’t yet know.

    However, it is becoming clearer by the day what isn’t true. And by that measure alone, it is possible to determine if you’re one of the people beginning to wake up.

    Here are ten signs you may be fully awake:

    1. You know there’s no meaningful difference between major political parties (Democrats and Republicans): It’s so easy to get caught up the left-right debate and believe there’s a difference between the two major political parties. However, debate is one thing, while actions are another. By their deeds you shall know them, and it is indisputable that there is no significant difference between political parties when it comes to action on the most important issues. Even hardened ideologues like John Cusack are beginning to wake up.

    2. You understand that the Federal Reserve, or international central banking more broadly, is the engine of our economic problems: Debt slavery is the totalitarian force that threatens all of humanity, not some temporary political puppet or some greedy Wall Street trader. When a small group of people have the ability to create wealth out of nothing and charge interest on it, they have the ability to enslave the planet to their ownership despite what type of government a country claims to have.

    3. You know that preemptive war is never necessary: When we realize that self-defense is the only acceptable form of violence, then we become awakened human beings. To suggest war because someone is different from you, or they may pose a threat in the future is simply ludicrous. And when did the idea of bombing civilians become humanitarian? No one wants war except for the immoral creeps that benefit from it.

    4. You know that you’re being systematically poisoned, how, by whom, and why: Admittedly, there’s a lot to learn in terms of how we are secretly being poisoned. But the fact remains that we are being systematically poisoned, and it is likely for the deliberate purpose of dumbing us down and, ultimately, culling the population. Who could believe anyone is so evil to do that to innocent people, you may ask. Well, once you begin to seek the answer to that question, you’re one step closer to enlightenment.

    5. You understand that government can never legislate morality, nor should they: When you realize the role of government is only to protect your liberty and work for the well being of the citizens, you’re awakened. There should be one simple law regulating morality: Do no harm. Thus, it’s impossible for the government to enforce morality with guns, cages, and taxes because those clearly cause severe harm to your liberty and our well-being.

    6. You know that the mainstream media is wholly owned and manipulated by the ruling elite: A dwindling number of people still actually believe what they hear coming from the establishment media as if it’s gospel, even when they already accept that they are bought and paid for by the elite controllers. Yet, recognizing that they are nothing more than a propaganda machine and a form of mind control are the first steps in being able to critically think beyond the scientific messaging they broadcast.

    7. You know that your neighbors are not your enemy even if you have fierce ideological disagreements: This is perhaps the most difficult thing to overcome in the awakening process. But it’s vital to understand that your neighbors have been indoctrinated and hypnotized like the rest of the us, until someone helps shine a light on inconsistencies in our thoughts and beliefs. Most of their ideas are not their own. They are suffering just like the rest of us. It’s okay to condemn their actions if they’re harmful, but those who are awake will not give up on spreading information that can enlighten those who might still be in the dark. None of us were born “awake” and all of us can learn even more.

    8. You know that the endgame is one-world control of planet Earth: Once you understand that the endgame for the ruling elite is to have complete control of all vital facets of society through a global government, one-world currency, international armed forces, and so on, it is simple to see through the lies and propaganda surrounding even the most confusing world events. You will never go back to sleep when you fully accept this reality.

    9. You recognize that there are esoteric powers manipulating our physical world: Whether you’re a religious or spiritual person, scientific or just plain curious, there are many theories about an invisible force at play in all of this. Obviously it’s impossible to prove exactly what it is. You may not want to believe it, but the ruling elite takes their occult rituals deadly serious. And they likely know something we don’t. Just by keeping an open mind about this possibility, you’ll forever keep an open mind about the things we can actually see, hear, taste and touch. Current science has shown that we can only “see” what the visible light spectrum reveals, which amounts to the tiniest fraction of all that can theoretically be seen within the full spectrum of energy. Part of any awakening is realizing that there is much more that is possible than impossible.

    10. The power to change the world rests with you and you alone: For too long people have believed themselves to be weak, or relied on others to change the world for them. You’ll know that you’re fully awake when you realize that you have infinite power to change the world by simply living the change you want to see. First, you have to identify the principles that you believe in and then go out and live by them. If just a small minority took steps to do this, it would shake the establishment to its core.

    What kind of world do you want to live in?

    ~Our Own Government,is Our Own Enemy~

    • Spiff November 15, 2012, 9:03 pm

      D.Gar. Good effort buddy. But way to intense for most of the narrow minded on here.

  • JohnS November 14, 2012, 12:33 pm

    I haven’t taken the time (yet) to ready all of the replies and notions and retoric, etc. I read one article/opinion piece in the Cincinnati Enquirer.|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

    Here’s the gist of the story…..”We were told that we, the millennial generation of voters 32 and under, weren’t going to have an impact on this election, that we weren’t excited, that we didn’t matter. Boy, were they wrong.
    Statistics prove just how wrong they were: In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia (80 electoral votes total), if President Barack Obama’s majority in the youth vote were instead a 50/50 split, each state would go from blue to red. And Mitt Romney would be the new president.

    I was stunned to say the least. The right only had to sway one element….the youth. If you get a chance to read the newspaper article…you’ll see that the two groups headlined in the article….were partially funded by Mr. Soros and the Tides Foundation and many others of the same persuasion. They…understood where to hit…and hit hard….we didn’t have a clue……didn’t even try to buy a vowel. I hope this is all taken into consideration for next time…if there is a “next” time.

    • Administrator November 14, 2012, 12:47 pm

      Oh please. If you have a guarantee 30% ftard liberal voters and another 20% on medicaid and food stamps, what’s that add up to? Almost a billion wasted on campaign ads? Maybe?

  • Houndman November 14, 2012, 12:11 pm

    The quote “gun loving” has got to go. As an NRA member, former Marine and current LE peace officer, I handle and have handled firearms for all of my life. But that kind of quote is exactly what puts a bad light on firearm ownership IMHO. My dad told me one time when I was younger, don’t become fascinated with guns, they are tools. I took that to heart as I fully came to understand that. I watch hunting shows where after the kill the hunter is acting like a jackass. Fire arms are a tool of freedom,personal dignity and protection, and a means for survival. But the opposition takes all of the little things like gun “loving” president and use that against us. And they seem to be gaining an upper hand.

  • Kent Christen November 13, 2012, 8:30 pm

    Did you miss the part during the second debate where Obama said he was in favor of a new “assault weapons” ban?

    I know I didn’t imagine it, several of us talked about it. You might want to stick to stuff you actually understand.

  • Scott Mayer November 13, 2012, 7:07 pm

    LOL, PH! You beat the record. 🙂

    • Administrator November 13, 2012, 7:45 pm

      yea it’s been a persistent bunch lmao. Rain, mud, mosquitoes, 100% humidity all summer long out shooting guns to write about and the article everyone wants to read took two hours and I almost didn’t post it. Go figure.

  • W November 13, 2012, 4:41 pm

    Let’s not forget we still have 30 Republican governors, most of whom have Republican legislatures, and out of whom the future Republican candidate will come. We also have a Republican House and some Blue-Dog Democrats. MAKE THEM EARN THEIR PAY. We also have the right of referendum in some states.

  • Hank November 13, 2012, 4:34 pm

    Does anyone out there want to talk about guns?

    • Administrator November 13, 2012, 5:17 pm

      Oh heaven forfend lol. Apparently none of them can make the 4th grade reading level that the article requires, because it has little to do with anything but guns.

  • Mark Hadley November 13, 2012, 3:42 pm

    There’s been an upswing in ammo sales around here, and a slight increase in gun sales, but I haven’t seen any raise in prices, at least not yet. Maybe everybody here has what they need, I don’t know. I’ve had an AR for sale for several weeks and just lowered the price by $25 this week. Still got it. I don’t doubt that increased demand will raise prices, but it hasn’t happened around here (Northeast Louisiana) yet. Matter of fact, a pawn shop owner GAVE me some 7.62x54r today. It’s old, corrosive ammo, but he could have charged something for it.

  • al sanwick November 13, 2012, 2:51 pm

    The ignorance of people knows no bounds. He has already instituted long gun registration along the border (I live in NM) He did it without congress and in violation of the equal protection clause !!! He stated in the second debate that he wants to bring back the gun ban. He has shown that he considers the congress and the constitution nothing more then things he has to figure out a way around and he will do it through regulation. He can put any regulations he wants in through the ATF, Homeland Security, the DEA WITHOUT congressional approval. Remember these words. “After the election when I have more flexibility…”

  • Charles November 13, 2012, 12:34 pm

    What does awaiting moderation mean?

    • Administrator November 13, 2012, 1:26 pm

      It means you probably sounded like a prick so we didn’t get it go through.

      • Charles November 13, 2012, 4:06 pm

        Administrator, Pro_18:13

  • Charles November 13, 2012, 12:07 pm

    I read a large number of your comments and found at least a grain of truth in all of them. But, this has become a country divided because that is the way politicians are elected. When you call each other degrading and insulting names you play right into the political foolish that has become American politics. Remember we are all in this boat together and some will have to row and some man the pumps if we are to see America’s ship become as great as those who died for it expected us to make it. I am a conservative, with Libertarian leanings, but I assure you when I express my thoughts I do not do so because I hate liberals.

  • John November 13, 2012, 11:04 am

    The map on this site is BS…Tell the truth…more people will take you seriously.

    • Administrator November 13, 2012, 12:18 pm

      It is a by county map, and it is real.

  • Warren Otte November 13, 2012, 3:29 am

    I respectfully disagree with your editorial. Here are some facts:

    1. Mitt Romney is the one that is moving jobs that belonged to hard-working Americans – to China, or wherever the race to the bottom is the quckest reward – to Wall Street.
    2. I do not belong to the NRA. I do not belong to them (I quit them) when they advocated that it was everyone’s right to buy Kevlar-piercing ammunition. I enjoyed fishing with my San Jose Policeman neighbor, while the NRA says it’s OK to allow deer hunters to buy ammo to kill cops?
    3. Yes, I hunt, own guns, own land, shoot trap, pheasants, one deer, and one elk.
    4. Go study the cause of the long lines in Florida’s elections. My sources, (TRMS and others) point to the continued voter suppression, multiple-page ballots, not enough places to vote, and on and on.
    5. Do the math on the dollars paid to citizens for social networks, versus the hundreds of billions, if not trillions, paid to the military-industrial complex.
    6. I like your store. However, your political tone will automatically turn off over half of the possible customers before we get to whether I want to spend any money with someone who annoys me a lot, and will tell you why.

    Warren Otte

    • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 9:28 am

      Warren, the problem with do-gooder ‘righteous’ opinions is that opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one.
      And usually they’re all full of shit. Unless you wipe your ass at least by understanding some reality and trying to get the facts straight before you allow your brain farts turn to Hershey squirt out your pie hole, keep them to yourself. Or least know what you are disagreeing with in this article. What nonsense are to try to say between teeth turds jamming your verbiage?

      Where do you get in that #2 implication that the NRA wants to see your fishing buddy cop get his vest penetrated by an AP bullet? Almost any rifle bullet will penetrate a typical LEO vest—you know, like the .270 you hunt with? You want that banned. And even if it somehow didn’t penetrate the kinetic energy would be enough to kill by blunt trauma. And what about a little .22 long rifle bullet hitting a non vested area like the head? Are you going to quit subscribing to life because NRA ‘says’ it’s okay to not wear a kevlar vest on your face?

  • AD Roberts November 13, 2012, 2:30 am

    YOu made the WRONG assumption. The voters were there. The problem was simply that NO ONE was looking over the shoulders of the election computer programmers. The nation was angry and upset. They voted. But the machines were programmed to turn many if not all of the votes for Romney into votes for Obama.

    The communists have taken charge. And since they control the judges and government bureaucrats, the overwhelming odds are that the only way to stop them will be with extreme prejudice.

    I would suggest that SOMEONE get REALLY busy investigating the votes, including polling 100% of the people in variouse polling districts as to how they voted. Then compare that to the election results.

  • John November 13, 2012, 12:40 am

    I’m new here today. I feel like I have really been missing something. the article was very good but some of the comments are very good as well. The executive orders and the UN treaty are quite scary on their own but I think they are probably the only real and immediate chances for the grabbers to attain any headway. I pray that we have the people we need in order to take them down.
    I think the ideas about secession this week are eye opening. It shows much discomfort on the street with the federal controls. I think it is much more than gun control and health care and taxes. Conservatives and people who are thinkers about their lives in general are tired of the intrusions and lackluster performance by all the government agencies.

  • F McCarty November 12, 2012, 10:23 pm

    Be aware and be smart safety is in numbers. Not in government.

  • F McCarty November 12, 2012, 10:20 pm

    Jack N Meovslo

    They do have one thing in common the office the hold so the joke is on you. Gun people should unite under that cover and the NRA should not be the only voice.

  • Hydrashokk November 12, 2012, 9:36 pm

    this article was such garbage. very biased and misinformed. i wish i can go back in time and not have read this.

    we really should be focusing on guns and ammo on this site and spare these knuckleheads the responsibility of writing political commentary. this article was just as bad as the last one which was telling us Americans to “hold our noses” and vote for Mitt Romney. oh please! what pure crap that was! this one ain’t any better.

  • Mike November 12, 2012, 8:53 pm

    News report from July 6, 2012:

    “The United States will not allow the United Nations to impose any restrictions on Americans’ gun rights, the Obama administration declared”.

    Dr. Nordstrom’s first rule of debate: “It is difficult to win an argument when your opponent is unencumbered with a knowledge of the facts”.

    • Gladiator November 13, 2012, 11:12 am

      Mike, that declaration by Obama was made PRIOR to the election…..a campaign ploy, or didn’t you notice?

  • Jack N Meovslo November 12, 2012, 8:33 pm

    Q. What do all of the current leaders of our government have in common with Lincoln and Kennedy?
    A. Nothing yet!

  • harlan November 12, 2012, 8:28 pm

    Give me a Break….The author of this low grade ill informative and counter intuitive article needs a broom and a hallway to clean….I can’t believe that the editors of G. Of Am. allow this type of whining and sniffling to prevail. “M” is dead on and scores in the 10 ring with his comments.

    • ANNOYED November 13, 2012, 4:43 am

      The only one here that “gets it “

  • Gregory Newman November 12, 2012, 7:50 pm

    & within 24 hours of being re-elected he started talks with the UN again. They are coming after our guns, they wont find most of them & we will defend our selves from them. If he appoints 1 to 2 more supreme court judges we lose all around. I will be purchasing at least 2 more guns now as they were on my list anyways. This will just make me buy them for sure now.

  • KenH November 12, 2012, 7:36 pm

    Where do I start, Entitled (Those who cannot for any reason physically or mentally hold a Job and be a productive part of Soceity) Some people think the Government OWES them a Living and want to sit on their behinds and let the Government take care of them while they Sit home playin with their Wii. Can our guns be taken away yes will they. I don’t know but I’m not really thinking they wont try. Any Veteran served his country IS entitled to receive his benefits But with a Trillion Dollar Defense budget cut I wonder how many of those “Benefits” will be still there. As far as Romney being a “top dog elitist” well in EVERY debate he said simply if you listened we need to get people back to work and those people Pay Taxes and THAT will drop the defecit (If you didnt hear him say that you didnt listen well because it was said a NUMBER of times in every debate.) In Florida there was one woman in the News saying flat out ‘Obama OWES her son a College Education??? OWES?????? I got mine the Old fashioned way Paid for it MYSELF by working Hard. and as far as an US vs Them yeah look at this whole column of replies we cant even agree here and we are all part of a group that wants to keep OUR Second Amendment Rights. America will recover when people that are just flat out lazy will get off their collective behinds and stop asking “Please Sir may I have More” and go earn a damn Living. Here’s a Final thought, How do you open a Country for Invasion? Divide its People, Disarm them, Drop the Military Strength, and Give Free Passage to those that want to just walk in here. Makes you wonder huh? So Obama is being Santa Claus?? well then Dear Santa: I want a Democratic Soceity and a Strong Country that doesnt live off loans from Foriegn soil. that is all

  • Jim Schmitt November 12, 2012, 7:35 pm

    You’ve got to be off your rocker. You continue with the misguided notion that everyone is after your guns. NOTHING IS FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Keep up the ridiculous innuendo and only the top 1% will be able to afford a fire arm. All you are succeeding in doing is creating false demand and driving up the prices for the sportsman to the benefit of the manufacturers and dealers.

    • Damon November 13, 2012, 1:22 am

      Thus the transfer of wealth upward continues . . .

  • C.D.Boch November 12, 2012, 7:30 pm

    Well, I am a supporter of the second amendment and I also voted for Obama. Truth is I wouldn’t vote for this Republican party to lead our government if the offered me a free ride for the rest of my life! I admired John McCain and wanted to vote for him in 2000 until GW stole the nomination. The McCain of 2008 was a different (and compromised) man. He and spent too much time kissing too many butts to get that nomination. Grover Norquest, Jim DeMint, The Koch brothers and every other nutter who now calls the party home. Do I like Obama? No, not really. He’s just another no-vision, moderate, bureaucrat. BUT he’s a damn site better that GW ever was. Why were we in Iraq? Why did our executive branch sanction torture? Why the hell did we squander a balanced budget on a tax give away, mostly to the rich? Why the “Patriot Act”? Why do we have and even bigger bloated federal government after GW than before? So you want a guy who has even LESS vision than Obama? Why, just because he’s white? If Gingrich or Ron Paul had won the nomination, the Republicans might have had my vote, but that ain’t gonna happen and you know it. BTW, what exactly has Obama done to your guns? Concealed carry laws were expanded in the last four years, carrying in National Parks was approved. Wow, pretty radical agenda there.

  • F McCarty November 12, 2012, 7:28 pm

    Rob Gonzalez ,

    Sir you are the most astute of all with your statement this is about firearm availability,accessability,and affordability. It seems that the manufacturers have lost perspective as well as the consumers. Who is in control
    Consumers or manufacturers. Resellers are stuck without product and consumers are looking at the resellers. Companies like Keltec who I love needs to get busy and consumers need to learn to reload and I don’t mean to change your magazine or load your revolver. The shooting community should demand reloading facilities next to every range you shouldn’t shoot if you don’t know something about the bullet which without a bullet a gun is worthless. Doing this would help the environment,educate the firearms community,and promote comradery among real shooters. Thanks for focusing.

    • Damon November 13, 2012, 1:20 am

      Well said, sir. One cannot consider oneself a shooter or gun enthusiast without a working knowledge of ballistics and reloading.

  • Mike November 12, 2012, 7:26 pm

    Several months ago, as an NRA Life Member, I wrote to Wayne LaPierre to ask why my NRA was attacking President Obama and supporting Governor Romney when Mr. Obama is the first president in recent history to expand gun rights by signing a bill allowing concealed carry in National Parks, while Governor Romney signed a bill banning so called “assault weapons” in Massachusetts. I received no reply.

  • Loren November 12, 2012, 5:56 pm

    Oh brother, what a bunch of criers. Get use to it, because this was long coming. Oh better do something about it if you don’t like it.

  • F McCarty November 12, 2012, 5:16 pm

    All who hate where we are right now are doomed to be sad forever. You vote these people in office whether they have value or not. Look face it (bush) did not show his face during this election. That has not happened in all of my voting years.where was his great legacy that we should have been proud of. Oh I forgot lies overspending stealing from social security, besides two wars that were unreasonable. Great legacy. However Clinton showed up for the opposition. The Republican party the democratic party are both parties that really didnt invite working people to the party, and haven’t for years. Yet off to the poles we go. I wonder of your last 6 presidents how many worked on a real necessary job. We have the means to being great but people seem to race toward that which is superficial and self distructive. Racism is displayed in most of this whole dialogue. Yet none who display this behavior have a clue they only see the president as black and the only people that haven’t earned their place in this country are black. Receiving government checks. If that was the case welfare and these so called give aways would long been have been eliminated. That’s right enslave a people disenfranchise them in any way so that even smaller minority groups buy into it and it’s their fault. Stupid and non productive. The author was right in one thing for sure. He called the inner city dwellers PERMANENT VICTIMS you are right they are permanent victims. permanent victims of not only crime but a society that is determined to keep them permanent victims. It truly seems that by now the people in this nation would not tolerate intolerable conditions.PERMANENTLY!!!! It is rediculous to think that we elect officials that only perpetuate and endorse exclusion. But we do. Besides all who punch a clock and pinch there pennies are not middle class. They are working class and that is not a bad class to be in. Unless it is not profitable. And as long as taxes are excluded only to people that work it will never be profitable. We come here with nothing and leave with less because our dreams are taken away.

  • Rob Gonzalez November 12, 2012, 5:15 pm

    As I have observed how these gun and ammo websites have been gouging us with ridiculous prices on both guns and ammo I can’t help think there is also a huge element of greed in this mess. Manufacturers don’t have to charge the prices they do to resellers. If anything, due to the huge demands, their costs have gone down. The more of a product you produce the less expensive the production gets. So part of this “panic” buying price increase is nothing but sheer greed because they know they can get what they want for their products. I propose a total boycott on the purchase of guns and ammo for a three month period. These manufacturers will lose their shirts as the law of supply and demand will drive prices down to fair values. This is the only way they will stop gouging us. However, a boycott must be planned so folks can purchase the ammo they need (no guns). Then we hit them where it hurts the most, in their greedy pockets.

  • Paeton November 12, 2012, 4:44 pm

    BeanBuster is right, our house doesnt have to approve or dissapprove, this is a treaty in which Obama can simply sign his name, and all our rights away. Look up Agenda21, and keep up with the U.N. treaty.

    P.S. just in case you people werent aware, Obama postponed the original meating so that he could keep the NRA off his back during the election campaign, and immediately started talks with the U.N. about the treaty immedaitely after winning his re-election. I’d recommend getting prepped quick, and if you dont believe it? cool, stay blind and remain another statistic you sheep.

  • Dan November 12, 2012, 4:19 pm

    M you summarized the feelings many American’s have and I believe the only thing we will be able to say in a few years is ” I told you so”.

  • Jeff B November 12, 2012, 4:16 pm

    For many of you, you need to fact check these extreme right wing anti Obama emails you get. You will find in 100% of the cases that your anti Obama rants are not based on any reality. Obama ran a campaign that was inclusive and told us that things are not good, but they are getting better. In fact it was Romney who ran a campaign of “Santa Clause” promising us 12 million jobs, (HOW?) Cutting the deficit and balancing the budget with TAX CUTS. (HOW?) In fact Romney has been selling Americans out to China his entire business career. Here are some FACTS: GDP is UP 2%. Obama let the assault gun ban die, Romney signed it into law forever in Massachusetts, we are drilling more oil than ever. Today’s report says we will outproduce Russia and the Saudi Arabia by 2017. Job growth is up with 450,000 private sector jobs created. Prior to the election, stocks and the DOW were the highest in history. Corporate Profits are the highest in history. If you wanted, guns,oil. jobs, and growing economy, Obama has been delivering and Romney flip flopped his way to promising everything to everyone with no plan that made ANY mathematical sense at all except to a guy that KNOW how to bankrupt a company and still make money off of it. Romney was not no fan to “gun people” in fact he was an enemy to “gun people.”

  • M November 12, 2012, 3:34 pm

    Wow! It surprises me that the author is so ill-informed and naive. I agree with him up until he talks about gun-control. Obama’s whole purpose is to follow “Cloward Piven” and destroy our economy, then our constitution (look it up folks). Also reference the movie 2016 by Dinesh D’Sousa. Read the book The Amature. That’s only three examples. Tons of information is out there for us to see. Do your homework! Obama’s purpose is to bring the US to it’s knees. The only way he can effectively do this is to destroy our constitution and make it irrelevant. Obama has bypassed congress numerous times already and is doing everything in his power to make congress a thing of the past. He will appoint, at least, two more anti-gun liberal judges on the supreme court during his second term, yes. But they may not have to be the ones to take away our second amendment. It has only held on by a mere thread of a vote of 5 to 4 the last go around, so they absolutely could take it away, yes, but they may not have to be the instrument of it’s demise. The author has not done his homework. Obama will soon commence in the dismantling of our remaining liberties and freedoms by destroying the constitution. He has signed well over 200 executive orders already, bypassing congress completely, while the closest president to that number only signed around 10. He has put everything in place to become King Obama, negating the constitution. The author’s attempt to sound learned and wise about this subject is the very method with which the left has undermined this country. One little bit of misinformation at a time. One step at a time towards building a misinformed and ignorant voting populace. In no way am I attacking the author personally, I am only saying that his facts are wrong. Dead wrong. Mark these words. Obama, via the UN, will come after the guns, and sooner than later. The NRA stated that Obama may make a move as early as March to put in place UN policy that will end up in gun confiscation. Obama and Hilary Clinton are working as hard as they can to abolish the sovereignty of this country and allow the UN to rule over us. Anyone who believes otherwise is simply missing the view that’s out there for all to see. Open one’s eye and see. Open one’s ears and hear. We are loosing our country and the author has done disservice to the United States of America by asking everyone to remain apathetic about our diminishing liberties and freedoms. It’s time to stand up and fight back through any and all legal channels. Don’t listen to me, or the author, but do your own homework. The information is out there. I fear, however, that it already may be too late for this country. The “electorate”, and I use that term with distain, has learned that they can vote themselves a paycheck, an “Obamaphone”, birth-control, food-stamps, the ability to kill innocent unborn people, the list goes on and on. It is excruciatingly sad and I am in mourning for my country. The United States of America, as our founding fathers intended, may have died November 6, 2012. We just may not know it yet. I pray I’m wrong…but what if I’m right?

    • ANNOYED November 13, 2012, 4:48 am

      Thank You M i stand with you………. but i WILL NOT let it die without a fight…

    • JSG November 13, 2012, 11:04 pm

      I happen to agree most heartedly with “M” the above writer. The info is out there if one care’s about their country enough to find out more. The other day I received an e-mail stating that Obama’s next step is the taking away of purchasing of guns and amunition.Also if you own a gun he is in process of forming teams to go to your home and search for guns. If you don’t voluntarily hand your gun or guns and amunition over to them,they will take them and you in custody. I believe the orders to do this will come from the U.N.. This is fully backed and supported by George Soros and Mayer of New York Bloomberg.
      As far as the Constitution goes he fully intends to bring the United States to HER knees and Crown HIMSELF KING OF THESE UNITED STATES. For all of you out that have voted for Obama, January 2013 will be an eye opener to all of you when you get hit with all the new tax laws that are in the so called Health Care Law. One that will take effect in Jan, 2013 is all Welfare type checks and other types of monies supposedly going to the needy by check will be reduced by 50%. You will receive 50% less in your checks than what you now receive. This is your gift for the new year,these checks will be reduced each year until their is nothing to give you.

  • B. Walker November 12, 2012, 3:21 pm

    You are spreading falsehood with this “us” bs. Nearly everyone receive some form of government entitlement such as: G.I. Bill, Social Security Disability, Social Security–Retirement & Survivors, Unemployment Insurance, Home Mortgage Interest Deduction, Student Loans, Veterans Benefits, Medicare, Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, Pell Grants, Hope or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit. Head Start
    SSI–Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, Welfare/Public Assistance, Government Subsidized Housing, Food Stamps, just a few of the government entitlements.

    It is amazing that a few of you play on the the weakness of the rest and convince them to go against their own best interest. AMAZING!

  • CIA November 12, 2012, 2:36 pm

    bueno el estado tiende a su fortaleza aunque su poder proceda del corazon de Avalon, en un expectro Brama perdido esto será realidad, el colapso es posible más bien probable, por cierto en Europa esas pildoras costarian al cambio 2O $ y un seguro de accidentes 8O$.

  • fastbone November 12, 2012, 2:29 pm

    Folks, if the blog’s purpose is to look out for 2nd amendment rights, the above article has some merit, though a bit misstated. Its thesis is put forth in the title. The idea is that in our modern, 24 hr/day “news”, blogosphere world more than in any before, appearances/image do matter. The author, I believe, had the message that those of us wishing to preserve our right to bear/own arms need to maintain perspective and not become too strident in our calls for opposition to the anti-gun interests. He, at the same time, tries to tell us that the attack will not come as a frontal assault, at least not initially. Constant and persistent pressure upon elected officials seems warranted, and an attitude of vigilant mistrust as well. Whether he meant to do so or not, the author wholly distracted the readers with the first two paragraphs away from the central topic. Economic policy and it’s social motivations are too broad a set of topics to allow for blog-based meaningful discussion. But that is irrelevant. Those of us wanting to stand for our 2nd amendment rights, need to recognize that no matter how you look at it, short or long term, these rights are endangered, simply because they do not fit in with the pattern other developed countries are following. Likewise, we need to realize that mixing this concern with the type of socioeconomic banter and the resultant bickering it engenders (see above) makes us sound too strident, and “unattractive”. Having pro 2nd amendment folks lumped with other groups with an axe to grind will not help us, unless that group happens to already command a majority of favorable public opinion. The 2nd amendment rights question is momentous enough that it should stand on its own.

  • b barnett November 12, 2012, 2:12 pm

    ……… . . . . “those who want to work hard”? Go down to an unemployment office. …..”those who wouldn’t”? See Willard & the investment class. Having that hypocrite showcase the wonders of hard work is a big part of why blue collars didn’t all swallow the crap this year!

    • Damon November 13, 2012, 1:09 am

      Yep, guys who work hard to make $60-100K per year don’t have a lot of sympathy for a political candidate whose main concern is that the tax rate on capital gains doesn’t exceed 15% . . .

  • nealrawls November 12, 2012, 2:09 pm

    I’m a gun owner and a member of NRA. But, I’m a disabled veteran and am now old enough to collect social security. Does that make me a moocher? Is this the way you want to split America? Is this the way you want to define your support.

  • Charlemagne November 12, 2012, 2:08 pm

    Christen Bowers-it’s a little premature for you to start crowing that society” going FORWARD, NOT BACK, so get used to it”. If you are a “61-yr old female, you have been around long enough to see that the pendulum has swung both ways on issues like patriotism, drugs and the death penalty as well as gun control! Remember often times the old ways are the old ways because they are the best ways!

  • Mario Reyes November 12, 2012, 2:06 pm

    The largest proportion of the takers are in red states. Most of the poverty in the US is in red states. Red states get more money back from the federal government for taxes paid than they forward to the federal government. Simply put if Mississippi sends $1.00 to the federal government they get back $1.25. This varies from state to state and year to year. California sends $1.00 to the federal government and receives .56 cents in return.
    The economic engines of the US are the blue states the red states are typically in the bottom 25 states.
    It is ironic that Romney was worried about the takers considering that a large proportion of them live in red states and are not black, brown or green.
    Anyone can look this stuff up themselves by making some effort. If your just going to believe what the talking heads say just because it reinforces your perceptions that is foolish and doomed to failure and irrelevance.
    The paranoia that “their coming to get your guns” is more dramatic than a drag queen with a broken nail. It is not going to happen. It only takes one secret hold by a Senator to stop it. I encourage all of my liberal friends to buy weapons and take them shooting. Those same people are the ones who will swell the numbers of gun owners. They will accept some reasonable actions regarding gun ownership. Sadly the tendency of the “right” gun folks to cannibalize any one in their number who disagrees will result in continuing to alienate people in their group and absolutely alienate liberal gun owners.
    I do not belong to the NRA because it s leaders act like drag queens with a broken nail. The “leadership” needs to change to attract people like me and my friends and it needs to keep it’s politics focused solely on gun rights nothing else.

  • Steve November 12, 2012, 2:01 pm

    The imminent threat is not the President or the Congress directly, but the UN Arms Treaty, and it is the vehicle by which Obama and UN will eventually control all guns and disarm our nation.

    • Craig November 12, 2012, 2:09 pm

      Nicely said!

    • M November 12, 2012, 3:36 pm

      You’re absolutely right!!!

  • G Myers November 12, 2012, 1:53 pm

    I didn’t sign up for your blog to read Republican talking points. President Obama has not pressed ANY legislation to restrict gun rights. I am a liberal who owns eleven guns in the red state of Arizona and I am not in fear of my weapons being taken away. When you stop spouting right wing hooey I will return to your blog, but until you do you have lost a reader.

    • Craig November 12, 2012, 2:18 pm

      My question to you is why cant you see what is happening right as we speak. Do you not want to question what seems to be happening?. I don’t want this to happen either, but with the U.N.’s continual push to mandate “small arms” (especially with the U.S.) and with the two latest “additions” to the U.S. Supreme court I cannot sit here and not question “what could be the underlying motive”. I call it as I see it, a duck is a duck.

  • Craig November 12, 2012, 1:41 pm

    Independent Journal Review
    Clueless: Obama Voters Know Nothing About Government Clueless: Obama Voters Know Nothing About Government
    Obama endorses UN Arms Trade Treaty: Massive gun control effort underway Obama endorses UN Arms Trade Treaty: Massive gun control effort underway
    Employers react to Obama victory …by cutting jobs Employers react to Obama victory …by cutting jobs

    2012 News
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    Obama endorses UN Arms Trade Treaty: Massive gun control effort underway
    Kevin Danielsen November 10, 2012 11:52 am

    It didn’t take but mere hours from Barack Obama’s victory speech, as the confetti was still being swept off the floor, for the reelected President to make a late night phone call giving a full and hearty endorsement of the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Reuters reports that the backdoor gun control conversation, which was shot down earlier this year, is about to make a grand comeback at the UN. It is fully expected to pass:

    Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama was re-elected, the United States backed a U.N. committee’s call on Wednesday to renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $70 billion global conventional arms trade.

    Naysayers simply state that the UN Arms Trade Treaty has more to do with controlling the flow of guns into rogue, third-world nations, than restricting the 2nd Amendment. However, that doesn’t appear to be the language in the last draft. The New American writes:

    Section III, Paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Programme of Action mandate that if a member state cannot get rid of privately-owned small arms legislatively, then the control of “customs, police, intelligence, and arms control” will be placed under the power of a board of UN bureaucrats operating out of the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs.

    Obviously, the Obama administration is just itching to pass this monstrosity through the UN. Once that happens, the UN itself says that they are mandated to take control of ‘customs, police, intelligence, and arms control’. Who do you think will not comply with this treaty in any form? The states and the citizenry.

    In addition, The New American has an interesting analysis on another part of the treaty, which says that it is the responsibility for the member state to use gun sniffing technologies; technologies that the DHS has already unveiled:

    In order to assist these blue-helmets and their disarmament overlords in their search and seizure of this ammunition, Section III, Paragraph 10 mandates that member states develop technology to improve the UN’s ability to detect stockpiles of ammo and arms.

    This brings to mind the imminent deployment by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of portable invisible lasers developed by Genia Laboratories (a company created by CIA offshoot In-Q-Tel) that can detect even trace amounts of gun powder from over 50 yards away. The laser reportedly can penetrate walls, glass, and metal. DHS is scheduled to take possession of the devices later this month, according to testimony presented on Capitol Hill late last year.

    Perhaps the most interesting part about The New American’s analysis is that the ‘shot heard round the world’, the battle that began the American War for Independence, was begun when a government power from overseas decided that it was a good idea to go after a stockpile of arms. That didn’t turn out so well for the power from overseas, and ultimately, American independence was won from the war that followed.

    • Craig November 12, 2012, 1:52 pm

      I am not one for conspiracies, but the righting is on the wall. I hope that Americans do not fall victims to a complete gun ban like so many other freedom loving nations have! We can not afford to give up any God giving rights to any outside force of foreigners. Or to a Tyrannical U.S. Government!

  • W November 12, 2012, 1:32 pm

    I have found we must not preach to anyone, only educate in a polite and friendly manner the failed history of gun control and the undeniable reality of responsible and legal gun ownership, always cognizant that we are constantly under attack and must be active in defending our rights, by quoting fact and being friendly to all that want input. We must combat the stereotype that we are just “a bunch of uneducated redneck nuts who need to disappear” and emphasize responsible gun ownership is a woman’s right, a civil right, and a politically correct stand for every law-abiding freedom-loving person, whether they are political or not.

  • DD November 12, 2012, 1:26 pm

    After reading some of these comments, the author makes the most sense, people who do not understand what Fast and Furious was all about and value their 2nd amendment rights are out of touch.
    People who do not understand the importance of having the Supreme Court Justices protecting the Constitution are also out of touch.
    People who do not understand that the country Greece has declared bankruptcy because there were not enough taxpayers to pay for the entitlements are also out of touch.
    What does this have to do with gun control you ask? If our country is not strong enough financially, then we do not have to have a war from an outside entity to collapse, we can collapse from within and most people that do not know how to survive on their own (those that do not believe this and believe that the government will look out for them) will not make it.
    As a woman whose father fought in WWII, I am grateful that he taught me the horrors of socialism by showing graphic photos.
    I cannot believe the hatred shown here for people that believe in the Constitution and those that express Christian opinions.
    If you did not vote and or you voted for Obama, you have contributed to the legacy of the horrors to come and only some of us know what that means, the survivors of the future horrors.
    After we financially collapse, there will be mass riots. There will be piles of rubble; the rubble will include all the news stations that lied to the sound byte morons. The other piles will be “mostly” composed of those that ignored the truth, who were consumed in their own personal selfish agenda and idealism. Unfortunately they will never know what killed them, so I guess ignorance is bliss.
    The “environmental and free contraceptive movement” will also be in the rubble melting down.
    The right wing, gun and Bible toting people, who voted for someone who did not befriend Bill Ayers (a known terrorist), know about Benghazi and allowed Muslims to kill our military men when help could have arrived with his command, quote the Muslim Koran as the only “Holy” word, act ignorant about Fast and Furious, know what a fallen hero is, expand our country’s debt for personal agendas (Solyndra), account for his anti-American, Muslim brotherhood connections for 15 years of his adult life, yes those people will survive and will not share bullets with those that …. You know the rest of the story. So maybe ignorance is not so bliss after all.
    To the person who commented above who said Obama kicked honky white azzzz, it will be your ___ in the end, the 50% or more of sound byte morons who voted for Obama or didn’t like Romney’s shirt or haircut and stayed home. When Obama commented in one of his victory speeches that we have not seen anything yet, he was right and the best was yet to come, he knows and I guarantee, his ________ will be long gone when the meltdown begins (even if it is years from now) and protected because unlike the ignorant, he knew all along, or haven’t you read his book.
    God help us.

  • simon November 12, 2012, 1:23 pm

    Great blog in as much as it garnered or effectively drew out multifacited views and concerns on the principles and concerns towards the complexities of issues which are presented to us! I read every comment and they all gave me great hope that the collective intellect of our differences is that which makes us a great America! Once again the spirit of the people is that which makes a nation great ! Unfortunately the black side to that is the reality that there are the great forces which all leaders have warned us of through history, some to their own demise.The words of Franklin , Jefferson , Jackson ,Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson , FDR,Louis Mcfadden, Kennedy, Reagan and Churchhill ,should be permanently chiseled into the stone quarry of our minds! I personally don’t think a greater understanding than that beyond Churchhills analogy is necessary……”The destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits–not animals.There is something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty.If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
    I just think it is that simple and all those who arrogantly find themselves manipulated into debating the quagmires of the complexities are missing the forest for the trees! You are overlooking the very existence of your own soul! You are overlooking the war for your soul which has been waged upon you for all of time and if you take that out of the equation,basically you dont have an equation, you have the complexity of confusion which you have been intentionally led to in order to effect the division by diversion of the culture which your root springs from, your tue enemy has successfully diverted your focus to the matelial computation of which your destiny is not measured by! For any of you who do not feel in the root of your soul that scripture fortells all that shall come to pass my heart goes out to each of you who have never experienced the clarity of the truth!
    If your enemy divides you amongst yourself ,he has defeated you without your own knowledge through the distractions of material computations from that which the ultimate claim is made upon…..
    if you are to understand the direction of destiny then you must become a scholar of scripture and regardless of whether you have an affinity to organized religion , If you have never read the truth then you have no foundation for understanding the events of the entire world which have played out before all of civilized man,
    you need to stop playing cowboys and indians and sambos and crackers and beaners and whateverand evolve to beyond each of us pointing and blaming those of the other part ,racial division is the tool of those who would deny the rights of and enslave each and every one of us , I beseech you that you must evolve on a path of spiritual enlightenent at the next level of understanding that the two party system was created by design to facilitate division through racial and class destinction of every kind and the contrivences of attraction to each and every race…………..but none of it is going to save your soul because your destiny is written and the only way to change that is to create a new truth which hasnt been written!
    Each who comment here posess their own unique identification with the power of the intellect and still as long as they remain divided they singularly serve no purpose at all…………that is a powerful revelation in its self, those who are democrat think they have achieved their singular purpose through their collective perspective and yet they all made their decision irrespectively on their singular intellect………
    whether you identify or vote as a conservative or liberal does not matter to the greater force which moves on this earth, as long as you remain equally divided you remain defeated and both paths lead to enslavement of your liberty…………you first must have an understanding of who or what is your enemy before you can place the proper armour upon your soul and on your person, castles of sand will blow in the wind,
    Stop blaming each other it only divides you further, start taking what you have a history of dismissing as fairy tales which you don’t understand or have not taken interest in and investigate whether there is more to everything than that which meets the eye look at history and learn to understand the reasons of failures of empires and civilizations you will learn that a single thread has traveled throughout time that is scientifically proven,,,,,,,finally gain an understanding that the principle and practise of usery and fractional monetary system has been used to enslave all Americans since the beginning of our history, and that the history of that is not a war between parties for control but of a war of all parties and people against the banking charter interests which have successfully controlled all of modern history over the last 300 years ! If your focus is only on the parties and elemnts of government which they created through monetary policy and bank charter then you remain blinded to the truth of history and you most definitely need a world class army to defend your liberties,
    I believe they are content with allowing you to destroy yourselves to the point you will beg for and willingly accept any austerity measures they offer you, if you are blind to the faulty global monetary policies which they employ to control the profits and resources of the world then you will never be united under a singular objective purpose which should be that of every party as Americans ……….
    you must study history and the actions of Lincoln and Kennedy for the reasons of their deaths before you will ever understand your true enemy who divides you and that your joint collective intellectual consensus should be the revision of the American monetary policy system and remove it from private contol and abolish fractional lending and issue debt free notes…….This is the answer to monetary issues and false debt created through banking charters and the reserve acts………….but do not stop there learn the history of how this has been done throughout the world to control everyones wealth and to deprive them of it!
    To be successful you will have to do all things , Return your eyes to scripture and truth, turn your eyes to history of the world and the history of our nation and yes ………
    We all must be brothers in arms against the tyranny of oppressions and enslavement and control of all our freedoms! thanks for your patience God bless and Good Luck , unite for freedom and liberty through a third party of the people united! examine your allegiances ……..if they are of things human beyond those granted to you through God then they are misplaced.

  • Mario Reyes November 12, 2012, 1:21 pm

    The largest proportion of the takers are in red states. Most of the poverty in the US is in red states. Red states get more money back from the federal government for taxes paid than they forward to the federal government. Simply put if Mississippi sends $1.00 to the federal government they get back $1.25. This varies from state to state and year to year. California sends $1.00 to the federal government and receives .56 cents in return.
    The economic engines of the US are the blue states the red states are typically in the bottom 25 states.
    It is ironic that Romney was worried about the takers considering that a large proportion of them live in red states and are not black, brown or green.
    Anyone can look this stuff up themselves by making some effort. If your just going to believe what the talking heads say just because it reinforces your perceptions that is foolish and doomed to failure and irrelevance.
    The paranoia that “their coming to get your guns” is more dramatic than a drag queen with a broken nail. It is not going to happen. It only takes one secret hold by a Senator to stop it. I encourage all of my liberal friends to buy weapons and take them shooting. Those same people are the ones who will swell the numbers of gun owners. They will accept some reasonable actions regarding gun ownership. Sadly the tendency of the “right” gun folks to cannibalize any one in their number who disagrees will result in continuing to alienate people in their group and absolutely alienate liberal gun owners.
    I do not belong to the NRA because it s leaders act like drag queens with a broken nail. The “leadership” needs to change to attract people like me and my friends and it needs to keep it’s politics focused solely on gun rights nothing else.

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 2:27 pm

      Well said. I too am a former NRA member who no longer belongs because of the reasons you stated. People should listen tht inner voice and not the talking heads. Fact check for yourself.

  • AllenQ November 12, 2012, 1:13 pm

    Heard a lot of Wolf, Wolf lately. Your article puts things in perspective. My father, who fought in WW-2, spoke of a time when the Gastopo marched down the streets of Germany to disarm the private citizen. The private gun toting citizen went underground. As Americans we are born with the right to speak freely, own a gun and to vote for the elected officials that supports these rights. The Germans didn’t have freedom of speech, the right to select who runs the country or an outspoken gentlemen like Uncle Ted Nugent and the NRA. America has a lot of bigger problems that need to be resolved. We need to focus on working together to fix the problems and stand together to protect our rights. We also need to teach the younger generation the lessons passed to us from our fathers so that history never repeats itself.

    • AllenQ November 12, 2012, 1:15 pm

      What do you mean by moderation?

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 2:20 pm

      I want to see if your uncle Ted Nugent is a man of his word. Remember, uncle Ted said that he would be leaving the counrty or be dead if president were reelected. Nobody is coming for our guns either from the outside or from within. Talk about a civil internal fight even if they try.

      • Administrator November 12, 2012, 2:27 pm

        Ted doesn’t do anything unless you pay him so I guess we will see.

        • Kansas Man November 12, 2012, 8:11 pm

          Good old Ted “I’d rather crap my pants and sit in it for a week so I don’t have to go to Vietnam” Nugent. What a great American hero you picked there sparky. Just another reason why the NRA and GOTP is out of touch with reality, they love to put cowards on a pedestal and kick the hero’s in the teeth.

  • Stephanie November 12, 2012, 1:02 pm

    It is screeds such as this that normally cause me to ignore everything that groups like the NRA and the various gun bloggers have to say about politics. You are doing the firearms community a disservice by so linking the issues of gun rights to the rest of the “conservative paranoia” machine.

    The question, for the Second Amendment lobby and supporters, should be this: Does this politician stand with us on gun issues, and if not completely, is this guy better for us than the other guy?

    That is it.

    All of the rest is a distraction and, to be blunt about it, drives away possible Second Amendment voters who may increasingly come to regard the gun rights cause as being welded to the hip with the Tea party.

    There is no reason why new gun owners (and 2nd Amendment supporters) cannot be recruited from the ranks of women, immigrant communities and minority groups. But that will not happen so long as the gun rights enthusiasts come across as a bunch of misogynistic racists.

    • AllenQ November 12, 2012, 2:34 pm

      Second amendment supporters can be anyone no matter of sex, color or greed as long as they are registered voting Americans whose rights are freedom of speech and freedom vote for their elected officials that support their views. As American, I am not joined at the hip to any Tea party. While I am not in agreement all the ideals of political groups like the NRA, I do respect their right of freedom of speech. The story passed on from my father, is the about prewar Germany, which was a racists society and where moderation of the written word was practiced. May we learn from history so that it is not repeated? Again the message is, the article was well written and cleared up a lot of crying wolf by my second supporting friends. Which I do know always agree with at voting time.

  • Morris November 12, 2012, 12:35 pm

    I am a gun owner live in the north east, love my guns and voted for Obama, nothing wrong with that. Who give you the right to suggest that Obama is going to take your gun, I don’t feel threatened

  • Dave November 12, 2012, 12:27 pm

    Captain, you are full of liberal BS, you really need to read what MacRenyolds wrote in Miller vs.US. AR15s are exactly the type of weapons the 2nd.Amendment protects. To whit;

    “The significance attributed to the term Militia appears from the debates in the Convention, the history and legislation of Colonies and States, and the writings of approved commentators. These show plainly enough that the Militia comprised all males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense. ‘A body of citizens enrolled for military discipline.’ And further, that ordinarily when called for service these men were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time.”

    See that last line? “…and of the kind in common use at the time.” If you are going to tout Constitutional law in your response please at least, be responsible enough to know what you’re talking about. In the 1790s it was muskets, now it’s AR15s.

  • Earle November 12, 2012, 12:22 pm

    I think we need improved representation at the NRA. Less hysterical, steady, grounded in reality and confident. There was a vote and I, Asa citizen as well as a member, honor the constitution. I do not make up stories like the one above. I call you out. Do you honor the constitution or do you just use it for your own reasons. Too long bullies have poorly served the NRA. Turned politics into a schoolyard fist fest.
    This is not Sons of Anarchy. This is the venerable NRA and a pale withered palsied wraith of what it once was.. I pine for the days with Elmer and Jeff. You even twist there words to make them seem to support you. Sorry boys. You got a dope slap and you were too stupid to shut your yap….. You will get more. Take your funding from Rove and buy an island off Michigan and stop insulting my country.

  • Dave November 12, 2012, 12:20 pm

    Wow! Just finished reading all this. My personal vote for Biggest-Asshat goes to Dan Wilson. A masterful bag of rationalization and obfuscation sir! You and the others like you, are a big part of the problem, not the cure. It was amazing how you even lied to yourself as you tried to rationalize voting for Obama. The Best was your ‘Affordable Healthcare’ line. I know of five men who have already lost their Employer Health Insurance because of Obamacare and it isn’t even all the way in yet! And, there is the keyword and the problem…Employer. These guys work for a living. Now, because of you and people like you, they’re paying an average of $600.00 a month to provide healthcare for their families. All so some fifth generation welfare recipient can have his/her healthcare free?

    If people want healthcare, they should get it the right way, get a job and earn it! Oh Wait! I forgot, people like you keep voting out the people who want to create jobs! Sure there’s not a lot of jobs out there, it’s mostly the fault of idiots like you who keep voting for a party that wants everybody dependent on them, not themselves. Can’t have a permanent voting base that depends on you to support them if you vote for jobs. They don’t, in the majority, want to work. Sure, there are people out there who, at one time, were working, productive citizens that now need assistance. They paid for that right with hard work and sweat. The majority didn’t.

    I remember, back in the 80s, San Diego tried a workfare for people in the city on Assistance. They weren’t going to cut off Welfare but, you had to work 20 hours a week in a job they provided to qualify for it. They only picked 1000 healthy Male recipients to test this on. Within four months or so, a full 80% of the participants dropped off the welfare rolls in San Diego, moved to another city and got back on welfare. This is fact.

    Oh Christen. I’m retired Air Force(3-1/2 years regular Air Force with a tour in Vietnam and 20 years in the Air Guard) and I’m retired after 30 years at General Electric. Barrack Obama is not the embodiment of the American Dream. I didn’t spend all that time defending my country against Socialist/Communists so you could put one in the Whitehouse. It’ll be interesting in a few years to hear your constant prattle and disallusionment when you finally realize what your ‘Starry-eyed Rump’ actually did. Maybe I’m wrong though, it’s possible I guess, that you would rather be a subject than a citizen.

  • JD November 12, 2012, 12:18 pm

    This article is the biggest crock of BS that I have heard in a very long time. I am a gun loving Independent voter that twice voted for Obama because he is a rational, thinking leader. The GOP is is sinking faster than the Titanic due to their in-ability to cope with changing society. Their battle cry is, “Get government out of our lives”, while trying to control all of the vaginas in America. They refute any scientific facts that don’t fit their “cut and paste”, codes of morality. Walk into any gun store and it’s, The Dems are going to take your guns away, meanwhile gun sales go through the roof and ammo price keep going sky high. It’s always, God says this, God says that, while ignoring the true meaning of religion. If you like being a republican, get rid of those Tea Party idiots that are bringing you all down. If they don’t like government, they should move to Haiti. No impinging laws, no government restrictions on anything, no infrastructure. They would be kissing Uncle Sam’s ass within a week of that life style.

  • alt0182 November 12, 2012, 11:52 am

    Wow, just reading some of the thread above… Have we forgotten all of our history? Hugo Chavez was voted into office… as was Adolf Hitler… These people were not “extreme right wing”, they were “National Socialists” who believed they new what was best for their people. They became dictators who ran their countries into the dirt to feed their own power-hungry desires.

    “We” always get compared to Hitler – yet we’re the ones with the “just leave us alone” attitude. The so-called “socialists” are the intolerant and hate-filled control freaks who are working to destroy everything this country was meant to be.

  • KB November 12, 2012, 11:47 am

    How can you run an anti-Obama gun control article after the 2012 election and not mention Obama supporting the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty within hours of winning the election? Really? Want to know more about the global gun control act that NRA has been vehemently fighting:,0,2655886.story

  • tharrell November 12, 2012, 11:44 am

    AJ, you are dead on. Could not have said it better myself. I would just add, where were all of these deficit hawks during GW Bush, HW Bush, and Ronald Reagon. People have the nerve to comment on political matters without being bothered to study history. Unregulated corporate, securities, and banking industries have historically lead to disaster upon our economy: savings and loan scandal, wall street crash, and recession. And Republicans (big money) are quite able to trick working class whites into voting against their own economic interests with side show distractions: abortion, gun rights, black welfare queens, strong military, Sarah Palin, racism, birther, etc, etc. Most of those who are tricked don’t even realize that whites constitute the majority on welfare and public benefits. It has always been that way and will be that way until they embrace education and training for jobs of the future. I am African American and my community needs to do the same. The days of mindless factory work are over- these jobs were shipped over seas where they can be preformed cheaper and with no concern for workers. Republicans have generally taken their profits and invested heavily into automation, computers, robots, etc. Hell, the post office in my town is completely automated now- except for mail delivery and package pickup. By the way, most corporations thrived since Obama took office- big oil out in front. This needs to stop. The country must put conditions on tax loopholes to prevent greed at the expense of the American worker. Obama’s balanced approach appears to be a sensible way to deal with this.

    Furthermore, it appears that only Northern white males understand that Republican’s desire to castrate unions to maximize greed. What’s up with the South? Southern whites need to embrace class-ism and put down their race-ism. It is really old now. Corporate greed is more of a threat to you than your misconceived notion that minority entitlements are ruining America. God Bless America.

    • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 7:02 pm

      So stupid you felt like puking it up twice.

  • tharrell November 12, 2012, 11:42 am

    AJ, you are dead on. Could not have said it better myself. I would just add, where were all of these deficit hawks during GW Bush, HW Bush, and Ronald Reagon. People have the nerve to comment on political matters without being bothered to study history. Unregulated corporate, securities, and banking industries have historically lead to disaster upon our economy: savings and loan scandal, wall street crash, and recession. And Republicans (big money) are quite able to trick working class whites into voting against their own economic interests with side show distractions: abortion, gun rights, black welfare queens, strong military, Sarah Palin, racism, birther, etc, etc. Most of those who are tricked don’t even realize that whites constitute the majority on welfare and public benefits. It has always been that way and will be that way until they embrace education and training for jobs of the future. I am African American and my community needs to do the same. The days of mindless factory work are over- these jobs were shipped over seas where they can be preformed cheaper and with no concern for workers. Republicans have generally taken their profits and invested heavily into automation, computers, robots, etc. Hell, the post office in my town is completely automated now- except for mail delivery and package pickup. By the way, most corporations thrived since Obama took office- big oil out in front. This needs to stop. The country must put conditions on tax loopholes to prevent greed at the expense of the American worker. Obama’s balanced approach appears to be a sensible way to deal with this.

    Furthermore, it appears that only Northern white males understand that Republican’s desire to castrate unions to maximize greed. What’s up with the South? Southern whites need to embrace class-ism and put down their race-ism. It is really old now. Corporate greed is more of a threat to you than your misconceived notion that minority entitlements are ruining America. Good Bless America.

  • alt0182 November 12, 2012, 11:40 am

    I take some exception to the comment: “There is no imminent threat to gun ownership of any kind.”

    With BHOs EPA trying to control ammo “due to it’s lead content” and the BHO/Clinton push to sign the UN ban on private gun ownership worldwide – there are various efforts to “back-door” firearms control.

    Build your own, buy privately, and adopt a “come and take it” attitude.

  • Brian, TX November 12, 2012, 11:39 am

    As a fundamental, Bible-based Christian, am I the only one that had concerns about a Mormon President? Don’t get me wrong–I fully support the American Right to practice whatever religion you wish. But that doesn’t mean I have to ignore facts when I vote. I am a combat Vet, and for anyone to suggest that my disability payments should be cut/questioned is good with me–WHEN 100% of ALL citizens serve a 2-3 year tour in the military when they turn 18. Less than 1% of the American population ever serves: ensuring, often with life or limb, the ability to even have this conversation.

  • captain November 12, 2012, 11:36 am

    You could not be more wrong! This is why the republican party will continue to sink to the bottom. You either have to admit your problems, or they will never get fixed. Your constant harping on entitlements are just plain wrong! First, you do not seem to mind corporate welfare. Tax breaks so generous that corporations DO NOT have to pay federal taxes. Doesn’t that bother you guys??? As far as citizens getting entitlements, those people are; seniors on social security, military retirees, active duty military, yes they are counted because they are on the pay roll and don’t pay federal taxes! When you narrow it down to the few who collect welfare, its quite small. Yes, its abused, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Fix the problem. The republicans need to get rid of out of touch people like the drug addict Rush Limbaugh, the entire tea party, Glenn Beck, and the idiot Cruz who thinks his AR15 is his American dream. Hey, Cruz, how much combat have you seen. If you want to use that AR15, GO TO AFGHANISTAN! He’s a perfect example of what’s wrong with the republicans! In fact, Mr. Romney, as governor, passed the most restrictive gun laws in the USA! Yet you support him. Why? The second amendment does NOT give you the right to an AR15, just to bear arms. You actually should only have a muzzle loader. That’s all the founding fathers had when they wrote the constitution. Speaking of anti second amendment, I can’t help but laugh at you guys that tout the 2nd amendment, but can’t separate church and state. Guys, you can’t have it both ways. Either you follow ALL the constitution, or NON of it. Don’t bring religion into the conversation of abortion!!! This country needs a two party system. Stop protecting the rich and big business and you’ll get more supporters.

    • RICK November 12, 2012, 12:48 pm

      Thank you Captain you did a very good job exspreeing my feeling on the GOP.AND I love guns in there proper us.Not an AR15 OR AK.

    • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 7:00 pm

      Tax breaks for corporations that allow them to avoid taxes. You mean like Barry’s butt buddy Imelt who runs GE? Perhaps you’re referring to the failed solar and wind companies. How about the ethanol mandate. Funny how people like you run off anyone who wants to fix the tax code as being an extremist because your precious little deduction will go away. Speaking of protecting the rich how did Solyndra work out.

      And WTF do you think bear arms means dumb ass?

  • Cruz November 12, 2012, 11:17 am

    Yeah, you go ahead and go back to sleep thinking everything is OK. While I hope you are right, I doubt you are. Feinstein and a large group of DC legislators have been bragging pre-election of their plan, and that everything is in place. You combine that mentality with the verbage of ” revenge” and “there is going to be hell to pay, and we don’t forget” coming out of these anti-2nd amendment folks in DC and you would be a fool to think they aren’t planning for disarmament. They already put a violent crime tax on firearms in Cook Co., IL. It will be interesting to see what kind of action they take next. As long as we have complete FUCKTARDS like Christen Bowers spewing their twisted rhetoric, there will be fools coming for your guns, and you can take that to the bank. Christen, my AR15 is the embodiment of my American dream.

    • Christen Bowers November 12, 2012, 11:28 am

      Cruz, not the least bit sorry I offended your ignorant delusional ass. I wear the hatred of people like you like a BADGE OF HONOR. And I also have an AR, but I’m not sitting around waiting for the Rapture like you are. Get some help. mister.

      • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 2:06 pm

        Cruz is the exact reason that the republicans lost the election. He is trapped in time while everybody else has moved on and forward. He can not take direction let alone direction form someone that is smarter and of color. If your AR 15 is the embodiment of your American dream then I feel sorry for you. When we leave this earth, I would think that leaving it a better place than when we came here would be your embodiment.

        • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:53 pm

          Better cash those food stamps lardass.

          • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 9:11 am

            Unfortunately, this so-called illusion of ‘moving forward’ might not be as it seems’. What if it eventually deteriorated to a point where there was no foodstamps AND no cash?

  • John November 12, 2012, 11:13 am

    Wow, the vitriol I had to wade through just to read this article made my head swim. The Republican party lost because it allowed itself to be hijacked by tea party wingnuts. I began a letter writing campaign 2 years ago warning every representative in the party that they were ignoring the majority and catering to extremists. I tried to warn them that there are more Republican moderates (like me), than right wing zealots. I never received a single response to any of my e-mails. You simply cannot deliberately alienate women,the middle class,union workers,and all people of color and expect to win an election. If the Republican party ever expects to win another election they had better get back to their core values and drop the hateful rhetoric. By the way, I am a 57 yr old white male, lifetime Republican, gun toting NRA member. I also reluctantly voted for Obama simply because I did not trust one word Romney had to say. And to the author, I am not a fool.

    • Cruz November 12, 2012, 11:34 am

      Yeah John, you are a fool for voting for that guy. You ignored all he has done to our country and voted for him. You can’t trust Romney heh? Tell me something Obama has promised to do and actually followed through-(With the exception of steal my hard earned money and give it to the lazy). Obama has lied, and continues to lie to your face and you are OK with that. So, John….you are a fool. You reap what you sow, and I am pretty sure you are not going to like the harvest. Obama preached accountability, and transparency. We are about 180 degrees from that. And I think you are really off base with the Tea Party. The Tea Party was actually hijacked by the Republican party to calm it down. People were pissed off John, and they were making waves in DC because they had power, and the political machine was in danger so it lured them in and transformed them. Good luck John, you are going to need it, and thanks to people like you I am going to need it too.

  • Christen Bowers November 12, 2012, 10:53 am

    Your article shows that you belong to that segment of society I call the fundamentalist right=wing fringe. You are out of touch with reality. If you want to hear the truth, stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and start watching the Rachel Maddow Show every night on MSNBC. Your party is MIRED IN THE PAST, and has truly become the party of old ignorant envious bitter white men (and women). I am a liberal 61-yr old female and a true gun nut. Grew up watching Roy Rodgers and John Wayne and all that. I also spent about a 25-yr stretch of my life as a fundamentalist Christian, so I know exactly how ya’all think. Thank God I was finally smart enough to return to my true child’s wisdom and am now free of all that nonsense. Barack Obama is the literal embodiment of that elusive “American Dream” you people are always claiming you believe in. Self-defense (gun rights) is the ORIGINAL civil rights issue. I believe in human freedom and civil rights for all people. Gay marriage and marijuana legalization (as opposed to PROHIBITION) are also civil rights issues, as are women’s rights over their own bodies, etc. This society is going FORWARD, NOT BACK, so get used to it.

    • Cruz November 12, 2012, 11:26 am

      Wow, you are the embodiment of all that went wrong with America. You brought the color of skin into the picture. You have gotten drunk on the kool aid. I would like you to show me where America is moving forward. The literal embodiment of the American dream heh? I don’t think taking from those and handing to others is what the American Dream was about. It is surely the American Dream of the lazy and retarded for sure. Pretty much dropped your stock value as soon as you attacked Fox news and preached MSNBC LMAO. You know how I think heh? You are a clueless lib spewing smug words like you are superior. Your leader gives money to the Muslim Brotherhood which worked with Hitler back in the day, and still hates the Jews just as much now. They are TERRORISTS. Now, getting back to topic…….Where were you relating to this topic of gun control again? You just went on a pro Obama rant. . . . And I can agree with you on something… do have the wisdom of a child. Not all gun owners are Republicans…Some are independent.

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 1:53 pm

      Amen sister, Amen.

    • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:51 pm

      By elusive American dream you mean relying on affirmative action to get that which was never earned. When you admit to watching madcow you should avoid calling others out of touch. That and you should avoid lying. Like the rest of the so-called light seers you’re an abject liar. Get used to being called one and pay for your own damn birth control.

    • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 9:04 am

      All lost some, but some lost all. And the biggest casualty of this election…was the truth.

  • Charlemagne November 12, 2012, 10:31 am

    This article’s point about no immediate threat to gun ownership is a good one. All the exaggeration about what Obama is going to do only serves to drive up the costs of guns, ammo and hi-cap mags. The gun owners who say this kind of stuff are hurting themselves and the rest of us!

    About the Supreme Court I don’t think it is unreasonable to hope that the conservatives on the Court can hang on for another four years. I have joked that we ought to buy these guys gym memberships!

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 1:47 pm

      It is sad that you believe in this Supreme Court. A supreme court that gave you the most money spent in any election in history becasue they voted that corporations are like people allowing corporations the ability to give as much money as they want. A supreme court that now wants to do away with voter rights act even though republicans in FL were caught suppressing voter rights. I do agree with you that when gun folk talk that carzy talk that the prices of guns and ammo continue to go up.

      • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:47 pm

        News flash moron. Dead people don’t get to vote. Furthermore scumbags like you have no problem with non-persons in the form of unions spending billions yet squeal like pigs when any other entity gets the same rights. Take your ignorant trash and lies back to puffho buckwheat.

  • Michael November 12, 2012, 10:30 am


    The creation of the so called Federal Election Commission in 1974 was a violation of the 1st Amendment and the regulations it enforces are unconstitutional.

    Contrary to the 1st Amendment, Congress wrote laws that abridge citizen’s freedoms to assemble and use the press and speech to demand redress of grievances from government. Restrictions were placed on how much individuals and groups could spend communicating and elaborate reporting requirements were established.

    But the so called “press exemption”, 2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i), created an unrestricted “state approved press”. 2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i) exempts newspaper, broadcast and magazine corporations from the definition of contribution and expenditure. The Buckley v. Valeo decision, which upheld these reforms, effectively redefined free press as the right of media corporations!

    Freedom of speech and the press are supposed to be the unalienable rights of natural persons, “we the people”! And exercising free press rights has always involved the cost of paper, ink and distribution.

    In the 184 year period prior to Watergate and the creation of the Federal Election Commission, ”we the people” had the freedom to raise and spend money to exercise our press rights, that only State approved newspaper and broadcast corporations enjoy today.

    To restore the rights of constituents, Congress must amend the press exemption to include every citizen and citizens group that communicate political ideas and opinions!

    A free press is a press not restricted or controlled by government censorship regarding politics or ideology.

    Please email your membership and ask them to call their Congressman and Senators and demand the language of the ‘press exemption’ be modified to include citizens and groups.

  • Tom November 12, 2012, 10:30 am

    It’s too bad so many people have the mentality, “if you don’t believe exactly what I believe, you won’t get my vote”. Well the suitation is if you didn’t vote for Romney or plain didn’t vote, you gave the election to Obama, period. Which means you prefered Obama to win over Romney. All this crying that the candidates aren’t exactly what you wanted just shows how narrow minded you perception of reality really is. There were no other options besides Romney or Obama to run the country, so quit dreaming, and get with the program or shut up!

    • Core November 12, 2012, 11:41 am

      FALSE! Their inability to cast a ballot does not coincide with them preferring one candidate over the other…. It shows how narrow minded YOUR perception of reality is…. They chose to think of themselves and what works for them… As YOU did…. Everyone has a right to exercise their vote, whether they choose to or not. People fought for that right, Ive fought for that right, if they’re undecided. Id rather them remain than be pressured into a decision they would regret… Partisan Bigots makes me sick

  • WMP November 12, 2012, 10:20 am

    As a Navy officer with 31 years of active service and a combat veteran, I and those of similar circumstance are often lumped into the category of “those who receive government checks every month” by many conservative pundits. Please understand that we have earned that retirement pension and did our duty as we were called upon to serve. We are not, repeat not, part of that “class” who receive freebies at taxpayer expense, who do not work, and who do not pay taxes. We pay taxes and medical costs like everyone else. Please do not word your editorials as if we are on the government dole, and do not lump us with those who have gamed the system to their advantage and to the disadvantage of the taxpayer, and whose votes are easily bought with the promise of gifts from O’Santa Claus. We are proud of our service to the United States and to have had a role in the protection of our freedoms and the Constitution.


    • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:41 pm

      Name one time a conservative pundit has ever lumped veterans into the “class” of freeloaders? You can’t. It is the liberal douche bags playing gotcha. Name the first class of people the liberal douche bags want to kick to the curb and it is always veterans and those serving.

      • Administrator November 13, 2012, 6:46 pm

        This was a point that needed to be made.

  • J D Sonice November 12, 2012, 10:17 am

    People, if guns were taken away today nothing much would change in the country, except a bunch of us would not own them. Guns are NOT important to running the country and are merely a hobby for most of us.

    Our lives revolve much more around other things. I am NOT advocating gun control, far from it, but we cannot run the country on one issue alone.

    This article is a horrible republican piece of crap I have ever seen. People like the author are the MAIN reason why Romney lost.

  • J D Sonice November 12, 2012, 10:13 am

    This is a very sad commentary. It is sad because you are so delusional. I am a Democrat, A NRA Member and a proud gun owner. You make me sick to the stomach. The likes of Rush Limbaugh are a blight on the American political landscape and for you to write this piece makes me sick to the stomach.

    Romney lost because he insulted women, non-whites and hard working Americans. Yes, when was the last time you cleaned a public toilet?

    Romney lost because of his elitism. Because he thought women were subservient to men and white men were god. Guess what asshole, you lost.

    • Cruz November 12, 2012, 11:53 am

      No J D, you lost. You voted with anger, ignoring all the things this asshat did to our country over the last four years. You fell in to the two party funnel. YOu could have always voted for another candidate besides the two morons at the top. Your boy gave money to the muslim Brotherhood. You know those guys right? Better look into it. That alone was enough for me to discard him as a turd. And Egypt is our friend now? Barack says NO. THis clown has lied to you repeatedly, and you are in such denial that you voted for him again…And guess what asshole, you voted for the assclown which makes you a tard in the highest degree. And you are a troll. Not once did I see any useful commentary relating to guns, and gun control. I laugh at you for being a member of the worthless NRA also. Keep giving them your money, that is what it is all about. Feed the machine. But hey, you get a free hand bag or cap.

    • KB November 12, 2012, 1:05 pm

      When’s the last time you cleaned a public toilet? I hope you are practicing what you preach!

    • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:34 pm

      An admitted dummycrat calling anyone delusional is a farce.

  • lonetrader November 12, 2012, 10:09 am

    First. The writer of this article is very ignorant of his country. We are a Republic, not a Democracy. he should read up on it and know the difference. It is a huge difference. 2nd. In the 2nd debate, Obama stated he wants to bring the assault weapons ban back in. As we speak, Communist Feinstein from California is writing the bill. She has stated that in this bill ALL semiautomatic guns will be illegal except for Military and Police. The threat is real. The writer says don’t panic, that it is 2 years off.
    Rick, you voted for Obama to get even with Romney. Did you know there are more, richer Democrats than Republicans? They fooled you. The problem with the Republican party is the person leading it. They refuse to give us a leader that we want. They give us who they want. So you voted for the greater evil instead of the lesser evil. Maybe you should become more involved with your party. Write letters to them, flood them with mail (paper). You have become part of the problem instead of part of the solution. You will be VERY sorry you voted for this guy in 2 years. You drank the coolaid and fell into the trap.

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 1:33 pm

      WTF, what rabbit hole did you pull that stat from that there are richer democrats than republican. I guess that selective forgot about all the PAC contributions form people like the K brothers, Mr. A and Donald T.

      • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:33 pm

        8 out of 10 of the wealthiest counties voted for Barry moron. Buffett, Hollywood, Soros, Imelt, etc. You forgot about them douche.

        • Louis760 November 27, 2012, 5:28 am

          How stupid are you? A millionaire gets one vote, and a billionaire only gets one vote. The millionaires all went to college and made an informed decision to vote for Obama and the well-being of the country. The billionaire also went to college, but he does not want the President re-elected because he does not want to pay his fair share of income taxes. He does not trust Ron Paul or Christie, and the others are too stupid to be taken seriously. Trump was too obnoxious, so they looked through the brethren and found ambitious Mitt Romney. They hire on Rush Limbaugh to stir things up. They sprinkle around a few dollars to buy sucker voters (you). They use racism, prejudice, and hatred to fuel their campaign.
          If Romney was truly a presidential candidate, why not back him again in 2016? The RNC knew Mitt was a boutique candidate. He was never going to win.

  • David Kachel November 12, 2012, 9:57 am

    Don’t listen to this damned fool.
    Buy as much as you can, as fast as you can.
    Obama is a communist and HAS to grab the guns first.

    • I voted for Obama and I love my guns. November 12, 2012, 6:08 pm

      David, you by far are the biggest idiot on here. Obama won! Get over it!

      • Administrator November 12, 2012, 6:12 pm

        Oh no we are at no loss for idiots here. Take out your phone, make sure the screen is off, and look in there. What do you see?

        • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 8:48 am

          Disagreement in civil discourse is the fuel of progressive change and potential value action. You did a good article here whether you realize it or not. It stimulated more intellectualism despite the obligatory fringe lunacy. And perhaps maybe some serious reasonable momentum might occur from it. Well done, in any case.

  • aydene militello November 12, 2012, 9:44 am

    NO ONE can possibly be against some of the inevitable. I’m on Soc Sec and Medicare, did my time in the USAF and have 100% Disability, and a Union pension. Some folks aren’t so lucky in life. Romney would have diminished what income and health care I have. I’ve always respected the “losers” who ran for the top Office, but for the first time I feared one getting in.
    Obama is the right guy. As far as guns are concerned, keep in mind he’s from Chicago and had some tutilage from Mayor Daley. Guns and Chicago don’t get along. The mistake in anti gun, like in anti abortion, is that somehow values and reality have been mixed together. Guns are all over the world. Gun ownership is not an issue even though they are in many hands. Our greatest problem is not open and honest gun Owners, but the street clowns who seem unable to shoot each other and thus kill innocents.
    There will eventually be a comprimise on gun issues, but its the least of our problems.

  • Reggie November 12, 2012, 9:33 am

    Stop blaming President Obama for everything! He did the best he could, with the situation he walked into. Stop having such weak Republican candidates. Romney’s agenda was indecipherable. What’s the difference between low income getting help, and higher income getting tax breaks? No one could fix the country in four years. I love my guns. I’m not for handouts either, but you can’t blame Obama for everything.

    • David Kachel November 12, 2012, 9:58 am

      You are a fool. Obama wants your freedom. He is a communist.

      • Core November 12, 2012, 11:32 am

        Reggie ignore the idiot above me, even though I dont agree with some of Obama’s policies, I will say one thing, the man is trying to do the right thing, he’s no communist. Romney missed my vote simply because at first, he didnt even have a plan… Then he introduces one that was extremely similar to Bushes…. Fool me once shame on you…

        • Gladiator November 13, 2012, 11:09 am

          methinks Obama has fooled you TWICE, Core. Let me finish it for you…..shame on YOU!

        • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:28 pm

          Because %5 unemployment is a sign of catastrophic failure. You never voted for Bush either turdsac.

    • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:26 pm

      Apparently you cannot blame Barry for anything. He had both chambers of congress for 2 years moron and he still had to bribe barrycaretax into existence. How much time did Barry spend fixing the tax code? How much time did Barry spend on jobs beyond throwing $800 billion into the toilet? 75x more people went on food stamps than found jobs. More people went on disability than found jobs. Barry is the president he gets the blame and he either has the backbone to deal with it or not. Obviously Barry doesn’t. You’re a fool.

  • Rick November 12, 2012, 9:14 am

    I’m 52 years old and I voted for Republican presidential candidates in every election until the last one. I used to vote Republican because they were pro gun abd pro business. I feel that the R party has become the party of the rich, lock,stock and barrell. They spout right wing bullshit such as the article above in order to get poor and middle class people to vote for people who’s policies are hurting them. I have never recieved social assistance. Not unemployment or welfare or food stamps. I’m a gun owner. I didn’t vote for Obama because I want a hand out. I voted against Romney because he would have continued the policies of the Bush administration to concentrate more wealth on the shiftless, entitled wealthy and expect people like myself and most people reading this to pay the price and take up the slack. The Republican party has changed and not for the better. Middle class, hard working people are not looking for a government hand out. Just a level playing field. By the way, as of now the Guns America blog will go straight to my SPAM file from now on.

    • Rick November 12, 2012, 9:55 am

      Perhaps you should be RIGHT behind it….

    • David Kachel November 12, 2012, 10:00 am

      Another FOOL!!
      You BOUGHT Obama’s communist propaganda!!??
      Obviously you have never read the communist playbook. Obama isn’t even subtle.
      No wonder we are all being sold into slavery. Most of us are morons!

    • Ples Davide Walker November 12, 2012, 10:03 am

      All of this is about fear, ingnorance, prejudice, hate and ill-informed WHITE PEOPLE because the color of some ones skin(POTUS). What America has done is forgotten what was taught in our era post 1950’s and not taught since the 1970’s and 1980’s to current. Civics and history!!! All the WHITE presidents passed laws to benefit all but not all laws were passed. Now that a BLACK/WHITE man passes bills (ACA, Lilly Ledbetter) OMG, it is going to cost jobs, increase spending and put us into so much debt our grandchildren will be drowning in debt. Let me scream out, “FIRE” in a theater or a crowded building and watch what happens!!! PANIC!!! That is what happened in 2008 when our President Barack Hussein Obama first became the first but not only black president. Guns were bought up in record numbers because of WHITE fear, ingnorance, prejudice, hate and ill-informed. Now that is what I call WHITE STUPIDITY!!! This is even stranger!!! You those that reside in trailer parks, still wearing Mullet hair cuts, have somer-teeth or piano key board for teeth(Black n White) long ass finger and toe nails with stained fingers because of the cigarettes they smoke, bug infested trailer, trashed interior just to name a few nad they voted Republican all the while recieving Government Assistance.
      Here, do this!!! Go to your local LIBRARY and research your post W.W.II history and that made America what it is today, well aleast per-Geo.H. Bush era. President Ike did much for this country. Just check it out!!!

      • Administrator November 12, 2012, 10:41 am

        He has done nothing to help black people. All he has done is sell his power to wall street and special interests and ignore the needs of inner city blacks.

      • Cruz November 12, 2012, 11:44 am

        He is HALF white-did you know that? And you seem racist to me. Perhaps you are ill informed of the legislation brought forth by WHITE people regarding firearms? You are a troll, mad because you feel someone owed you something in life and you didn’t get it. Well I am mad too bro. Someone took from me, and gave it to people like you that didn’t deserve a damn thing except a bitch slap. Take your racist rhetoric and go protest your Democratic party, as they have done far worse to your “kind” than any Republican has- EVER! Go look that up smart guy. Check out what Malcom X said 2 days before he was murdered. He warned you that the Dem’s had you fooled. You are a mental midget, proven by the fact you have been played by race once again…Free yourself, and end the bigotry. YOu have to do it yourself, Lincoln isn’t around anymore to do it for you. And he was a ….REPUBLICAN.

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 1:25 pm

      I understand were you are coming from. I have had to dump a few of the blogs that I used to receive. The thing about the internet is that the people do not know if you are black, white, brown or other, male or female. The net allows you to read garbage and see the BS that people still hold onto. I got your back so pay not attention to what was said by the two below.

    • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:19 pm

      8 of the 10 wealthiest counties went for Barry genius. You’ll not be missed.

      • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 8:40 am

        yeah, that brings to mind another interesting anomaly. I just was talking to an old pro i knew from my security consulting post Soviet Bloc collapse day now living in Romania. He said that apparently anybody and everybody yuo ask in Europe is glad that B. Hussein won?! I guess the average Muslim in the Arab world must be really glad he won…all that free money we give to them?

  • James Graham November 12, 2012, 9:12 am

    Oh, one thing I forgot to mention, regarding work, limits, recovery, etc., after cancer #1. One thing
    you learn, when your energy levels are on the extreme low end, is that it doesn’t matter at all whether
    it’s mental or physical actiity—it all comes from the same energy source. Exhaust one, you exhaust
    the other. Cancer #1 also literally forced (chemical imbalance) an extra 200 lbs onto me. Now that
    two daily pills (Synthroid and iron) and two injections every other week (T.CYP and B-12) have balanceed
    everything out, the weight has been melting away. But before, according to my doctors, it was a 100%
    gauranteed weight gain…no matter what I did to try and stop it. Cancer sucks, and it can really turn
    your life into a living hell…but as long as you ARE alive, you can always try to return the favor.

    Through all of this, two things have kept me going. One, knowing that God is backing me (He made
    that point quite clear while I was in the hospital for the brain surgeries…but that’s another story), and
    one particular quote from Sun Tzu:

    Sun Tzu wrote:
    VI.2. Therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s
    will to be imposed on him.

    (From the Lionel Giles translation—the one we used when I worked in 16SOW/IN and later HQ AFSOC/IN
    at Hurlburt Field, FL.)

    • Michael Bourque November 12, 2012, 3:17 pm

      Believe it or not, I thought of same quote from Sun Tzy during the course of this campaign

  • Joe Blow November 12, 2012, 9:10 am

    I highly recommend everyone watch this video for some insight into how our country go into it’s current fiscal mess.

    It explains why wages have been stagnant for 30 years even though, at the same time, worker productivity in the U.S. was increasing every year. It explains the current world debt bubble and it’s origins. It explains why we aggrandize the rich and denigrate the poor. It explains the social programs and tax structure that FDR created to end the 1st great depression and how moneyed interests began deconstructing them the second he died, including passing legislation to limit any future president (i.e., any popular president) to 2 terms. It explains the u.s. economy had 11 crashes during this dismantling of FDR’s new deal and how once the final piece, Glass Steagall, was removed, it took exactly 8 years to lead us into this countrys 2nd great depression, which is only STARTING…we haven’t even begun the real depression yet, everyone has been successfully kicking it down the road so far. The real calamity begins when hyper-inflation of the dollar starts and it begins it’s quick descent to worthlessness. This event is what the people behind the scenes refer to as “the big one”, the crash so big that it takes down the financial systems of every developed country in the world.

    As a final aside, even though I’m not a religious person, have you heard this? I think it says something about capitalism/free markets vs profiteering that’s against the public interest. In the 1990’s, the Israelli Water Authority privatized Jerusalem’s water system. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Christ was crucifed and buried, had always been exempt from paying for water BUT this new private company, Hagihon, had the option of pressing the issue. And in 2004, they did just that, presenting the chruch with a $946,000 bill for back payment. The church didn’t pay and Haighon waited until this year to press for payment again…only now the bill for back service is $2.4 million and Haighon had the courts freeze the bank accounts of the church. Keep in mind that the U.S., a predominately Christian country, has provided Israel with over $115 BILLION dollars in “billateral-assistance” over the years. To threaten bankruptcy, foreclosure and eviction of the church that maintains Christ’s burial spot is more than just a matter of routine business, it’s a gigantic middle finger to a particular group of people…it’s saying, don’t forget who your master is. Remember this as Israel tries to get the U.S. to fight their war against Iran for them.

  • Rob November 12, 2012, 9:09 am

    I think everyone has forgotten what Obama said to Sarah Brady “Don’t worry we have somethings working under the table for gun control”. This was fast and furious, and the small arms treaty. Also, remember which political party has in the last 20-30 years have been predominant “anti gun” the Democratic party. If anyone thinks Obama and his party will not try for additional gun control laws is only fooling themselves. This would be the icing on the cake for signature legislation along the Obama care. Remember history will repeat itself when we foolishly ignore it.

  • Dan November 12, 2012, 9:05 am

    Did you mean “Santa Claus?” The other was a film.

  • Larry November 12, 2012, 9:03 am

    I find amusing that some people see Ron/Rand Paul as foreward looking politicians. In fact, they are reactionaries that advocate a laizzez faire capitalism practiced for over a hundred years in England and the United States and that caused great misery among the working classes. The workers’ horrible living and working conditions spawned Marxism (both The Communist Manifesto and Das Capital were written in England). It was labor unions that brought safer working conditions and living wages to the working classes, not the generousity of big business.

    • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 8:17 am

      Yes, at first. Then the labor unions became greedy corrupted agenda based power elites themselves who abused their power. You might be happy with unions if you are a high school drop out mill wright worker in Wisconsin getting $27. an hour. But non union CNA bed pan cleaners are only getting 7 or 8 dollars an hour minimum wage, which by the way has not been adjusted in quite a while to inflation and cost of living.

      Today small business people (i mean REAL small business mom and poppers, not a MacDonalds, or a Honda dealership type of small biz) are not advantaged by unions. Back in the 19th century New York sweat factory and boondock days where children worked dawn to dusk with barely a piss break 7 days a week in dangerous conditions, unions may have had a leg up. Today, a modern ‘good’ business takes care of good employees without the need for unions. The non harmonic resonance comes when there are too many greedy corps and too many greedy unions.

      Unions are obsolete in a less avaricious balanced value producing egalitarian society with good human rights laws. Especially the ones we see ‘running’ the government these days. The Senate and Congress are just a front for Unions, Zionists, and corporatocracies who use and manipulate the government tool for control of the sheeple for their own agendas.

      • Louis760 November 27, 2012, 4:52 am

        Well the union made the kid “middle class”. Now he is a home owner, with a family. They are stimulating the economy with their spending power. The CNA needs to aspire to be a RN or look for a union job. Oh, with NAFTA, the union jobs went to Canada and Mexico. How about another factory? Too late, they moved the operation to China so corporate America can get away with $1 an hour wages.

  • Thomas Messimer November 12, 2012, 9:01 am

    I wish, just for once, that there were no Dems and Repubs discussions. It is not a party issue. For the most part these parties stand for the same thing – they just tell a different story. I know this is a gun blog and I agree with much of what is said here but guys, you have to wake up to the facts on the ground. Many Dems and Repubs appear to stand up for our gun rights but they really don’t. Just look at the restrictions, red tape and other things that have and will continue to happen. Oh yeah, these folks totally adhere to supporting our 2nd Amendment rights while in the background are making the owning and purchase of arms more and more difficult every day. Wait until you see the taxes that will come, not only to purchasers, but to manufacturers and the increasing red tape to purchase. They, this Marxist government, will do anything possible to make gun ownership impossible while still supporting the 2nd Amendment. The sad thing is that they know who we are. Purchase a rifle or handgun and you are on the list. This will make it extrordinarily easy to find and round up everything. And, let’s be honest, the M4 and M1A that I have purchased is not for hunting and home protection (maybe a little bit). Heck no. It is to protect myself from this government and the takers who will leave the cities looking for our stuff when the end comes – exactly what was intended by our founders. At the same time I know that when push comes to shove, we will lose because there is no way to stand up to the armed force that will come. One half of the vote for Obama came from the military and THAT is not a good sign. I have purchased plenty of ammunition for practice. And, I hear the chest thumpers out there who espouse, “just let them try and take my guns”. This is suicide. When the time comes you will likely not even get a round off before you are dead if you resist. Of course, many likely feel as I do. I’d rather be dead that play. But all of this will make no difference. The first thing we all need to do is to prepare. There are only a few folks out there that are telling it like it is. Glen and Ann. Please watch the following while the internet is strill free. This explaines the REAL risk – not risk really – Fact that you need to prepare for now.

  • melbo November 12, 2012, 8:59 am

    Its a good thing we have enough votes in congress to kill a bill obama is considering…..amending the two term limit
    in the white house.Make no mistake,he is considering it. So, keep your gun loaded, it could get ugly.

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 1:17 pm

      Now that is just a STUPID comment……….

      • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:16 pm

        You being the expert at stupid.

        • Spiff November 15, 2012, 8:39 pm

          He may or may not be the expert at stupid. But you are most certainly the expert
          at obnoxious close mindedness.

  • Jim Newman November 12, 2012, 8:58 am

    We were beaten from the start because over 95% of blacks and Hispanics voted race instead of the issues. Since when can you get 95% of any group of people to agree on multiple issues?? You can not, therefore, this was not an issue campaign, but it was a race vote and we need to realize who is trying to take over our country.

    • Core November 12, 2012, 11:19 am

      They only make up 12% of the population vs the Hispanics 8%, that totals to 20% vs the population of caucasian being 76%. And these minority ethnic groups has always been predominantly Democrat… Averaging 80-85% every election… More turned out to vote these past two elections. Find another excuse…. Turning it into a race issue is redundant… Just because they didnt vote republican doesnt make it racist, it means as it always meant. Minorities vote Democrat. And as for this election, so do women.

      • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 7:50 am

        up, and that’s the sub-point. There probably are more women of all races and creeds and ages as a bloc than men. and guess where that ‘majority’ of swing vote went. And guess why?

    • Louis760 November 27, 2012, 2:11 pm

      Why would I, or anyone vote for Mitt Romney? Let see; the Mormon church did not acknowledged blacks until 1978. Females of the Mormon faith go to college so they can have an intelligent conversation with their husbands. Mormon women are all “wifeys”. Why do you think Romney needed binders of women to select for positions in Massachuetts? A successful, middle-aged businessman could not think of one qualified female appointee?
      Do you think Romney has any respect for blacks or women? Romney came right out and said he had contempt for 47% of the country. Knowing that, I could not vote for Romney.
      BTW, I have 27 years in law enforcement, so I did not need a “gift” from the Democrats. These are hard times, and President Obama is the man to get the job done.

  • Cyle Tipton November 12, 2012, 8:54 am

    Let me first start by saying that I grew up in the mountains of Northestern Tennessee and Western North Carolina like my parents, my grandparents and great grandparents. I take great pride in the fact that I grew up knowing how to handle firearms and knowing how to survive on my own in the woods.
    I resent people telling me that I am one of the “them,” meaning those who are receiving government entitlements. I do not consider Social Security an entitlement but somthing i paid for. Like my parents before me I paid into Social Security in the believe that it would be there when I needed it. It is not my fault that every president since Eisenhower (Bay of Pigs) have used the money in Social Security as their personal piggy bank to pay for covert operations that congress refused to provide funding for. Also, if you remember the last year of Clinton’s second term there was a surplus of money in the budget. The Democrats wanted to use the money to fix Social security. The republicans wanted to give us all a $200.00 rebate. So, the republicans caused the last year of Clintons second term to be a” lame duck “ and waited until Bush Jr. was elected gave us all $200.00 and the next year raised taxes on the middle class and took it back.

  • James Graham November 12, 2012, 8:53 am

    I must strongly disagree, at least for my case, with one portion of the article regarding “us” and “them”:

    “The ‘them,’ meaning those who are receiving government entitlements,
    now outnumber the ‘us’ who do not, and they outvoted us.”

    I hate to break everyone’s picture of the “them” argument, but it’s already broken. I’m a living example.

    As of my first cancer (two so far), I have been stuck with Social Security Disability because I am not
    able to maintain a “normal” job where I have to work set hours. The damage done by the cancer itself,
    plus extremely harsh chemo, three brain tumors, three brain surgeries to remove said tumors, and then
    whole-brain/max-dose radiation therapy, and later, chemo that made me realize that the first “extremely
    harsh” chemo was actually incredibly wimpy…it didn’t cause pain that very nearly killed me, and would
    have, had God Himself not given me the strength (that I alone did NOT have) to survive every next second,
    second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day). I can function almost normally,
    but only for a limited time, and if I exceed that, it can take anywhere from a few days to a week to
    recover. Try getting a job like that.

    I am constantly trying to find something that I can do, on my own schedule, to break out of this crap,
    but so far, everything I’ve tried fails…..miserably. So I’m still stuck living in this crappy trailer park
    run by slum lords working for the slum lord owners. But one day….I’ll escape this nightmare.
    Until then, I’m at least, as I become close enough to be able to do so, trying to grab back parts of
    my pre-cancer life. Brewing (beer), kayaking (tried, failed…but will try again), and this year, I’m
    taking hunting back. Gun season starts on 22Nov here, and I WILL BE OUT THERE.

    And, yes, I voted for the ONLY SANE CHOICE: Romney/Ryan. But, according to the description
    above, I’m considered one of “them”….the nutcases that think obama wants to help this country,
    blind to the fact that he’s doing everything he can to destroy it. I take serious offense to that
    implication. So please, next time, do try to remember that some of us are on things like disability
    not by choice, but because we have no choice…at least, until we find a way out. Oh, and my vote
    (along with the rest of Florida) wasn’t even counted in the election results, which were final a week
    before Florida’s votes were even considered. It won’t stop me from voting Republican again, but it
    did royally piss me off (more, even, than being classified as “them”).

    • bobcat November 12, 2012, 10:15 pm

      Jim Graham,
      Sorry to hear about your cancer and know the gigantic struggle it is to push through it and attempt to regain a “normal” life again.
      But, can I ask you what you think would have been your fate without SS and some kind of healthcare coverage?
      Had we entrusted SS to the privatization scheme prior to 08, we’d have a large nation of destitution with millions penniless and no program to act as a safety net, but the stock brokers would have cleaned up on both the sale of the stocks and the collapse of them, as they did selling mortgages to people they KNEW couldn’t afford them, and got bailed out and bonused for their efforts.
      Imagine not being able to come close to affording the care you endured to recover, and left to the only option, an ER visit for pain meds and sent home to perish. This is what I envision as the “austerity” notion of the right, instead of “imposing” upon the wealthiest amongst us to pay the same rate on THEIR incomes as we that work for a living do. Oh the horror.
      It’s fine that you plan to vote Republican again, I’m just hoping it will be rational and reasonable Republicans in the near future that are your candidates. I have my own religious choice, and do NOT need theirs imposed upon me, MY family will make OUR reproductive choices , NOT some GOP politician, and I don’t feel threatened that two people down the street that love each other are both women or men. It effects MY marriage and family not a whit. NOR anyone elses, unless one spouse leaves another for a same sex partner they’ve always pined for, and that happens all the time with opposite sex partners, changing things very little from today.
      Blessings on your recovery and future, and requesting you evaluate the actual efforts of Obama and WHY and HOW more results were not forthcoming on his efforts. See; Filibuster

      • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:15 pm

        STFU. You libtard clowns and your idiotic “rational reasonable Republican” comments is one of the biggest lies you morons toss off. What exactly is reasonable or rational about your party of fools and morons in the Senate not generating a budget in 4 years? Your cowardly hero got zero votes for his budget. So much for filibuster jackass. How many of the 30+ jobs bills from the House did Barry sign genius? How about we talk about Barry’s efforts in Libya? When was the last time a president left an ambassador to die? When has Barry taken responsibility for anything he’s done the past 4 years? Then there’s the ignorant insurance=healthcare crapola. Go back to the daily nut-roots moron. Take the rest of the fake gun owners with you.

    • Bullet November 18, 2012, 9:07 am

      Amen Brother

    • Bullet November 18, 2012, 9:23 am

      This is better than Facebook, most of the poster are well read and very intelligent, I do agree with the administrator I believe this is false panic. I don’t have a run on my gun sales and I get calls every day fro suppliers about ammo , no shortage there either. Keep up the good work. Buy if you enjoy don’t if your “Paranoid”

  • BOB DUMON November 12, 2012, 8:43 am

    Whenever anyone starts an article or a conversation with “As Rush said….” it is an indication of another Dittohead who hasn’t the capacity or the intellect to think for him/herself. Because the right wing wackos have lost TWO elections in a row they can’t believe it is due to their flawed platform and inept candidates, so they have to turn to their guru, “El Rushbo,” for what to think and say about these unthinkable losses. Latinos, African-Americans, and WOMEN are Americans, too, folks, not just just fat old cigar smoking right wing conservatives, and these OTHER Americans vote, as you’ve now found out in the last two presidential elections. Until the Republican party begins to accept that this country is and always has been a diverse, ever-evolving nation of many cultures, not just a Group of Old Pessimists, the GOP will continue to lose the presidency. As someone here already pointed out, many of these same old white guys whining about another defeat at the polls are happily accepting their Social Security and Medicare checks, along with their free Viagra, from “Santa Claus.” See any hypocrisy in THAT, Dittoheads? By the way, more guns have been sold under Obama than ever before (including two to this 74 year old white Independent… a Ruger SR9C and LCR .38 revolver). I thought you Dittoheads said the president was going to take our guns AWAY! Just another typical Rush scare tactic! So lame….

    One final point… the last I heard the Constitution provides for freedom of religion in this country. No where does it say everyone must only be a Christian! To hear right-wingers talk, anyone who follows a different religion than theirs should have no right to vote or speak out in public. You guys are the most INtolerant group of individuals I’ve ever seen. YOU are the danger to this country and our freedom, not the Democrats!

    P.S. I’ll be unsubscribing from this blog since it has become nothing more than a bigoted, NRA propaganda outlet. Geesh!

    • Kansas Man November 12, 2012, 1:03 pm

      Love it . Grandpa is that you?

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 1:14 pm

      Bob Dumon, this black guy likes what you had to say. You are like me. An American and human.

      • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 7:37 am

        Right on Robert and Leadsender! ‘yute’ is a wonderful thing…too bad it’s wasted on young people, lol!
        Yes,and if Humanism was the only ‘religion’, we wouldn’t have most of this chaos in the world. More people in the world have been killed in ‘the name of god’ than for any other reason in history.

        The Founders knew all this already back then. That’s why they made it a point to emphasize the separation of church and state.

        The constitution may or may not need some ‘tweaking’ to keep up with the modern age, but certainly not changes that affect our freedoms. Without freedom and liberty there cannot ever be higher consciousness and advanced humanity. Without higher humanity, the species eventually self immolates. Intransigent religionism is as bad as any other social problem. People must understand the difference between ‘freedom OF religion, and freedom FROM religion’. Too many people only want it one way.

        So what’s it going to be? Socialism? Mormonism? Islamic shariah? Or will we ever see the ‘salvation’ of a true Egalitarian social paradigm, devoid of greed and ego, with humanist reasonable value creation and prosperity for all?

    • bobcat November 12, 2012, 10:02 pm

      Add me to the list of supporters and admirers.
      Amazing to hear repeatedly from the right how Obama is in violation of the Constitution, while they all repeatedly and wrongly refer to religious basis to their vote choice which unless the first amendment article 6 doesn’t exist, is in violation of the Constitution. “there shall be NO religious test to hold public office in this nation”. (paraphrased)
      They not only used that, but, felt compelled to refuse to acknowledge Obamas chosen religion and attempt to ASSIGN another to make him less desirable to American voters. Fact is even IF Obama were a Muslim, he’d be eligible for office no less than anyone.

    • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:05 pm

      You’ll not be missed.

  • Michael Bourque November 12, 2012, 8:40 am

    So the first thing done was reaffirm support for UN small arms ban. Look it up. Not feeling comfortable about this. As for the countries choice echoed by many comments here. We as a nation are embracing European socialism. The government owes you means some fellow citizen owes you. Willing to pay my fair share of taxes too a point.

    We had an election that viewed from actions not words, were a man who was pro choice, borderline anti-gun, and signed on to the countries first massive socialized medicine plan. That would be Mitt’s actual record as Governor. Yet, he was successfully painted as an out of touch far right extremist by one of the most polarizing campaigns in history. It just shows how gullible Americans are and the total lack of critical thinking. Actions trump words everytime. ?

    Anyone figure out what Obama is actually going to do to turn the economy around from his campaign besides tax the rich more? That was part of the polarization by the way. If we follow through on his tax plan we get to pay the interest on our debt for about 4 months. That’s it.

    In the end it is about TAX REVENUE. President John F. Kennedy pressed Congress hard once to lower taxes to grow the economy thereby raising REVENUE. As much flax as Bush got ( and deserved), his tax cuts did just that folks they raised tax revenues and easily verifiable by the IRS. We just spent far too much. That reality does not support the class envy warfare so it was never discussed. Many of you were skillfully manipulated. It is going to be a long 4 years.

    • bobcat November 12, 2012, 9:55 pm

      Michael, what you failed to notice was that we’ve HAD 3 tax cuts in the last decade, each adding about a trillion to the debt and seen little follow through by those that call themselves “job creaters” in return. THEY sit hoarding a couple or few trillion in windfall profits and still do NOT reinvest in America, creating the jobs that were the precise premise they were based upon. You see, the JFK tax cuts were reinvested in the nation and DID create jobs, making the difference NOT the president, but those which have taken profit on false premise, and then heavily funded the guy that they expected to reward them with lower regulations, taxes, and had the frame of mind that offshoring into shell corporations to hide income and offshore banking was somehow “patriotic”. Sorry but MY vision of a Romney presidency looks much like a Dickens novel, and most Americans have no desire to actually live a life of misery and destitution, while watching the Barrons show off their latest acquisition of their competitor making competition unneccessary. While we MAY have seen higher revenues under Bush ( I can’t verify) we did NOT see job growth in what WOULD have increased revenue dramatically and reduced dependency at the same time. What we see and hear from the GOP is “cast those that can’t pay asunder”, and villify those that lost jobs due to no fault of their own, making them “expendible” and ignored. Find that part of the Bible that “allegedly” guides the moral right and point it out where they cast aside the poor, hungry and needy, as I’ve missed it.

  • Marc November 12, 2012, 8:37 am

    What everyone is saying, what everyone is talking about, you all are right to a certian extent. All of what you say has added to this hodge podge. The one thing thats missing is this my fellow patriots.
    Gods plan, i know we all would like to have taken OUR shot at whats wrong with this country and where its going , to try and solve this countrys ills, i have no doubt that Ron paul, or Mitt Romney, or even Rusn , if he could afford the pay cut, would and could cure this countrys problems, hell anyone of us given the resources with common sence , and the ability to ballance a ck book could cure our ills. But truly nice people this isnt in Gods plan, Obama is in his place at gods time to ruin this countrys reputation. Its the United States’s time for judgement, and this is just the tip of the ice berg. Far more is comming, and its up to the believer to rekon it, understand it, identify it, and put it in Gods hands. Prepare yourselves for the end times for they are near, put your efforts into what you can control, your destiny, your familys and loved ones lives to whom are more important than our goverment and what they are doing. You cant control this anymore my fellow americans, control what you can, pick your battles carefully now, use judgement, and stealth to insure your familys and loved ones well being, put one hand and half of the other in the trust of Jesus Christ, and the 2 or 3 fingers left hedge your bet and maintain your guns,ammo,foodstuffs, dont be indebt, be wise. I have no doubt that each and every one of you out here knows the laws of the land, its hard for honest working god loving, family, decent law abiding people now a days to deal with this STUFF…. Patriots you all are, from the supporters of Mr Mitt, to the Ones that support Ron Paul, Hell a goat would have done a better job in the white house than obama, just by being there and doin nothing but eating the furniture. Put your fight into something that will pay off, this battle is already lost because thats the way its written. Get on board with the winning team thats supposed to win, is written to win, put your time into knowing Jesus for hes comming back very very soon, and some of us i hope all of us [ while we will lose this small fight at this time} we will win the battle thats comming. Our opponents for now seem like they are in the lead, its a short race, they have already lost. Iam not a zelot re: ones faith, i believe what i do because its made sence to me, i have always controled or have been able to do so my life and my familys lives for the better, in these days you or the ONE cannot, i have decided to put my faith in whom i have, and its brought me peace, yes i still work, save $ prepare for the future as i always have, and so you must also, knowing where the balls going to land is a great advantage. Jack Van Immpe is a very good source of relevent information of current and future events from a biblical view…this man is touched by the hand of god with his knowlege. Look him and his wife up for far more insight into all of this. Godbless all of you and the supporters of this forum.

    • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 7:17 am

      Thanks for your blessings, and in reciprocation i send you back the benediction of higher awareness and consciousness. but one thing has always been bothering me about ‘god’. perhaps you can explain it since you seem to have it all together in your mind. First of all, people like you always talk about ‘god’s plan’. what is that plan, exactly? especially the political part? i mean, you can’t say that Mitt wasn’t part of that plan? Hell, he and others with him actually stated they always confided in and abide by god’s divine inspiration?!
      Particularly in important decision making that might concern all of us. So you’re telling us that at the last minute, ‘god’ flip-flopped and made B. Hussain president just to ‘ruin the country’s reputation???!’ Why does ‘god’ need to play stupid dangerous games like that with other poeple’s lives? If i were god, i’d just do the right thing and come up with an expedient solution characteristic of ‘god-like’ intelligence and goodness that might slow down the epidemic apostate rate a little and bring some of the reason seeking sheeple back in his flock? Not to mention making the world a better place? The churches would also appreciate that more–certainly in their collection baskets?

      And don’t tell me that ‘god’s plan’ is in the Bible. You would be telling a falsehood, and that’s a sin. A major political issue in Mitt’s campaign was abortion…which by the way, ironically, caused the massive swing vote and women’s vote loss for him. But the truth is that there is no prohibition of, or condemnation of abortion, or even a mention of abortion, anywhere in the Bible! At all! In cold hard fact, if anyone really bothered to read the Bible (aside from holding it open in church and listening to the minister’s ‘interpretation’) one would ‘discover’ some amazing ‘revelations’ of profound insight…of the third kind….

      Or if you just checked your actual factual biblical history, you’d find out that abortions were actually quite common back in old Jeeze’s day and for obvious reasons. They even had their own version of an ‘herbal’ morning after pill. But the point is, why, in god’s name, was it such a big issue in Romney’s campaign. What does abortion have to do with running a country and military? Did ‘god’ just make this all up while he was on the campaign trail?

      What does ‘god’ say about gun control? Is that in the bible? We know JEEEsus carried. As holy and loving and peaceful as he was, he told his boys to sell their underware if they had to, and get a sword. And we know ‘god’ was a hell of a ‘smiter’ himself throughout history—from the flood to the firestorms of warfare, he killed more people than hitler or stalin could count. So why does he even ‘allow’ an anti-gun president to win an election? What happened to all the ‘peace and love’ Jesus always gave lip service to until it became time to do the Marine boogie and kick ass at the synagogue?

      Okay, yeah, sorry, I forgot. ‘god’ works in mysterious ways. But why? Whats the value in purpose for being so ‘mysterious’? What’s wrong with straight forward and honest? I mean we are advanced along the intelligence scale somewhat ahead of where we were BCE so we don’t even need metaphors or ‘bible story fables’ to ‘teach’ us. Just whip it on us. Why not just do a new ‘creation’ of goodness? Why does ‘god’ even need a ‘plan’ in the first place? Why does ‘god’ need to beat around the burning bush? Why doesn’t he just instantly ‘create’ the solution and change everything? Why doesn’t he just snap his fingers and make everything wonderful and good? After all, (h)e IS GOD? Isn’t She? Doesn’t all that make ‘sense’ to you, as well?

      oops, forgot about that, also. ‘..we are not to question god’s will, only to obey it, otherwise you’ll sizzle like a piece of salty Canadian bacon on a hot grill in hell…’ Well, okay, i sure don’t want that. but why does ‘god’ always wind up sounding so god-awful like any other ‘royalist power elite’?

      ‘god’ bless you,too, you’ll need it.

  • Markis November 12, 2012, 8:17 am

    It is amazing how profoundly wrong this author is! Until your attitude changes, you-all will never win another election!

  • Don K November 12, 2012, 8:00 am

    The problem is Congress and Large Paying Lobby groups. The Congress is not concerned about solving problems, only voting Party Lines. If there were no party affiliations, they would not know how to vote!!!. I think they should sit in alphabeticle order like children and get to know someone new. Two hundred years ago they were concerned for our nation and stayed until a agreement was reached!!! Not today 🙁

  • Jim November 12, 2012, 7:54 am

    I believe the voting went the way it did because the masses don’t understand that sacrifices need to be made in order to get from under China’s thumb. That they believe the, “it won’t happen to me” syndrome is rampant. It also was swyed by those like “Don” above…. the ones with no intelligence!
    As for the health plan; my wife being in the medical field (transplant specialist), I have gotten an insisde view of where we are headed. The so called “Obamacare” plan will not be accepted by the majority of doctors. tHey will and are simply not accepting any insurance plan including Medicare or Medicaid. They will demand cash payment and leave it to us to file with our insurance companies or the gov’ts’ insurance plan. We (the public) will still get the short end of the stick.
    At “Mpawn” – what works for you, works for you. It is an insult to the intelligence of others that you feel that you can impose your beliefs in an insuting way with the rest of us! I respect your choices, not your conversation above.
    As for the 2nd ammendment – as it is stated; requires more than a shotgun in these days. It requires the ability for law abiding citizens to defend themselves as well as neighbors against criminals of the present day who come loaded for bear in most cases (Aurora movie theater). If a person or persons had been there with their own multi-round magazines MAYBE the out come would have been at least as little better. With our borders wide open, you and I both know what is coming over them (hint: Quarans found at border crossings). Do we think we are going to fend for ourselves with 2 rounds in a 336? That answer is for each of us to answer in our own way!
    As for the mental element: It would be appropriate to allow an acception to HIPPA laws regarding the privacy of mental history records. To allow this disclosure to persons buying weapons (and only to law enforcement agencies conduction the background checks). Invasion of privacy? Maybe, but so is x-rays at the airport, but I think we all realize that times are changing and we need to do certain things we may object to for the safety of law abiding citizens! Sempur Paratus (alwys prepared)!

    • Muhjesbude November 12, 2012, 11:39 am

      Jim, well said but you really should think about the mental history privacy records. One of the little known issues of the obama care plan was that care was a mandate that care providers must subscribe to a central computer data base program with each government subsidy medical payment by 2014, it believe.

      as a former licensed psychologist i wrote an article for a medical publication that was actually censored. It explained the vast abuse of the arena of ‘mental issues’ integrated into legal decision making, in particular the absence of valid objective analysis criteria. One person’s mental ‘illness’ might be another’s enlightened ‘visionary philosophy’. Most mental illness diagnosis is of perceptional subjectivity based on little more than behavioral observations and patterns according to norms that do not reflect transitional social evolutions. Virtually everyone, at one time or another in their lifetimes, could have been classified with mental issues that would satisfy the obtuse criteria of prohibiting gun ownership. Right now It looks like if a veteran’s (or anywone’s for that matter) PTSD syndrome is not controllable, they won’t be ‘allowed’ to have a gun. But the PTSD also occurs and is in existence while a soldier is still carrying a gun. Why is not a ‘mental problem’ while they still work for the government? This is a real pandoras box. much different from airport scanners. It is never appropriate for the government to deny rights based on your thoughts. It is a vastly different kind of privacy intrusion. As the famous Founder said, “anyone who gives up a little of his privacy rights for a little more security, deserve neither”. The G doesn’t have to seize your guns to get what they want. Once they get people believing that they ‘need to do certain things we may object to for the safety of law abiding citizens!’ as you said above, then they got us by the balls and our hearts, minds, and guns, will follow. So please don’t BUY into that heinous HIPPA logic. Caveat Emptor (buyer beware)

  • Barrett Powell November 12, 2012, 7:44 am

    The graphic of the U.S. you display with this article I think is the one that breaks down the voting by county. What is interesting to see is that the areas in blue (Democrat) are mostly urban areas where most people rent and do not own property and where much of the welfare state lives. The areas in red (Republican) are mostly rural where landowners live. It is also where, I might add the majority of real work is done in these United States.

    At one time in our history, it was proposed that only land owners have the right to vote.

    • Kansas Man November 12, 2012, 12:59 pm

      Veiled threats of taking peoples right to vote?
      Guess you want to see the 2nd amendment exercised.

      • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:00 pm

        Guess you failed history kansass. The founding fathers knew the dangers of voting lard. Which was why people who paid taxes voted. You have no skin in the game why should you be able to vote yourself the property of others? You have no intelligent answer, period.

        • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 5:46 am

          It’s interesting that women were historically excluded from voting in any case…even though they had nothing else but their ‘skin’ in the game?!

    • Capt. Bob November 12, 2012, 3:29 pm

      Actually, what we should have is a law that requires you to be a productive member of society (or a retired/former productive member) in order to vote. Giving the vote to the people who suck off the government teat ensures that they will vote for the party that continues offering that teat. “If you rob Peter to pay Paul you will always have the support of Paul.” That is the hurdle that must be overcome in order to have a fiscally sound and responsible government.

      • Damon November 13, 2012, 12:39 am

        I’ll go you one better, Capt. Bob. We should have a law that requires an American citizen to have served in the American military in order to vote or hold public office. Earn the franchise.

        • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 6:08 am

          Yeah, Damon–from the point you make that some real change is needed to fix a steadily growing corruption pandemic, i agree. Throw in the electoral college system along with that also. But even though i used to think that a former military officer would always make a better president–especially in our globalist world–in that she/he might be more reluctant to waste our best and brightest in stupid religionist wars–but lately, with our best commanders ‘all falling to hard balling’, i don’t know any more…! Behind the lines reservists like GW weren’t exactly the right criteria, but at least they wore a uniform. But the latest crop of presidential duty deserters-especially Romney– kind of makes my old grunt’s ass grind until my hummer-roids start popping like automatic weapons fire. So you know we’ve already all gone mad when the job description for ‘Commander in Chief’ of the most powerful military in the world, does not require prior military service in a candidate’s resume.

        • Spiff November 15, 2012, 8:15 pm

          I’ll go you one better Damon. Said vets should have been awarded at least one medal for military valor starting with the Bronze Star.

          See where this leads?

      • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 6:01 pm

        Repeal the 24th Amendment for starters.

  • William streeter November 12, 2012, 7:33 am

    It seems to me the Obamas presidency has helped the gun industry 110%.
    I am a black male, that has hunted and involved in gun rights all my life.
    Government handouts or what most white people term as welfare, only
    Are focused on minorities. When the floods come in Mississippi or Missouri River
    She’d and all the residents want the government to subsidize there loans for there
    Homes, it does not fall under the category of Santa coming to give the money away.
    The government is not a made for profit buisness. It was always ment
    To be a social cushion. The boogy man seems to be hanging over our heads. Some people make money
    Storing that pot so they can enrich themselves. If the founding fathers
    Had this same attitudes, the country would have been incorporated.

  • TJ November 12, 2012, 7:30 am

    I think there is more than enough blame for this to get around to everyone. I see the “greatest generation” manipulating the system to their benefit…..I had neighbors sucking down 5 govt checks every single month. The next generation forgot what their hero JFK meant when he said “ask what you can do for your country”. The generation voting for the first or second time is all about “what’s in it for me”.

    Another responder just validated the 80/20 rule.

    And finally, those workers, and I don’t particularly care what govt branch you were in, who work for 20 years in their life and then expect to retire PERMANENTLY on other citizens’ hard work……they should be punished as traitors to the government for EFFORTING to bring down the government financially. IT CANNOT BE DONE. FACT. Ask any other occupation should that be done, you know what kind of skeptical looks and disdain or even violence you will incur.

    Guns, however, are a different matter. They are the last obstacle now to removing the public’s threat to an uncontrollable govt power snatch. All the EO’s are in place. From your writer……”Fortunately the Founding Fathers realized that someone would someday attempt to take them away, so they wrote them down. Number 2 on that list, right after the fundamental right to free speech, was the ability to protect all of the personal rights in the Constitution with arms. We took a big hit on Tuesday, and though America appears to be on a hopeless downward spiral, we may yet persevere.”

    It’s a whole lot closer than you want to admit publicly. Otherwise, you would not have covered this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • John November 12, 2012, 7:25 am

    Well we can see we lost & we may pay dearly for it , I fought a hard fight against him in my area but. I want to ask a question here do you guys think id Rand Paul runs we’ll have a better chance of getting him in office ? I have to say I love the job he is doing getting back to all my correspondence & he did say one year a few back he would run if his father didn’t . I think they both stand for the same principles.

    I’ve not heard whether or not he plans on running but if enough are interested maybe we can ask him early & get started talking for him, .

    • Administrator November 12, 2012, 7:30 am

      Maybe if we get him a red hat

  • Wade November 12, 2012, 7:15 am

    I am 60 years old. I have been involved with firearms in one way or another all of my life, just as my dad and brother were before me. The fight to keep our Second Amendment Rights has been under assault for at least 20 years now. We, the “gun nuts”, have managed to keep our heads above this rising anti-gun tide, so far. With the current administration being voted back into office, I am the most concerned that I have ever been that our Second Amendment Rights will be “altered” during the next 4 years. Their willingness to bow to the U.N. on this Gun Trade Treaty looks like a foregone conclusion, and I am sure Obama and Clinton, and many others, are sitting back, wringing their hands and smiling gleefully. This is their time to strike at the law-abiding Americans’ Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms, and I believe they will take full advantage of this. I do not advocate that everyone run out and buy as many firearms, or as much ammo, as they can (or cannot) afford, but the ease and willingness with which Obama puts pen to paper on Executive Orders should give most people pause. It may be prudent to go out and get a few things one has been putting off obtaining. Better to be prepared for what seems to be inevitable under this administration-the curtailing of our Second Amendment Right To Keep And Bear Arms- than to wish later that you had done it. I have heard that Texas is the only U.S. state that can legally secedede from the union. It’s a big state, and they could easily absorb a few million more Second Amendment-loving Americans. I know, I know, wishful thinking. I hope the next 4 years go by as quickly and painlessly as possible. We shall see.

    • Anthony Harden November 12, 2012, 10:17 am

      Remember something sir, Obama can put pen to paper as much as he wants. But it is the legislative branch that creates these laws for him to agree on. Your Democratic and republican House and Senate. Quit blaming Obama, please.

      • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 5:54 pm

        Executive order. When will Barry start taking responsibility for his actions?

      • MR November 14, 2012, 9:21 am

        Anthony – Apparently you have not been paying attention over the last four years. Obama has signed more executive orders than any other president in history and actually none of those he signed were ever presented to to the legislative branch. Obamacare comes to mind. Sure they all “voted” on it but as you well know, none of them even read it, for crying out loud. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ll quit blaming obama when he stops bald faced lying.

  • John Doe November 12, 2012, 7:13 am

    Possibly one of the worst written post-election articles I’ve read yet. The author has not a single original or logical thought in their brain that wasn’t inserted by the delusional GOP. I’m sure there are other firearm owners such as myself who are tired of idiots like this being the voice for gun owners, and is exactly why I refuse to give the NRA money.

  • frank bertrand November 12, 2012, 7:11 am

    The premesis that it is “we” (who supposidly don’t receive ANY government benefits) vs. ‘they” who receive benefits is a fallacy. Gun lovers receive unemployment, welfare, medical, food stamps and medicare, medicaid and social security. If one tries to present the ‘gun lovers’ as not receiving benefits, they belong with Romney, on the trash heap of history.

  • Hater ideology November 12, 2012, 6:55 am

    I don’t need you to tell me what to think about politics. This blog exists to discuss guns and potentially legislation that would change the legal rules of engagement not to be a lunatic fringe cheerleader section. I will not be doing business with guns America from this point forward. You don’t know your country as much you seem to think and it’s this kind of ideology garbage that forced many good hard working men out of the Republican Party.

  • Gerhard November 12, 2012, 6:50 am

    I am a moderate independent and a gun owner. I have a lot of liberal friends who are gun owners. I am surprised that you seem to feel that your readers all share your orthodox conservative views. I may support your position on gun rights but the rest, not so much. I planned on voting for Romney prior to to his nomination but when he swung over to the conservative base during the election process, he lost my vote. There was a time when both parties had conservative and liberal wings and they were able to compromise and pass needed legislation. I doubt the schism between conservatives and liberals actually exists in the real world. You would see this is you took your head out of Limbaugh’s and Fox’s posterior and got your news from the legitimate media.

  • fred November 12, 2012, 6:15 am

    This panic buying that is going on is ridculous.seriously people get a damn grip

  • Chuck November 12, 2012, 5:57 am

    Those people receiving “entitlements” include many who earned social security and medicare because they paid a
    significant portion of their incomes into it for 30, 40, 50 years. Unlike the born to entitlement crowd who don’t
    pay those taxes on their “investment” income that they didn’t EARN. But lazy, dividing, revisionist, regressive,
    whiners that support the silver spoon crowd, like the author of this nonsense just don’t get this do they?
    Yes many of us support the 2nd amendment also, but then we also know what Snobme’s background in that
    regard was not to mention what that the NRA and a republican governor turned their back on the gun owners of
    Colorado in 2000 because it was politically expedient for them to not oppose amendment 22, which took away
    some of our rights. That money meant more to them became immediately evident.

  • AK-47 November 12, 2012, 5:56 am

    Grow up, why do people always put politics into discussions and think their right & like their the only ones with the right answers concerning others. GO OBAMA COMMANDER- IN- CHIEF.

  • Rob November 12, 2012, 5:49 am

    “You” lost the election because the majority of your party thinks like this. (I’m not a Democrat, by the way, and I own guns and believe in gun ownership rights). Republicans need to get with the times. And Obama has never done anything to attack the second Amendment. You’re scared of… Uh… Bill Clinton, maybe? But he can’t run again, so sleep tight.

    I thought this site was about reviewing guns. That’s why I joined. Not to hear more slack jawed bigoted horse shit from misinformed closed-minded antiquated right wing dumbasses. The world has changed, and if you want anyone to take you seriously, it’s time to drop this modern Confederacy you’ve concocted in the GOP and get more progressive. You so adamantly fight things that are in your own best interest. It astounds me. The whole “entitlement” thing you guys throw around is based on what, exactly? This “hard work” you say Americans need to do to fix this country is definitely true… But there needs to be jobs for those people to have, you idiot. So why support people who want to ship them overseas for a larger profit margin?!?! You make no sense.

    Stick to making hilarious grammatical errors in your gun reviews. I enjoy those and the interesting weapons you post about. This political horse shit is a waste of our time, especially since you don’t have a fucking clue what you are talking about. With all due respect of course.

    Fix yourself. Fix the party. Then I might actually join you. The fundamental, and original ideas of the Republicans are sound. Not this stupid shit you sling now. You’re a disgrace to your country. Fix it. Now. Enlighten yourselves.

    • Bob C November 12, 2012, 12:05 pm

      Well said Rob. This (un)veiled bigotry against minorities that the Republicans have foisted upon their kool-ade drinking followers is simply amazing. Repeat a lie enough times and these rubes will adopt it as gospel. I am reminded of he famous quote, “The greatest lie the Devil ever told was convincing humanity that he didn’t exist.” Along those lines, it seems that to me that “The greatest lie REPUBLICANS ever told was convincing the middle class that they are on their side”.

      Consider that “A CTJ review of Romney’s 2011 federal income tax return found that he SAVED 1.2 million in federal income taxes in 2011 because of the preferential capital gains tax rate. Without that special break, he would have paid total federal income taxes of $3.1 million and his tax rate would have been almost 23 percent”. (Which is still below my (30% tax rate) In case you hard working, non-entitled citizens missed that, Romney SAVED 1,2 million BECAUSE OF AN ENTITLEMENT TO THE RICH!!!!! But go ahead, be pissed at Juan and Leroy because after working 60 hours a week at a minimum wage job they need a $200 housing subsidy to keep a roof over their families heads. Your bigotry shines through every time you say “minorities” are entitled. Oh wait, I stand corrected, millionaires/billionaires are also a minority. As are AT&T, Mobile, Goldman Sachs, Green Giant which all receive huge subsidies, i.e., wellfare. But those are the “good” minorities that deserve the redistribution of wealth from my hard working pocket to theirs. After all, we wouldn’t want them to settle for that $15 million mansion instead of the $20 million mansion. Or God forbid, the 12 seat Lear jet instead of the 14 seat model. So it seems I am wrong and you are right, that the minorities on the dole are the problem in this country. What a bunch of fucking small minded rubes.

      And thank you for that commentary. It just drove home the fact that you haven’t the slightest idea where the real threat to your gun rights will come from. Here’s a clue, I only own three rifles in 5.56 NATO, 8 handguns in 9mm, one 45 auto (just because I LOVE that hunk of steel) a 22 Rifle and a 12 ga shotgun. Not a huge amount of guns by your standards I am sure. What I do have is a large quantity of ammunition for those guns. Why? Think guns being labeled a “health hazard” and then think cigarettes. Cigarettes were never banned, just taxed to ridiculous levels under the guise of saving money in healthcare (mmm, healthcare still controlled by , yep, you guessed it, entitled insurance companies). So fear not, our guns will never be taken away from us. But who will be able to afford the ammunition to use in them with a $50, 60, 70? tax per box. So quit your whining, realize those “minorities” the Republicans have you hating are really in the same boat as ours and there are NO wealthy people or corporations on that boat; they are on their yachts laughing at your ignorance. Nuff said.

      • Mike G November 12, 2012, 2:46 pm

        I could not agree more with Rob and Bob C. I am a gun owning (several actually), well paid, defense contractor, and independent voter that made sure to educate myself on the issues and positions of both candidates. I watched the debates, read their plans for America, and just did not believe the Mitt Romney was in the best interests of the country. It had nothing to do with government entitlements. Romney lost for a myriad or reason, but the ones that were most glaring to me was his inability to adhere to his previously stated positions. It did seem like he changes his opinions often, and I know politicians can cater their message to their audience, but not their principles on different subjects so frequently. Romney was diminished as a likely president because of his adherence to outdated ideals and beliefs that marginalizing women and homosexuals rights was appropriate. I just could not vote for someone who would intentionally hinder others equality and rights while consider that this would be in the best interest of our country and it citizens.

        Romney proved that he did not have the best interest of all Americans in mind with his 47% comment. In addition, he continued to be vague about his budget cuts, tax loophole closures, and many other items he was questioned about. It seemed that he just expected the American people to trust him without any facts, and yet he had provided no reason to entrust him with their vote. Romney also pointed to the states for many of the solutions to the federal over expenditures. Insisting the overhead of FEMA and other social and infrastructural expenses could be assumed by the already stressed budgets of many states that are already bordering on insolvency.

        No Mr. Administrator, I am going to have to disagree with you assessment of the us vs. them, government entitlements, and other ridiculous extremist republican rhetoric assessments of the reasons of Mr. Romney’s defeat. Many people have replied to your post and have pointed out that America is changing. We are moving forward and this cannot be accomplished by limiting others freedoms for equality and continuing to perceiving individuals that have lower income or need assistance as inferior or looked down upon with disdain.

        While I appreciate you have an opinion, and believe you are entitled to it, I would appreciate it if you would not include it in your future emails. Like many others, I signed up for your website for the weapons information and do not appreciate this type of negative, opinionated, political, refuse.

      • Muhjesbude November 12, 2012, 6:22 pm


    • Kai Mujen November 12, 2012, 6:13 pm


    • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 5:52 pm

      Fast & Furious gumby. Then there is the UN arms treaty. You might want to get with the times. Perhaps you can help one of yours, Anthony, with his grammer before you make stupid comments.

  • Alan November 12, 2012, 5:42 am

    Romney lost because he is a flip flopper. Also a straight up liar. I am a hard working American that can’t afford health insurance. I am a lifetime NRA member. I am a construction worker. I am entitled to a place to live, medicine, and the right to say what I feel. I am a gun owner. I am part of the 47%. That is why Romney and his Chinese factories lost the election. Gun and ammo manufacturers use this tactic every time to raise the prices of guns and ammo. If you don’t believe it just look at the history with every president. I mean every president since Reagan. There is and always be a stink over owning guns. Next will be your first amendment rights .

    • Bill November 12, 2012, 8:48 am

      You say you are “intitled” to a place to live… anywhere YOU can afford w/o gov’t assistance, medicine…feel free to purchase all the scrips you have…who is stopping you, and the “right to say what you feel”….I think thats still around. And your point to that was….

  • njcountyofficer November 12, 2012, 5:26 am

    This is all just predictive opinion. Another person trying to predict the future with a cracked crystal ball. The country is changing and I doubt anything can now alter the destructive direction it’s heading in.

  • Jim November 12, 2012, 5:16 am

    Me thinks this author is working for the Dems and Obama. Coming after our guns is precisely what this Administration would like to do (as well as the Dems). They’ve been working on it for decades in the same manner they’ve been ‘dumbing’ down the American citizenry with public education and political correctness. Pull that wool cover off your head and open your eyes. Buy your guns now before they get scarce or are outlawed entirely.

    • Anthony Harden November 12, 2012, 10:03 am

      Sir, you do sound crazy! What do you really need an AR-15 for? Sport, because I don’t know anyone who hunts with one. What are you getting ready for a race war, revolution, what? In my opinion, republicans have gotten away from the days of old where they have freed the slaves to enslaving the masses. It’s not about color, it’s about those who can not afford there taxes. Basically if you make less then them you are looked down upon. Most of the republicans believe we do not deserve free medical, but they do not provide medical to there employees. And the republicans that do, the premiums are not affordable to the employee. A family of 3 or more has to pay $100 or more/wk in order to go to the doctor. While a rich families only problem is that they may have to pay an additional 10% in taxes, please quit crying!

      • Administrator November 12, 2012, 10:40 am

        We need an AR-15 for exactly the reason the 2nd Amendment was created Anthony, and it ain’t hunting my friend.

      • 2WarAbnVet November 12, 2012, 11:04 am

        The founders did not have sport in mind when they guaranteed the Second amendment. They were fresh from liberating themselves from an overreaching government, and wanted to ensure that future generations had the means to protect themselves.
        “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson

      • Steve November 12, 2012, 12:28 pm

        Anthony Harden;
        I am A hunter of rabbits, deer, and feral/wild pigs; I use my 5.56×45 AR-15 for rabbits and jackrabbits at longer range than your 22, or shotgun can make. I use my 50 Beowulf for pig/hog hunting, my name is Steve and I am from California (gun restriction central) Glad to make your acquaintance, now you know someone who uses AR riffles for hunting and are less ignorant than earlier.
        GOD bless our gun rights.

      • Capt. Bob November 12, 2012, 3:18 pm

        If you don’t know anyone who hunts with an AR, you don’t know the right people. AR’s (Armalite Rifle, NOT Assault Rifle) are one of THE MOST popular hunting rifles for hogs (food), coyotes (predator control) and even deer in suitable calibers. However, as was correctly pointed out, the 2nd Amendement “ain’t about hunting…”

      • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 5:46 pm

        I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know the difference between there and their or than and then. Maybe when you finish 5th grade English you can tackle more challenging material like math, history and economics.

        Those people you talk about not being able to afford their taxes would be the $200k+/year business owners moron. Perhaps genius premiums might be more affordable if we actually free market healthcare instead of the crony system idiots like you continue to vote for. Furthermore dunderhead a family of 3 does not have to pay $100/week just to see a doctor. You’ve proven your an idiot, no need to lie on top of that.

        The AR15 has become one of the most popular sporting platforms. Which just goes to show you know absolutely nothing about firearms.

        Now STFU and go away.

  • Dan Wilson November 12, 2012, 4:59 am

    Sorry guys but America voted against stagnant wages, greedy corporations, and for a fair chance at the opportunity to succeed. America voted for affordable healthcare, decent education for their children, and for grandma to keep the social security benefits she has already paid for. No one was voting for free stuff. As long as conservatives live in an echo chamber where they reenforce their own skewed version of reality they will continue to lose elections and fall into irrelevance. The way out, of course, is to quit vilifying those that disagree with us. Find areas we can agree on and persuade people to our point of view. Otherwise gun owners will continue to be seen as camo-clad buffoons and lackys to the the wealthy and corporate interests.

  • MPawn November 12, 2012, 4:52 am

    Thank you, Guns America, for at least urging the gun owning populace not to repeat the idiotic reactionary panic that happened in ’08. It was great for the owners of gun related businesses, but not so good for the rest of us who had to deal with the insane increase in prices and decrease in availability (of ammunition, especially).
    I’m a Democrat who couldn’t take a pay-out if he tried. I own a company and employ people. And if the government wants to raise the amount of taxes I owe to pay for services that help my less fortunate neighbors, I welcome them to do so- I’ll happily pay the piper.
    I’m a gun owner who voted for Obama. And I couldn’t care less if he imposed an assault weapons ban. I’m going deer hunting next weekend with a Marlin 336. I’ll have 2 rounds in the mag and one chambered for that hunt. Can’t imagine needing more.
    For all you paranoid mall ninja/armchair commandos out there- if you spent half the time you spend rattling your (dull) sabres, and half the money you spend on your newest/fastest/highest capacity tacticool gear acquiring actual training and (god forbid) practicing in the field- maybe you’d feel as secure as I do with a very limited gun safe. A hunting rifle, a 12 gauge pump, a .22 rifle and pistol, and a defensive handgun.
    None of these will ever be banned or confiscated, and if TEOTWAWKI arrives tomorrow, I’ll be just fine or I won’t, but it won’t be because I didn’t have three AR15’s with six 60rd mags for each.
    Amen to Joe Blow.
    The right has been literally delusional for so long now, it seems that fact has no place in the discourse. You can’t argue with crazy, and that’s what the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world are. Fu*$@ing crazy. That’s why Romney lost- 52% of this country voted to live in the real world. If the Republican party fueled itself on something other than panic and intolerant fundamental christian B.S. and decided it wanted to actually work to make this country a better place, maybe they’d win an election.
    GunsAmerica is right about one thing: Don’t worry about your gun rights, Republicans. They aren’t going anywhere. No matter who’s president, or who is put in the supreme court. Heller will not be overturned.

    • Dan November 12, 2012, 8:25 am

      Well said, Sir.

      • Muhjesbude November 12, 2012, 10:53 am

        Amen to Joe B, Mpawn, and the amazing manifestations of all the potentially salvational enlightened ones here in this unusual place of worship. Just a few bits and bytes for further focus.

        Entitlements (that which is ‘owed’ by structured investment) is not the same as scamming the dole, or the agenda based Obama regime ‘abusing’ the egalitarian humanitarian system by making it easy for the ‘less motivated’ scammers to fraudulent obtain benefits (fibromyalgia ssi epidemics immediately come to mind) in return for the regime’s agenda support/votes. As previously mentioned with a budget deficit exceeding warp speed over the income, the future is a moot issue, it’s already gone. And any trend toward a system of ‘socialism’ or wealth redistribution is simply pulling the scab off the wound. History has always taught that ‘the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money’. A new paradigm is the only salvation. It must encompass a system of free enterprise and unrestricted liquidity in an egalitarian system of value creation and production. Joe B pointed out a good start, and some un-agendized economists can also add solutions that would immediately put us on a positive recovery. But will it happen? Not when we can’t even get gas into or the power restored to the East Coast adequately. But at the same time. we are giving millions in aid to Syrian Muslims who are victims of other Muslims, mainly by their own choice? Also, we’ll never take Israel off the dole because our entire government is comprised of Zionists. Courtesy of the powerful associate lobbyists.

        Our gun possession rights will never be in jeopardy anymore because of the algorithmic tipping point of the sheer volume of guns and ammo now in the hands of private citizens. It’s a physical impossibility to erase this situation to the satisfaction of the gun grabbers at this point. Even an attempt at this, such as the moronic efforts of Chicago to submit tag on statutes of restrictions and usurious license fees are failing dute to immediate counter attack litigation. Not to mention that an actual mandate and physical attempt might, indeed, cause the growing secession momentum to proportionally advance? It is no longer a winning propostion to confiscate guns in America. The hyperventilated SHthe fan fascist martial law scenarios with so-called door to door confiscations are not a logistic reality for the government. So why the fast and furious back door attempts? ‘They’ don’t need to confiscate our guns, or even ban the access to them by citizens to ‘control’ us. As someone said above or below, they’ve been ‘incrementally’ getting the sheeple down to slavery by a whole ‘nother methodology. I don’t have time at the moment to get into some details, so i’ll try and get back later and add some info to this blog, but it will be pretty close to being ‘over’ for us by 2016 if we don’t completely shift our mentalities and devise a new social paradigm. The gun rights issue is just the diversionary illusion. The way they’ll do it is by knowing everything you do, everywhere you are, and even…everything you think. INSTANTLY! Why should they worry about some group ‘gunning up’ for Revolution when they’ll know about it and stop it before the group eats breakfast?! P.J. Klipangle wrote a book on this kind of future that everybody needs to read….NOW!

        As far as 52% of the people preferring Obama style socialism, it might be more that 52% prefer not to be under a different kind of religionist control freakism. Perhaps the election manifests the growing obsolescence of religionism and their plutocratic supporters, in favor of perhaps an eventual ‘Thomas Paine’ paradigm? After all, that was the whole purpose of why the Founders ‘framed’ the constitution the way it is! Even the majority of Catholic women didn’t vote for Mitt!. What does abortion have to do with running a government?
        So instead of what Mr. Administrator argues that a Mitt vote was a reluctantly better choice, perhaps the majority of average secular AND Christian Americans thought that Obama was the ‘lesser of two weevils’?
        The only way to prevent the inevitable social melt down is to make huge critical choices and very soon. This won’t happen. Already the only solution ‘They’ will have will be to postpone the january ‘fiscal crisis’ into the future. Globalism has fostered a bastard child called procrastination in its own meltdown. Even the terrorists are ‘putting things off longer’ these days. So as some philosphers portend, perhaps there is no other recourse for ‘us’, other than a complete social ‘re-set’, by disasterous default?

        Hey Mr. M Pawn! Why would you have all those extemporaneous shooting tools when one AR-15 will do the job of all of them? And of course in a real teotwawki scenario, two rounds in a bolt gun or a few in a shitgun are about as effective as target arrows on a Rhino or Daisy bb guns on an Alligator. But you had to know that from reading all of GA blogs< LOL. Otherwise the military wouldn't be using AR-15's with many more than just six mags…now would they? LOL!!!

    • republican November 12, 2012, 11:31 am

      You are a prime example of a Sheople. They will take your firearms along with ours because you believe the government is going to protect you. You are WRONG! We will continue to buy weapons to protect us from the government, supported by @$$^#^#4 heads like you who are willing to let our God given rights be trampled.

      • Muhjesbude November 12, 2012, 6:08 pm

        Republican, no sir, YOU are a prime example of a republican power elite sheeple milking cow who lets others do their thinking for them. Start thinking for yourself and maybe you’ll begin to see the forest from the trees. It’s not about Repugnantkins or Dumbocrats, other words for THE SAME FUCKING ASSHOLE FASCIST POWER ELITE. it’s about become a self efficient free thinking American Patriot who doesn’t cow-tow to those who are milking us. I voted for the ‘third (FREEDOM) party’. If you still have the knee jerk reaction to a Secular America, you know, the one the Founders designed so that you can freely email ‘god’ on a regular basis to make all your decisions for you????—then you are ANTI-FUCKING CONSTIUTION, WHICH AMOUNTS TO SEDITION! SIR. SO COMMENCE TO GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY!

        • RRangel November 12, 2012, 9:25 pm

          Easy on the Dragon software.

          • Muhjesbude November 14, 2012, 5:36 am


    • bobcat November 12, 2012, 9:01 pm

      Perfectly told Mike, and Joe blow. IF you can’t visit reality, you’ll never be able to win over the rational people that live there.
      My thanks to you for saying it well.

  • mike November 12, 2012, 4:52 am

    You will never “Win” voters by not standing up for your beliefs.

  • Mike November 12, 2012, 4:44 am

    When you’ve been beaten badly in an election cycle, it would seem that spouting more of the same fallacious
    arguments that produced your defeat might not be the best strategy. Good luck with this line of paranoid, self serving, hystrionics, because you are gonna need a bunch of it.

    I suppose you can continue to hope that things will continue to go South, and then spend a whole lot of money
    on sound bites linking it to the incumbent. The alternative of a little bit of soul searching and reflection on
    the possibility of personal prejudice that might lead to error is apparently beyond you. Otherwise you would not

    “Election day clearly spelled out that America has become an “us vs. them” society. The “them,” meaning those who are receiving government entitlements, now outnumber the “us” who do not, and they outvoted us.”

    and then close with:

    “The future of our children’s’ America transcends race, gender and class, and we are truly all in this together. A lot of people out there are hurting right now, and even those who have weathered the storm are mostly working twice as hard for half as much. We all wish things could be better for all of us, and we really are all in this together.”

    A suggestion…………….try to figure out what you really think and at least remain honest to it.

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 12:44 pm

      Well said Mike. I guess that the statement made in the last election and attitudes that still remain are the words ” we will do what ever it takes to make this president a one term president “. What a difference the past four years and the up coming years could have and can be if the words spoken were “we will do what we can to work with this president ” to make this country and nation the best we can.

      • bobcat November 12, 2012, 8:55 pm

        Amen Leadsender, if ONLY we could get a fraction of the enthusiasm exhibited in the anti-Obama effort, shown toward actually making things better,or even showing support for the man America elected and the policies we elected him to implement, things would get better. At least, when they go to hold HIM responsible for the outcome, it’ll be HIS policies they hold him accountable for.
        And can I comfort you gun owners, I’m a Viet Vet, ScoutMaster vet, Nascar vet and present gun owner and have them for defense of my home/property as there are predators of all varieties here and law enforcement 20 mins away on a good day. There is no need for much more gun control, though it would be nice for the NRA to at least acknowledge the need to protect us from INSANE people with legal access to weapons. When NRA and rational thought meet in the same room, only good can follow.

    • RRangel November 12, 2012, 9:20 pm

      So when things “go south,” because of Obama, do you believe that he should even be held accountable? Or is it that you really, intend to defend Obama, despite his record of failure as a United States President. As if no one should bring it up. From a terrible economy brought on by his Keynesian economics, and with it very high unemployment, to his foreign policy gaffes. I could be mistaken but I don’t think that I am. That you project the attitude of someone who’s only concerned with “sticking it to the man.” To the detriment of us all.

    • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 5:37 pm

      It’s easier to be fallacious when you’re giving away the property and wealth of others. Fellate on that for a while gumby.

  • jtaylo November 12, 2012, 4:41 am

    I recieve SS payments every month-so I guess I’m one of “them” and I’m not white. I’m a “Nam grunt(USMC)
    with a purple heart and a dozen or so ops under my belt. And I’ve been a gun owner since Monica’s boyfriend
    shove the assault weapons ban down out throats. Oh yeah I also work about 22/25 hours a week. My point is
    I voted for Romney and I lose $10 to a Obamaista he was very grateful for the dough(it must have bought
    him a meal he couldn’t buy since he’d have to pay me after pay day-I paid him on wednesday-I’m frugal. So is the country lost? Not yet!I may not have the best job or make tons of $$ but I vote for the ‘publican with the conservative values I believe in and that includes saving the 2nd amendment.

    • Steve November 12, 2012, 7:56 am

      Thank you for your service jtaylo. Your stand is worth a lot and you are what this country needs. And i guess a hard position in the ‘non white’ community.

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 12:37 pm

      THANK YOU for your service jtaylo. I still do not understand or get how people can vote againt there own interest. Poor white folk and union people people voting for Mitt Romney makes no since too me.

      • RRangel November 12, 2012, 4:33 pm

        How hard is it to understand? When you destroy the economy, and the producers that employee the nation, advocating for an anti-capitalist president like Barack Obama, that’s obviously not good for “Poor white folk and union people.” The economy has lost jobs overnight since Obama’s election win.

    • jdkchem November 12, 2012, 5:14 pm

      Semper Fi JT.

  • Jason November 12, 2012, 3:53 am

    “We lost the election before it started, because Mitt…ran on a platform of hard work…”
    That’s complete crap. He ran on a platform of elitist top down rule: more war (e.g. subsidies for US energy companies and war profiteers–a.k.a. ‘defense’ contractors), more debt (e.g. subsidies for the Wall Street banks that borrow the dollars from the fed at 0% then loan it back to the government), and more PATRIOT Act/NDAA-style fascism (e.g. subsidies for the homeland ‘security’ industry).
    Romney is the same style of welfare/warfare fascist that America has been saddled with since the ’30s. Any differences between him and the current guy is negligible, as is the difference between the current guy and the previous one.

    If GunsAmerica really wants to protect gun rights from the supreme court, why not work with pro-gun groups to get a new Constitutional amendment that removes the perceived ambiguity from the second amendment? All it takes is 38 pro-gun state legislatures. There are 40 shall-issue states, plus Alabama. Getting 38 shouldn’t be too tough.

  • don November 12, 2012, 3:51 am

    WEALTHY Republican (TEABAGGERS) receive Gubment help just like the poor ones… oh that right you idiotic Republicans who haven’t a pot to piss in….don’t conside Social Security Gubment help!!!

    OBAMA kicked Whitees azz again hahahahahahahaha

    • B. Walker November 12, 2012, 10:35 am

      Not so, Don. Only the ageing white males voted against Obama. Think about that. Clearly that group is out of step with the rest of the voters.

    • jdkchem November 12, 2012, 5:11 pm

      Masterfully written Buckwheat. A fine example of public school education. Unlike you I pay into Social Security which I am forced into so that gutless twats like you can have your free monkey-phone. Furthermore scumbag 8 of the 10 wealthiest counties voted for your precedent.

  • Mike Thompson November 12, 2012, 3:40 am

    Speaking of fools, how foolish is it to be a single-issue voter (or supporter) and help elect Democrats who will, in turn, support this administration in everything they do?
    I have bailed on the NRA and the AOPA because they will send money to anyone who supports (or appears to support) their issue – in these cases guns an aviation, respectively.
    If you ask the NRA if they will withhold support from all Democrats… of course they will say if a Democrat is gun friendly over their opponent, they will send them campaign money.
    This is a huge failure to see the forest for the trees – those Democrats may have a “good” grade on guns as far as the NRA is concerned, but when push comes to shove those same Democrats WILL VOTE in lock step with their leadership on issues that affect the country (two for instance, Obamacare and the budget).
    For the NRA or the AOPA to help put any Democrat in office anywhere, is unconscionable and I, for one, will not help fund them only to have them turn around and help fund (with my money!) the enemies of the country.

    • luther November 12, 2012, 1:01 pm

      that is baloney. When Howard dean was governor of vermont he had a 100% NRA rating. When he ran for president he made it a point to say that “one size fits all” doesn’t work with gun laws, and he had no intention of pursuing any. The NRA changed his rating and poured money into the race to paint a pro business governor into a wild eyed liberal maniac.

      The people who own firearms are sick and tired of the NRA pursuing a conservative social agenda that has nothing to do with firearm ownership. Its all about symbolism. Good god, when the republicans had Clint Eastwood speak as if he was the character from Grand Tornino or Dirty harry, that was a joke. Eastwood hates pistols, and even flinches when he shoots blanks in movies.

      • jdkchem November 12, 2012, 5:12 pm

        No luther you’re a joke. Another gutless liberal scumbag. Crawl back under your rock.

        • John November 14, 2012, 9:13 pm

          JDK…are you house bound?

    • John November 14, 2012, 9:12 pm

      Where did, ALL, these fuckin’ prophets come from? Where were they, when Bush took us to the fical toilet, or the 911 attacks? If you offerred, more, solutions, and less stupid questions (Or, anything that pops into your heads…), something would get done, in Washington.Record, yourself saying, some of this stuff…then, later watch it, with your Grandma; then see, if you respect yourself?

      • John November 14, 2012, 9:16 pm

        LOL…meant fiscal,…no, not fecal, either…

  • REM1875 November 12, 2012, 3:37 am

    Older members will remember our long series of losses to ‘reasonable’ gun control measures and one sided ‘comprimises’. While these losses remain fresh in our minds we are dealing with a new electorate who is almost totally unaware of the results of go along to get along. If there was no warning sounded we would be remiss in our duty. How will they know the results of their action when a series of seeming reasonable measures are passed? Most gun control measures were passed in small increments unlike the 68 gun control act. So I really don’t expect any great ahha moment from this administration until a series of small acts set up a great one. Then it will too late and with no court to save us from their actions we are screwed. Incrementialism will once again defeat us. Many who lost their right to own a gun under the retroactive lautberg law are unaware they have lost their rights even now years after it passed and I look for people with ptsd to be one of the next targets of ‘reasonable’ restrictions. Bite by bite.
    So I beg to disagree with you- this election was more about gun control than any other and we have a duty to sound the alarm.

    • raazorblade November 12, 2012, 1:02 pm

      Actually the restrictions on the 2nd Amendment rights of the people and the destruction of the Constitution started with the 1934 Gun Control Act that outlawed the private ownership of so many of the so called assault weapons that are so freely talked about today. An “assault” weapon by definition is an fully automatic weapon that has been severly restricted to private citizens since 1934 but the anti-gun idiot do not care about lieing when that spout their garbage….

    • John November 14, 2012, 8:54 pm

      The BRADY ACT…remember? Rea’gun’, was a republican’t, wasn’t he? YOU did the act, on his watch, didn’t you?That is to say…Oh, the dread and worry, of things, that, MIGHT, happen…imaginations need to be channelled, into positive actions.

  • Rob November 11, 2012, 7:12 pm

    “Those who commented that Obama did nothing in his first term to hurt guns rights were of course fools, but America is apparently composed of 52% fools, so you don’t have to look too far to find one, even among gun owners.”

    Ad hominem fallacious argument

    You can look it up

    • jdkchem November 12, 2012, 5:03 pm

      What exactly is fallacious? Perhaps you should look that word up before you confirm you’re one of the 52%.

  • Joe Blow November 11, 2012, 4:17 pm

    The reason the Republicans lost is because they ran Mitt Romney instead of Ron Paul. Mitt Romney AND Barack Obama are both just more of the same ol’ same ol’ with just enough difference between them to keep the sheeple arguing that one is actually better than the other and give the illusion of choice. End the fed, end the wars, end our dependence on oil (foreign and domestic), tariff all goods from any country that use poverty wages to underprice their products, forbid any U.S. company from offshoring labor and profits, institute a flat tax on wages, eliminate ALL taxes on savings and investments, end ALL the give-aways including the never talked about corporate and military ones, end foreign aid (especially to Israel and Egypt), reinstate Glass Steagall, reverse Citizens United…..I could keep going. How many of these issues were floated during the election run up? NONE. That says it all about this country and why it’s going downhill. And yet here we sit, whining about will our guns be taken away. The problem isn’t the much pointed at welfare queen but the 20% of our population that have 87% percent of the wealth of this country between them. This wealth gap is the death knell of our country because it means there is no middle class anymore, we’re all just serfs on the barons land now.

    • aaron November 12, 2012, 3:09 am

      correct, ron paul should have been the republican nominee with the platform that comes with it. ya know what though, the establishment could not have let dr.paul b in the spotlight like that. could you imagine of the media was forced to give ron paul massive coverage throught the presidential race? allllll of america would have finally been able to hear what ron paul had to say and they would have voted for him. barack obama and the establishment would have been destroyed and exposed if ron paul got the nomination. obama could not have handled one on one debates with dr.paul, he would have been destroyed in front of the whole world. thats pretty much the way i see it. in the republican debates dr.paul destroyed romney everytime along with everyone else. i always thought that romeny would have been the last one to get the nomination, hes an idiot. they just put him in there so obama could get another 4 more years to do the establishment and the globalists deed of destroying america.

    • Duncan November 12, 2012, 6:02 am

      Thank for this post … you said a bunch that I thought I was going to have to say .
      The GM administrator has like so many republicans the belief that exposes different ideologies than than The Big O . He doesn’t . He just does it in a lesser degree .
      There were political analysts that predicted that if the R’s did not run Ron P or someone like him they would lose . They were right . There were 14 mil or more less votes cast than the last Prez election . Why ?
      I think they were the independent – Libertarian – Barry Goldwater types that said .. to hell with you .. I am tired and there is no choice . Sad what a message they could have sent if they voted for the ” third party ” any of them would have sent a message .

    • Jack Holroyd November 12, 2012, 6:13 am

      You chose an appropriate name, Mr. Blow.

    • A Man November 12, 2012, 9:00 am

      Well said. However, I’ll go one past that. It wasn’t just because Ron Paul was the only one who was substantially different in his view on the proper role of government. It was also because of how the republican establishment treated the Tea Party and Ron Paul supporters with a rigged and nasty convention.

      Screw them, they needed to lose so we can reform the Republican party as something actually different than the Democratic party aside from rhetoric. If we have to suffer through 4 more years of an asshat in the White House, so be it. If the Republican controlled house had any cajones, they could shut down government and demand anything they wanted. They don’t, because they’re not actually any different. Borrow, Spend, War, Assassinate, Bail Out.

    • Eric November 12, 2012, 11:46 am

      Absolutley agree…

    • Gary November 12, 2012, 12:21 pm

      Agreed… the GOP brought this upon themselves, and I have no sympathy. Personally I couldn’t see any significant difference between Romney and Obama on the core issues. Many of us also saw the way both the Republican Party and Lamestream Media (Including the likes of Rush Limbaugh) treated Ron Paul during the primaries. The idea that Romney lost because he “ran on a platform of hard work” is complete crap. We know something has gone very wrong in the way this country is heading, and we are being ignored.

  • AJ November 11, 2012, 2:12 pm

    Quote: “Election day clearly spelled out that America has become an “us vs. them” society. The “them,” meaning those who are receiving government entitlements, now outnumber the “us” who do not, and they outvoted us.” Response: I wish “gun people” would quit from this highly partisan and extreme commentary; it damages the self proclaimed cause. The facts of exit polls bear out that the large majority of non-white and non-male voters went for Obama and are going to be even a larger portion of the electorate as one moves forward. This is irrefutable factual analysis that even Republican strategists are freely admitting in public. If as “gun people” state that they are for the long term preservation of “gun rights,” then reaching these people who are probably not like you is an essential component of the stated long term goal of the effective right of self defense. In addition this “entitlement” critique peddled by the Romney campaign is largely logically inconsistent. Did your parents pay for the entire cost of your [likely public] education? Is one of your older family members collecting social security or medicare after 10 years of the start of receiving payments? [collecting more than they paid in] Did the company you work for receive special government tax “incentives,” direct payments, or indirect R+D subsidies? (NFL, MLB, NBA, defense contractors, building and real estate industries, medical industry, energy industry, farm industry, etc, etc) Do you obtain private medical insurance [private socialism] or use publicly paid for infrastructure [hello highways; rural electic in the south, west and midwest; municipal water systems] and how do you justify using such a socialist structure. I talked with a USMC vet blown up in Iraq yesterday (as white and male and over 50 as they come) with dozens of surgeries and 100% disability. He didnt prepay his retirement or medical expenses and is collecting them based on entitlement due to service. Are the hundreds of thousands spent on him ill advised “entitlement” expenditures? Does he deserve his pension? And if he does then where do you draw the line at those who dont deserve the pension? What about the cop or firefighter who retires at 45 with 20 years service of largely office duty and a nice salary and benefits for life? I think one should stick to gun topics on gun sites. And if gun rights comes up them it should be about building bridges and alliances on facts and common ground with those who are not like you–either politically, culturally, or physically.

    • Floyd G November 12, 2012, 3:59 am

      I could not have said it better. This is a gun site and so far there has been no serious talk of gun control. I think Washington still remembers what happened last time they tried.

      • BeanerBuster November 12, 2012, 9:20 am

        Very good points but have any of you heard of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, designed to disarm Western countries while still allowing the camel-jockeys to have AK’s??? Hillary Clinton has signed it and Obama can bypass Congress and sign it into law. Research that along with Agenda 21….

        • John November 14, 2012, 11:55 am

          BeanerFearer (Fearmonger)…you are a lowly peice of predjudiced crap. No one likes you, or cares what you spout out of your imaginative pie-hole.

        • Jim November 14, 2012, 10:26 pm

          NO NO NO NO. Hillary signed nothing, the vote isn’t until March 2013. What they did do was vote to agree that they were ready to vote on the ATT in march. The ATT does not disarm anybody, it contols and limits the arms trades to countries that would only do harm with them….. like you know, Syria, Iran, Libya…. Obama can’t pass any treaty, it has to go the senate for ratification and they need 2/3 to do it. Now if it does pass then it would most likely go to the supreme court and maybe…just maybe it may get upheld since Obama has appointed to anti gun justices. stop spewing your dramatic false news and do some actual reading before you post again.

      • henryknox November 12, 2012, 9:59 am

        Perhaps you haven’t heard of Senator Feinstein? She has already convened to begin gun control legislation. Good bye to the pistol grip, black finished guns and the detachable magazine.

        • Administrator November 12, 2012, 10:42 am

          There is no support for this in either house of congress, and it will die a natural death. She will be replaced as speaker as well.

          • luther November 12, 2012, 12:55 pm

            This response shows how little you really do understand politics. Diane feinstein is a senator, she isn’t nancy pelosi(who has not been speaker of the house since 2010).
            The reason Mitt Romeny lost is that after the hurricane people were reminded that they need a strong federal government.

            And “fast and Furious” was a local initiative, had had not been planned by the justice department, and was misdirected from the begginng. If there hasn’t been any attempt at gun legislation after a half dozen lunatics have killed countless civilians, then there isn’t going to be. There are plenty of pro gun democrats across the county that get totally turned off listening to the Limbaugh script. He’s an entertainer, he is paid 23million a year to rev people up, and he happened to get that contract after Romney’s firm purchased clear channel.

          • JELLIBEAN November 12, 2012, 2:06 pm

            I have two words for you “executive order” thats how obummer will get this done, he just simply bypasses congress. don’t think he can do this, your wrong, he has done it before. don’t be a fool about agenda 21.

          • jdkchem November 12, 2012, 4:55 pm

            @luther You’re an idiot. Fast & Furious was a justice department operation, period. Holder knew of, approved and orchestrated the murder of hundreds just to say “guns are bad”.
            As for hurricane Sandy how is big government doing? The only organizations doing anything are the religious groups. To say that Sandy was proof of the need for big government requires a level of stupidity never before seen. All anyone has to do is look at the number of people without food, water or shelter to confirm you’re an idiot.

          • RRangel November 12, 2012, 5:08 pm

            This is exactly correct. An Executive Order, for an overt violation, of the now incorporated Second Amendment will not fly, either. The president will continue his anti-gun appointments, whether to the Department of Justice or the Supreme Court, and his “under the radar” gun prohibition advocacy will continue.

          • Jim Chandler November 13, 2012, 2:57 pm

            Administrator: You have mistaken Senator Feinstein for Congresswoman Pelosi. Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House and Feinstein is in the Senate. BOTH are as anti-gun loiberal as you can get and will, at a moments notice, attempt to foist more of their ill-conceived “gun control” upon the citizens of the country.

            AJ: No one has questioned the disability of our servicemen as not being earned. They are in the vast MINORITY. The MAJORITY of the welfare in this country goes to those who WILL NOT work and have earned nothing. Those are the ones that are complained about and they certainly do outnumber those of us who work and pay the taxes to support them. The “entitlement” mentality is alive and well and the youth of today are being taught it as they grow up.

        • Jim November 14, 2012, 10:29 pm

          Yeah, and she lost. she has attempted two times to enact gun legislation, once after giffords shooting and the other one after the Batman shooting. Both time she lost. Don’t get me wrong, I think Feinstein has to go but don’t give her any more credit by saying she actually has a chance of passing wind.

      • Ralph De La Huerta November 12, 2012, 4:07 pm

        Do you really think they would publicize any of their intentions? Hitlar(y) Clinton is too conniving to do so!

        • Dan Mortenson November 12, 2012, 6:27 pm

          Heck, they don’t have to publicize anything at all. Progressives already KNOW they hate automatic weapons. All Obama has to do is keep a low profile, and let the Reich Wing create their own fantasy of gun-prohibition.

          THAT is what you are missing, here. The fact that it is your OWN craziness that is driving the debate. That craziness can only increase, when you won’t go look up the real facts (NOT on FAUX Noise, that means)…

        • John November 14, 2012, 10:50 am

          Grow up and stop being childish. Most, of you, are blowhards, with little, or no education, or Service to our country; when it comes to politics. Yes, you can support your beliefs; but, please, make them factual. Do not make up things, that pop into your minds, and espouse them, as facts. The sky, might be fallin’, but no one will take you seriously, if you do not stick to real facts. Get your sources, from more than one predjudiced source (i.e., The Koch Bros., FOX NEWS, Glen Beck (LOL), Flush Rimjob McConnell, Boehner, etc.) and try to listen and comprehend your fellow man, and he will listen to you. Compromise is not, as Cantor, or his ilk tell you; their way, or the highway( Guess, most of them will be on the highway, all, too soon.) It is, all, about compromise, and mutual respect. Stick to guns, as your hobby, and leave politics to the people WE elect. President Obama is your president. Like it, or not; we must support America, and him, if we are to be true to the American system, of politics.

          • John November 14, 2012, 11:59 am

            JDCHEM…You are inncorrect. It started, as a local operation, the Texans blew; then needed help, from The Justice Department… You are blaming the gun for a bullet passing through your little brain…

          • michaelacummings November 14, 2012, 1:55 pm

            For the love of all that is right and true, please remove the vast majority of your punctuation.

          • Rick November 15, 2012, 6:24 pm

            While I don’t completely disagree with you, your point is hard to get because you don’t seem to understand the proper use of a comma. Way too many of them and in the wrong places.

          • Scott November 21, 2012, 8:59 pm

            Wow, you are obviously proud of socialism. Thinking Australia would be a good start for you. Wake up dumbass.

          • tim December 3, 2012, 5:43 am

            John knows where the bear s—s in the woods. If President Obama is going totake guns let mine be the first. That is not the case. The versailles treaty had bad repercussions for the perps of WW1. If you start a war like Bush did on soil of a soverign nation not associated with the perps of 911 ( Bin Laden was an Arabian not an Iraqi) there is a possibility of the same thing like England and Germany. As a life long hunter and gun owner I favor the liberals. During the debates threats weren’t made directly at gun owners, but there is a resolution in the UN to ban the trafficing of assault weapons. I’m not in favor of it, but the world would be a lot better off without people like Ollie( Iran – Contra) and the like. The world is what it is, let the boys duke it out like kids in the school yard. We don’t have to make everybodys’ fight ours. Free enterprise not capitalism is what makes economies grow.

      • RRangel November 13, 2012, 7:35 pm

        As you say, the gun prohibitionists are still held in check by a legislature, that thankfully doesn’t reflect the anti-gun makeup of the Obama administration. It does not mean we are completely in the clear. Just that, we are not likely to see any gun ban legislation, pass muster. Especially when our Second Amendment right is incorporated.

        What we are likely to see, is the continuation of executive orders, terrible appointments and back door moves, designed to hamper gun rights, just as in Obama’s first term. Though now the president has more “flexibility,” not having to worry, about being elected ever again.

        Readers obviously understand the meaning of your article, that we shouldn’t over react despite the criticism, from suspicious posters. Those that you can easily tell, only pretend to be concerned with gun rights, in order to voice their illogical opposition. Some of their positions are down right preposterous. And you know who you are.

        • John November 14, 2012, 11:03 am

          You saw your enemy, and he is you…All walks of life enjoy shooting, and are happy to abide by sensiable gun rules, and laws. Enforce the laws…no criminal, or mentally ill person should have a legal gun. And, if they have one, it’ll be me, or you who has to shoot ’em. This is not a political agenda; it is merely, a bunch, of malcontent redneck blowhards, that think they are Glenn Beck (LOL) or Flush Rimjob. Both traitors, and both liars; who perpetuate hate and divisivness.
          In regard to secession, you guys would shoot off your foot, to spite your toe…Be happy! America is a fantastic place to live. My families have lived, here in America, since 1610…we like it, as it is. If you guys want to start a Fascist State, you may not do so, in America. Fringe groupe in, all, thre petioning states are a gross minority…they are just louder and mean spirited. Bullies find their own demise…sooner, than they think.

          • RRangel November 14, 2012, 7:36 pm

            I love these responses from people that can’t handle reality. The more that, anti-American malcontents such as yourself, show us how unhinged they are, the better. It means I’m doing something right. 😉

    • Pete November 12, 2012, 7:15 am

      You make some good points. There are many people getting entitlements from the government. And there are many people that deserve them, having earned them through service or working and contributing to the kitty.

      I think what gets people going is the fact that a lot of people in America today have neither earned nor contributed, but still received entitlements. Mitt is indeed a twit for lumping everyone that gets anything from the government together. Don’t follow his footsteps.

      Comparing, say, a vet who has served honorably and now needs medical attention with someone who, for example, crosses our border to have a baby is specious.

      And that ‘highway-water-supply-public school-whatever’ argument doesn’t work either. Infrastructures are not entitlements (for the record they aren’t business-builders either, as the other twit suggested).

      Having said all that, you are totally correct in suggesting we all better quit throwing verbal stones at the new face of America and reach out.

      Thank you for posting.

      • Frank November 12, 2012, 2:27 pm

        Quit throwing verbal stones at the new face of America and “reach out.” I never have quite understood this whole “reach out” theory. Could someone without an axe to grind please explain this to me? It seems to me that no person who really loves America would need to be reached out to. I’ve never been reached out to. Nobody has offered anything special to me to vote for them. Who is it that won’t vote for someone unless there is a “reach out?” Sounds like someone is asking for a hand out – as in THIS particular segment of the population has a unique need to be treated special. This seems quite divisive to me. Reach out to the black community (and presumably offer them something), reach out to the latino community (and presumably offer them something), reach out to the homosexual community and presumably offer them something (sorry – I don’t use the hijacked word “gay” to describe men who put their reproductive organs into other men anuses) reach out to women (and presumably offer them something). One of the reasons we are over $16 trillion in debt and well over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities is that politicians keep “reaching out” and handing out goodies to all sorts of groups to get their votes. Saying that we should quit throwing verbal stones at the new face of America and reach out is to say, people of color are making up a larger portion of the voting population because they are reproducing at a rate faster than whites, and you better start giving them more stuff. If that is the solution, we are toast. If Republicans simply offer to hand out as much or more candy than the Democrats in order to get votes, we are destined to make Greece look like a day at the park.

        • DoubleC November 13, 2012, 8:15 am

          Finally, Frank, some truth and reason, nobody’s ever “reached out” to me either. I vote because I believe it’s my patriotic privilege and duty. It’s also my job to be as well informed as possible. Difficult, though, that is without a “progressive” education. I am 72 yrs. old and collecting Social security, I’ve worked and been personally responsible for myself right along and, yes, I feel “entitled” to it, I’m still working part-time and continuing to pay into the system. No actual retirement in sight yet. What really galls me are the people, mostly from the islands and Mexico who come here, mostly illegally, work for cash, report low or no income, receive all kinds of benefits and are living better than me with their Mercedes, while I drive a 6 yr. old Chevy to my part-time job, my husband kills himself for half the money he made 7 yrs. ago, we’re trying to maintain our property for the future, which I fear will never come. Our equity (and retirement) was wiped out during the housing bubble. I must’nt for get to thank Barney Frank. My daughter has “the Progressive education” and can barely support herself and child let alone do anything for me. She does work though, so maybe there’s hope, but not much. This election is our downfall, for sure.

          • John November 13, 2012, 10:55 am

            You republican’ts are supposed to be the pull up your socks and go types. Rugged individuals, who want or need no help, from anyone. All, I hear are you belly-walling about how government has made your lives difficult. Well, here’s a news flash…It was the BUSH REGIME, with it’s run away spending, on themselves and the wars he started, and the lack of oversite, caused the housing problems, in the first place. That is a BIG reason, for Romney’s failure to win…the rest was he was not qualified or ready to be President. You folks need to do more positive outlets for your self-loathing insecurities.
            The hype over gun laws were perpetrated, by our illustrious gun dealers and manufacturers. It is more about gun sales, than anything, else.
            In closing, stop makin’ shit up! Just because something COULD happen, does not mean it will. Hell, the only person who thought of it said it, and you mental midgets repeat it…aka, Flush Rimjob!
            Be American, and let’s rebuild our great nation, one road, one water system, one bridge, at a time. We have the workforce; putting our Fellow Veterans to work, for America.

          • Bullet November 18, 2012, 8:55 am

            Very well put Young Lady

          • Louis760 November 27, 2012, 3:37 pm

            The Mexicans I see going to work in Southern California, to the car wash, busting tables in restaurants, or looking for day labor at Home Depot, are riding bicycles, catching the bus. Sometimes I will see three men in a work truck. A Mercedes? Sounds like the local drug dealer.
            It sounds like you were not much of a financial planner. So much for being personally responsible. I bought my first house at age 30. I have tried to live frugal. Apparently you did not. Refinance for that RV or yacht? If you want to blame someone, look at the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Those Republican Senators deregulated the banking industry. Only took Bush and the Act eight years to bankrupt the country.
            Apparently your husband did not have a middle class job or he would have been abled to manage through the recession. BTW, making commission on a lot of sales is not middle class. You need to have a professional license or degree, or belong to a union to actually be middle class.

          • Louis760 November 27, 2012, 3:43 pm

            If you live in Florida; the Mercedes was filled with Cubans on the way to Jeb Bush’s estate. And you are right, they do not pay their fair share of taxes.

          • Jack December 3, 2012, 5:17 pm

            Double C, You have hit the nail right on the head! I am in the same position you and your hubby are and we don’t ask for a thing from anyone. I have worked all my life from the time I was 6 yrs old thru WWII, and I can say with pride I served my country. Barak Obomination has led us to this tragedy, not giving a damned about anything that is good and healthy for the USA. Let all the Wetbacks, Cubans, (Latinos by the thousands) enter our country and demand that they are eligible for SS, wellfare checks, medical assistance,and food stamps makes me THROW UP. So many Americans are out of jobs, and so many college grads can’t afford to be unemployed and are living home with their parents. And just because this Jackass in the White House needed the Latino vote he opened the flood gated and let millions of Pepper Bellies invade our land and took away jobs that many American citizens would now occupy. And in just a little while, this Anti Christ will take all our freedoms away from us. GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS fighting for our freedoms with their lives. e

          • ACM December 12, 2012, 8:09 am

            John, you and your self-righteous, like-minded progressive friends on this site would do well to turn of MSNBC, CurrentTV, CNN and other outlets for the far-left; or simply practice what you preach and seek new and opinion from alternative sources. Washington Times? Weekly Standard?

            You guys are hell-bent on blaming Bush for everything. What you seem to forget is that all spending is determined by the LEGISLATIVE bills from Congress. Your Democrat-controlled Congress spent like drunken sailors during Bush’s terms. The only critism I’ll share with you is that Bush should have vetoed the spending bills. To bad we were all collectively unhinged about 9/11 and felt we need to expand the government’s role in our lives to the point we now get groped at airports.

            As far as your propensity to blame Republicans for the wrecked economy that ostensibly derived from the housing bubble, again I implore you to educate yourself. Please read, “Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon,” written by two New York Times writers. (The New York Times is hardly a beacon for those whom you loathe on the right of the political spectrum.)

            Let’s debate after you’ve completed your assignment.

        • John November 14, 2012, 11:13 am

          You must take care, of yourself, and stop worring about what others get, and you don’t. You don’t, even, get the conversation. You, all, receive one or more entilements, such as freedom, the right to vote, the right not to vote, public sevices, military protection…the list goes on. We earned our entilement, from hard work, diligence and by supporting America in a time of need; as this is…
          No one likes to be on welfare, but the majority, of receipients are white trash rednecks. That, my friend, is a fact.
          Remember, just because you think, of a possible autrocity; it does not make them true, or viable. The gun industry has reeled you in hook, line, and sinker. They sold you guns, (Most of you shouldn’t have them, due to mental retardation, anyway.) , now you want to use them. Go aheah, then the real gunmen will take them away from you. How do you feel about that? It must be truth…I thunk et up…

          • Abbey November 14, 2012, 10:32 pm

            John, you are entitled to your opinion. I would never attempt to convince you otherwise, when you have so clearly made up your mind. But you are NOT entitled to that many commas. Please, please, please use correct grammar and punctuation. It’s difficult to determine what you are actually saying when I have to keep mentally reformatting your statements to make them coherent.

          • Steve November 23, 2012, 5:49 pm

            Well john since you like to spew your filth and say we should get our facts striaght; how about you do the same? will show that the “majority” of welfare recepients are black. Since the statistics are so close lets examine the use of “majority” as defined,
   clearly states “that the greater quantity or share” of welfare recepients is black and not white trash rednecks so please inform yourself before trying to inform us uneducated rednecks with guns.

      • Robert Houston November 14, 2012, 11:26 am

        With all due respect to the fact that this is a gun site and the discussion should be limited to the rights of gun owner ship. I must address this entitlement business. Let’s discuss entitlements. First of all some believe the middle class always existed. #1 The White middle class? The White middle class emerged ONLY with government’s help. Government programs lifted thousands of whites into the ranks of the middle class, while denying nonwhites this advantage. #2 The New Deal provided working and wage regulations, mandated a standardized minimum wage, imposed work hour limitations, veteran assistance and provided a climate in which unions could flourish. Farm workers workers did not qualify and 40% of Southern agricultural workers during the 1930’s were black men. Like my Grandfather on my dad’s side. And by the way, a profitable farm was taken from my mother’s side with no compensation what so ever. Lots of land was stolen from non whites from the end of reconstruction until the 1950s. These towns were called “Sundown Towns.” Some of the signs (such as: N_gger if you can read this run and if you can’t read, run anyway, N_gger, don’t let the sun go down on you in this town.”) baring nonwhites were still up well into the 1990s. Some of you who live in all white or predominately white cities and townships believe that they were always, from the beginning, that way don’t you? Maids did not qualify, a profession dominated by black women. And other nonwhite jobs were also excluded from these benefits. But whites benefited from these policies. How? The Southern Democrats in the House and Senate would back New Deal policies ONLY IF THEY DID NOT THREATEN THE RACIAL HIERARCHY OF THE SOUTH. NORTHERN DEMOCRATS GAVE IN barring nonwhite’s access to social spending programs. And what party has this platform now? Which party lost this election? #3 The Social Security Act of 1935 was designed to discriminate. Certain jobs dominated by nonwhite workers, were disqualified. 65% of blacks nationwide and up to 80% of blacks in some parts of the South could not take advantage of the benefits offered by the Social Security Act. #4 The G.I. Bill of Rights (The Selective Service Readjustment Act) more than any other program, forged the American middle class the single most comprehensive set of social benefits ever issued by the federal government under a unified initiative. In the three decades that followed the war, the United States spent more than $95 billion on the bill. GUESS WHO GOT THAT MONEY? Using the G.I. Bill, millions of veterans bought homes. In the decade that followed the war, over 13 million new homes were erected, nearly 40% of which were funded by veteran mortgages, and they were able to go to college, got by on unemployment insurance, financed small businesses and bought farmland. However, the benefits of the G.I. Bill were not extended with equal generosity to nonwhites. The drafters of the G.I. Bill left the administration of the bill up to state and local authorities. What was one of Mitt Romney’s campaign planks? State’s rights. This meant that the distribution of veteran benefits (including loans, job placement, unemployment assistance, college tuition aid, and vocational training) was left in the hands of local veteran affairs offices, private banks, and universities. #4 Many banks made it a policy to deny black and Latino veterans loans to start up small businesses and home mortgages. Major colleges and universities barred black veterans from entry. #5 Nonwhite veterans who applied for job assistance were channeled into the menial and unskilled professions. And this is only a synopsis of the entitlement programs what whites benefited from.

        • John November 14, 2012, 12:07 pm

          Well put, Robert.

          • Robert Houston November 14, 2012, 5:56 pm

            And I didn’t even get to the Federal Housing act of 1934.

          • Robert Houston November 14, 2012, 5:58 pm

            And the first gun control act which barred freed Africans from gun ownership and deputized whites giving them authority to capture Africans who had escaped enslavement.

    • Charles Stone November 12, 2012, 8:28 am

      You have provided some reasonable ideas, though flawed to the core, but the major difference we have with you:
      “I talked with a USMC vet blown up in Iraq yesterday (as white and male and over 50 as they come) with dozens of surgeries and 100% disability.”
      This man and many others, not to mention those who lost their lives,”DID SOMETHING”!!! The underlying point of your argument seems to be this Veteran did not deserve help after laying his life on the line for the freedom of the Iraqi people and not to mention our country. You so simply down played this mans sacrifice of his life and on a smaller note his limbs. You ask is he entitled? The obvious and correct answer is NO, he is OWED! You answer your own question by the line: “He didnt prepay his retirement or medical expenses and is collecting them based on entitlement due to service.” (DUE TO “SERVICE”)

      Is someone who paid into a system (Social Security) entitled to payments. NO they are not entitled, they are owed! Our government set up this system for us to pay into, which has BECOME mandatory, with a promise to return their money at some point and at their discretion (BIG GOVERNMENT MANDATES).
      Is the above mentioned Veteran entitled or owed? Again, like SS, this man was given a promise to help him if something happened to him. He is owed.
      Is the 48 million people who receive FREE food stamps, FREE housing, FREE medical, FREE Obama phones… (under the current administration 28 million were added) entitled to this or owed. Some are owed, most are not. The ones who never put a thing into the FREE system, they benefit from, are the one’s screaming ” I am entitled”. Some have worked and paid taxes into this system and are looking for help in their troubled times, not an entitled life style.

      I do not want to offend you, sometimes the truth hurts: KEY WORDS IN THE ABOVE STATEMENTS ARE-
      PAID taxes
      PAID into
      These are known as verbs, action words. Something was done.
      They are all associated with the OWED. Something was done for the receipt of help.
      Entitled people do nothing for their receipt of a life style of FREE benefits. Oh, FREE is not really free, just another one of the twisted phrases you use.

      • Anthony Harden November 12, 2012, 9:31 am

        As far as being offended it is to late. I served in the armed forces, did two tours of war not peace. I feal as the auther of the article is calling me stupid and my mother a free loader. To say that I am anti- American and she is also anti- American not to mention stupid because we voted for Obama is crazy. I am a healthy male, my mother had me at the age of 16 and was receiving assistance (welfare) from the government. But in my eyes I paid her debt when I offered my life to this country. I was willing to die so that you would be able to walk the street carrying your firearm and you offend me like this. Also, to say I or we are anti- capitolistic is incorrect also. We believe in capitolism just not at the expense of Americans being cheated by other Americans. We are being cheated by China and other countries through the bad products shipped over here causing deaths to our American brothers and sisters regardless of race.If you want to discuss capitolism at it’s worse, let’s talk about the fact that majority of the top 10% of the wealthy has made billions off the sweat of people like you and I. Then to just turn around and steal the money, close factories and businesses and put people out of work to where they need the system. Then they do it all over again, all the while they only have to pay 15% or less in taxes. Who do you think has to pay for all this”THE MIDDLE CLASS”. So before you complain about who is receiving assistance trhink about the fact that someone can be paying for that person with there life. Also, don’t tell Soldiers that they do not love the country they lived and Bleed for they do not love they country. It pisses them off!!!!

        • Louis760 November 27, 2012, 3:48 am

          Anthony H; First, thank you for your service to our country. I think it is more like 2% of Americans control 90% of the wealth in the U.S. We are their serfs, they had you fight wars for their profit. Corporate America stays in their board rooms. CEOs with their Bush tax cuts, going from 100′ to 160′ mega-yachts. Flying first class is for the peasants, buy a personal airliner, and write it off as a corporate expense.

      • henryknox November 12, 2012, 10:12 am

        Capitalism doesn’t force businesses to close and layoff employees as much as gov’t regulations force them out of business. The freedom that our military has paid a huge price for has been gradually eroded by intrusive gov’t regulation. Capitalism has helped more people out of poverty and created more jobs than any other system in the history of the world. Unfortunately, there are divisive people that use people in order to gain personal power and wealth by gaining control. Nothing good comes from such control over people and that is why our Constitution limited the powers of the federal gov’t to a specific enumerated list which could be changed through amendments. It hurts to see that the corrupt people have succeeded in driving such wedges between citizens. We honor our veterans and we need to fight for them as they fought for us.

        • RobertHouston November 13, 2012, 10:31 am

          With all due respect henryknox, government regulations doesn’t force businesses out. Where have you been? And don’t start name calling, that’s for children. What government regulations? Forced by outs and leveraged buy outs moved companies to Asia. Venture and vulture capitalist bankers and investment groups convinced owners of company’s to move the factories to China and have been doing that for the last 15+ years. There is too much information available about what has been going on. I heard this morning that Papa John’s Pizza is making a big fuss out of the fact that he has to raise his prices up .14 cents because of Obama Care. Fourteen Cents? All of the money he spends on TV advertisements and millions of pizza giveaways and now has to raise his prices and he has to blame someone else?

          • Louis760 November 27, 2012, 4:11 pm

            That is Corporate America. Papa John’s could be Pizza with a Heart, for 14 cents. Young people would seek out his employment to have healthcare. Papa John’s last quarter’s profits were $45 million. Papa John has also profited from the Bush era tax cuts. He has a plush estate with his own 18 hole golf course. Romney was his guest at the estate earlier in the campaign.
            I voted twice now for President Obama. He is getting things done. You wait on Corporate America and nothing will ever happen, unless a law is passed to force them to take action.

      • JELLIBEAN November 12, 2012, 2:26 pm

        you are exactly correct, it’s our elected officials that think they are entiteled. they ask everyone else to sacrifice while the get exorbident pensions and medical care. when are they going to take cuts like everyone else? you would think if they had america in mind they would do it volintarily, but truth be known they are not patriots, it’s all about them and they will sell this country out in a heartbeat so they can have a place in the NEW WORLD ORDER! TREASON at it’s best and they will not be held accountable!” GOD BLESS AMERICA” LIVE FREE OR DIE!

      • John November 13, 2012, 10:57 am

        You think funny…

      • Pete December 8, 2012, 6:43 am

        Amen Charles.

        What we owe to the people in the armed forces is so great that it makes the deficit look like pocket change!!!

    • A Man November 12, 2012, 9:02 am

      Now that we’re facing $200 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, entitlements will be ending. The only question is how.

      Will we phase them out, or will the system collapse? Will people be eased off, or be tossed out in the street?

      Frankly, other than *wounded* Veterans, I can’t think of one of the people you listed that deserves to be able to put a yoke on my children for the rest of their lives. I can’t wait for government pensions to go the way of the dodo.

      • Kansas Man November 12, 2012, 11:55 am

        So A-man and all you other disillusioned lot I have some questions that maybe you and not Rush Limbaugh can answer? My 83 year old grandfather who had to take over farming the family farm at 15 when his father died unexpectedly, and who farmed his whole life feed fellow Americans like you and yours until 2 heart attacks and a stroke bankrupted him of his savings and farm, isn’t entitled to his social security check that barely covers his expenses every month? Is he a mooch and a leech? How about the fact that most of the factories in my area have been packed up and shipped to China in the last 20 years not because REGULATIONS have forced them to but because guys like Romney have seen huge profit margins to be exploited in doing so, this happened under all administrations without exception since Reagan. Those folks having no where else to turn to feed their kids had to go on food stamps. Are those people leeches and mooches? Are we all un-American as we shop for Chinese products at our local Wal-Marts because that’s all they sell and that’s all we can afford to buy and it is the only place to shop because all the other businesses went under when the superstores came to town? And while we are on the subject of guns I will go straight to another problem I see happening and directly effects gun ownership. Deer season is upon us here in Kansas and as I as well as other friends have noticed our ability to hunt our own grounds are becoming scarcer and scarcer. Why? The few RICH landowners that have bought up all the land from the small farmers like my grandfather and his neighbors are leasing the rights out to a mass of hunters from out of state for big money and pushing the rest of us HARDWORKING guys out of hunting. Land we used to be able to hunt for a small token of the spoils is now off limits so Big City Sportsmen can pay thousands of dollars to a select few people to come get a trophy. Even our excellent public walk on hunting grounds are overrun by big money out of staters us good ole boys cant compete with, so some people have to sell guns to buy food that those guns used to supply because they are just collecting dust in closets. This was the case with pheasants 20 years ago and now it is the case with our deer.That’s the reality here as much as anywhere. Mitt Romney lost because he is a rich out of touch, used car salesman, we might be country folks but we aren’t rubes, as soon as he was nominated most people just said the hell with it. Joe Blow has it right Ron Paul should have been the guy. Would of should’ve could ‘ve. Nobody is going to take our guns, never going to happen ever period end of discussion, move on. At worst we will be forced to sell them to survive. All you people screaming about UN mandates need to shut up and put down the kool-ade, if the UN cant stop atrocities in 3rd world countries when they have boots on the ground do you really think they can invade or take us over? Your living in fantasy land. At the end of the day what is un-American is all this talk about who or who isn’t American us vs. them mentality being played on all of us, I don’t care where you live or what color you are or what you do for a living we are all Americans and we need to look out for each other because the guy we help today will be the one that helps us tomorrow, that is We the People. Divide and conquer is what it is and it is being played on all of us by Wallstreet. Wake up!

        • jdkchem November 12, 2012, 5:00 pm

          Have you been told you’re full of crap yet?

          • Dan Mortenson November 12, 2012, 6:32 pm

            Well, YOU just told him that — without one shred of evidence that counters his very excellent points… Just what DO you use for a “brain,” jdk?

          • Kansas Man November 12, 2012, 7:58 pm

            I’m white, I’m rural, I’ve been a hunter and outdoors man all my life, and I voted Obama because I can tell when someone is a slimy POS and Mitt is that Shit. I live and am related to the people those job creators like him have put out on the street. I’ve hunted extra deer so their families have meat on the table in the winter because I am my brothers keeper. And for the last time I repeat, NOBODY IS TAKING ANYONE’S GUNS. I shoot it straight and I shoot it true jdkchem cause this country boy can and will survive.The worst thing this country faces is idiot ass backwards teabaggers like yourself with Fox news and Rush in your heads rattling around the last 2 brains cells you got in there and when you can’t smell the stench of shit for what it is. Lookout the UN is coming to get you son with their baby blue helmets and guns with no bullets. Look at what they have done everywhere they have been stationed, Sarajevo, Rwanda, Sudan, nothing not a damn thing, they aren’t worth the powder to blow them to hell. But I’m sure in your mind they will be followed by the zombie hordes, the aliens, with North Korea on the clean up crew. Go hide in a spider hole jackass.

          • John November 13, 2012, 11:02 am

            jdchem…no, but we can see you are. You think funny…

          • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 5:20 pm

            dan, I needed to point out every bit of crap for you? Not to mention the comment regarding regulation being one craptastic lie. You voted for Barry you have no business commenting on anyone’s brain.

            kansass, You just admitted to voting for Barry. Obviously I have 2 more brain cells than you do crap pusher. You’re your brother’s keeper yet you’ve admitted you want big government to take care of grandpa.

            toilet, you’re an idiot.

        • Sandra November 12, 2012, 8:57 pm

          Kansas man, I applaud you on your well written, thoughtful and correct post. It’s unfortunate so many listen to Fcuk News propaganda and lies and buy into the bs. These eegits are still waiting for Reagan’s trickle down economics after almost 30 years and can’t seem to accept Reagan sold them a pack of lies. A country only prospers if every citizens pays his/her fair share and we all look out for each other through good times and bad.
          I think most of these Anti Obama eegits are still operting under the delusion that it’s AAs and other visible minorities who are on welfare and food stamps despite the fact that factual statistics shows that it’s White America who are dependent on these services, but Fcuk News tells them otherwise so of course it’s true. America is now a country of Corporate Welfare recepients where business’ are making enormous profits at the expense of their employees who earn anywhere from $5-$9 an hour and have to depend on food stamps just to feed themselves and their families, so in effect the real taxpayers ie the middle class are supporting corporate America by paying more in taxes to compensate for the low wages the pay as well as low taxes these corporate welfare recepients pay.

          • Kansas Man November 13, 2012, 4:36 am

            Well said Sandra, well said indeed. The thing I hate the most is when I or anyone else is called stupid for seeing the truth of the situation and not what corporate America and it’s multi-tentacaled propaganda monster flings out into the ether. News flash wingbats, FUX News is the main stream media, and they are pulling your puppet strings. There are a lot of us out here in the Red states who aren’t buying the bullshit anymore, the dying stench of the cognitive dissonance is becoming to much to bear here and people need some fresh air. Reagan wasn’t a great President he was a two bit actor who was paid to play us all. What did he do that was so great? Oh yeah he ran up the nations credit card to bankrupt the Soviets and made sure to take all the power from the people and put it in the hands of Wallstreet and the moneyed interests both rural and metro.(Remember Farm Aid? That was good old Reaganomics, yet those same people loosing those farms kept voting in the guys who were taking them.) Kind of funny when a white President runs up the bill its called saving the country, but the black President does the same and he is tanking it. Like I said we might be country but we aren’t rubes, we know a carny on the grift when we see one, most of us anyway.

          • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 5:22 pm

            You voted for corporate welfare mizz free birth control.

        • Warren Otte November 13, 2012, 3:47 am

          Kansasman, you wrote my thoughts exactly, and elegantly. I’m proud of your statements!

          and me? Well, born and raised in and around Zip 67437 or 67473. Crank phones with party lines. Mud roads. John Deere D’s, spin the flywheel.

        • Spiff November 15, 2012, 1:06 pm

          Thank You Kansas Man. Thank You.

          Most of the other comments on here are depressing beyond belief.

          Between the media and the firearms trade we are being played.

          Wild paranoia by us is only contributing to the position of

          those who are opposed to gun ownership.

          I am starting to believe our only hope is LIBERALS. NOT LEFTIES.

          But Libs who are gun ownership friendly and RATIONAL.

          Right wing conservatives unwilling or unable to see and recognize the present AND future

          will not help our cause.

          Actually I am embarrassed to have made the above LIBERALS. NOT LEFTIES comment.

          But FFS we are being killed by the Limbaughs, Becks, Hannitys et al. Rational people

          (voters) mock them.

      • Renegade November 12, 2012, 3:36 pm

        A Man…..sounds like you have not served in the military…sounds like you need to serve before you can justify that opinion. And if you have served….thank you for that service. If you have served, then it is obvious you did not serve long enough to realize the sacrifice required to do 20-30 years in a position that could possibly demand that you give up your life. “Wounded” veterans deserve MORE than they get. But to say that a veteran who served 20-30 years and receives a retirement is not deserving is simply a statement with no basis.

        Sure the federal government is responsible for the debt facing our children…no doubt. But the veteran is the one that made this country free so you could have that opinion.

        • Dan Mortenson November 12, 2012, 6:36 pm

          I seem to detect the sentiment that turned-out Service Members ought to bring back the very kill-or-be-killed attitudes that were instilled in them during their years of Service… to the CIVILIAN country they come back to. Is THAT why you want automatic weapons now — because you are NOT FINISHED killing people yet?

          Once a Service Member reenters civilian life, they no longer have the same goals and priorities they once had. Yes, they CAN and SHOULD support the country, but they should do so as a civilian, not as a blood-thirsty soldier.

          • Gladiator November 12, 2012, 8:19 pm

            Now YOU are full of crap, young jackass. When the wolves come, who’s going to save your sheepish ass? I’m a combat vet from many years back, and I can guarantee that you are on the wrong side of this argument. your comment is WAY out of line, you pusillanimous fool.

          • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 5:26 pm

            Spoken like a true gutless libtard. Crawl back under your rock buckwheat.

    • TexasVet November 12, 2012, 11:47 am

      WOW! First thing is first. That Vet you talked to DID earn his medical and pay with his own blood, literally! You cannot compare his entitlement to that of the FREE CELL PHONE people that Obama catered to.

      The people that Mitt and the Republicans are talking about are the people that sit back and feed off the work of the working class. The people that don’t want to work, that would rather take the SSI because they have a little back ache rather than suck it up and find a job that accommodates their issue. They are talking about the people that sit on the street side with their 40’s watching the cars go by. Or the people sitting in their front yards with 50 junk cars rusting away (which can be recycled for cash). As you can see that hits whites, blacks, browns, and any other race.

      Those are the 45% that Mitt was referring to in his speech. Now is that number exaggerated? Sure. But not by much and it’s getting bigger by the minute.

      As for your hwy, schools and all other public assistance, that was and IS PAIED for by us TAX PAYERS! And they are maintained by tax payers. The people that use them that shouldn’t and have not right to complain are the 45 percenters. The ones that live on assistance. If you work, own a home, buy food, cars, guns, candy, or anything else that is sold in the U.S., you have paid taxes and deserve to drive on and use public roads. You have also paid to have access to public schools! These public entities are not owned and funded by the government because the government is funded by TAX PAYERS. That is what the money should be for.

      However, it should NOT be for birth control! Nor should it before free cell phones so crack heads and chicken heads can hook up. SSI doesn’t need fixing either. What it needs is the government to stop taking money out of SSI to pay for other things.

      ‘This $2.7 trillion debt that the Treasury owes to Social Security amounts to $8,734 for every person living in the U.S. or $23,046 for every household in the U.S.[96] (Facts about the ability of the Treasury to service this debt are detailed below in the section entitled Impact on National Debt.)”

      Reform is needed. As in keep your hands off.

      So to get back to your comment, which I respect. We all have our own opinions, I have to say that I feel you should look into who is using YOUR money. At the current pass, it wont be there when you need it because it was paid to some drug dealer to pay for his phone, or lunch.

      • John November 14, 2012, 11:44 am

        Well, it looks like if the republican’ts get their way; they will be sorry, in the long run. Your debt came from a runaway congress, giving the Bush Regime carte blanche to our researves. You have to spend money to make money. Simply put. Make your congress people release the money, so America can move forward. Oust the nay-sayers and malcontents…Ryan, Cantor, Connolly, Boehner, Paul, the t-bagger et el, would get blanket parties, for being little bitches, if they had had the balls to serve. ChickenHawk, know it alls; that want to do as they please, as they run your life, their way. No thanks…sounds as fascist, as the Bushs’s ties to Nazi Germany. Facts.

        • John November 14, 2012, 11:47 am

          Thank you, for reposting my blogs.

      • John November 14, 2012, 11:46 am

        I wish the moderator, of this blog would be fair and not censor, a whole post, if it refers to another post, as being a duplicate post. Let’s see, if they, still, censor me.

        • Administrator November 14, 2012, 11:47 am

          paranoid much Johnny?

          • John Bauer February 4, 2013, 4:59 pm

            Why is the moderator at such a nice site such an arrogant rude SOB?

        • Jordan B. Hollingsworth January 25, 2013, 6:04 am

          It’s a good thing if he is censoring you, I can’t handle your murder of grammar every sentence you write. If he is censoring you, be happy, he’s actually making you look less like an idiot.
          I am very conservative, and I will not sit back and wait for the government to take my guns. If you’re so concerned, why don’t you contact your representatives? I did. Instead of trying to bash people online, you should really get a life.

    • DanB November 12, 2012, 12:13 pm

      Two classes of voters: those who think, decide and go to vote, and those that are driven to the polls. The Obama campaign solicited contact information for all their loyal followers’ relatives, and then barraged those people with propaganda – right into election day – a “cattle prodding ponzi scheme”. Our electoral system makes it relatively easy for a campaign to concentrate their ‘voter drive’.
      I agree with you that the outcome wasn’t about entitlements. The key to winning elections is organizing. On Beacon Hill, in liberal Boston, a woman got assaulted and raped Saturday morning in her home – the perp was ‘brandishing a knife’. In Dallas, on Oct 18th a woman shoots at two intruders – one dead. Blue vs Red – don’t tell me we can’t get women’s votes – let’s make them think.

      • Louis760 November 27, 2012, 4:05 am

        DanB; Do you mean the Obama camp was more organized than Romney and the Republican Party? Both parties were out hustling for votes in the battleground states. Republicans had the upper hand to suppress the vote; Romney still lost. The Republicans could not find a smarter candidate for US Senate in Missouri? The Republican in Indiana was just as stupid. I guess they can go on to be Governor of Alaska and a Fox News contributor.

    • Leadsender November 12, 2012, 12:14 pm

      AJ, look out for the brain matter that is about to splatter. When you speak the truth guys who write articles like this tend to have there heads explode. This coward who once again spouts all this BS does not have the courage to attach his name to his own writing. People want to work but, not as slave wages and under 1920 working conditions. I question why corporate welfare, entitlements and give away were not mentioned. Republians lost this election form the start because they are using a play book that is 90 years old. The rest of us have evolved and gotten stronger, faster, and smarter. Those are some well said words AJ. As a lot of people have said. I could not have said it any better.

      • Hank November 13, 2012, 4:16 pm

        Evolution is a very debatable term to use here. Especially in terms of “stronger, faster, and smarter.” As a ER nurse, seeing a cross section of society on every shift I work, I can tell you the species is NOT evolving as you describe. I almost feel I can disprove Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Government has yet to significantly improve the overall healthcare system in this country. Obamacare will certainly be something interesting to watch. But then, so is the history channel, the military channel, the local news and any other coverage of disasters we have known. No system is perfect, no government is perfect, no person is perfect. But that does not mean we should not strive for perfection. Giving up only assures defeat. Losing a battle also results in defeat, but it does not mean you are a quitter; only that your efforts were unsuccessful. Lessons learned in defeat often result in a better effort the next time.

    • Brian OBrien November 12, 2012, 2:05 pm

      I am a 74 year old lifetime hunter and gun owner. Anyone who thinks there are “47%” of your fellow citizens are parasites is smoking something much too strong or completely falling for the propaganda of the ultra rich who have amassed fortunes not seen since medieval times. These billionaires (that’s 1000s of millions) are the ones who have nothing in common with us ordinary folks. The ones who spent 100s of millions to try and buy our votes. Did the Koch brothers and their pals earn their money or inherit it? How many of these people have ever actually worked a day in their lives? Not Mitt. Why are our organizations (intended to secure our rights to own and use guns and to hunt) keep putting out this anti-worker, anti-elderly, anti-social security propaganda? Are out hunting and shooting groups being paid off too?

    • Terry W November 12, 2012, 7:53 pm

      Well, these responses prove one thing. There are a lot of gun NUTS!
      You NUTS may have missed the memo. The Wild West is over. Time to check your guns in cowboys. You don’t have to give them up, but you do have to use some common sense. We are trying to create something resembling a society. Like if a woman doesn’t want a child she shouldn’t be forced to have one. If your are not willing to adopt one just shut up! Like maybe even the poor get a shot at decent health care instead of sitting in an emergency room after their condition is critical. Like maybe a poor kid gets a chance to go to college or even learn a trade. For decades, the middle class has been paying for the swelling pockets of the very rich that you support. Thanks Ronald Reagan for giving those unions a beat down. It paid off in spades for Wall Street and “upper” management. I always wondered what some of you radical NUTS would have grown up to be if you were born in the ghettos. Probably drug dealers, because you just care about yourselves. I know, life is not fair. But what’s wrong with helping those that haven’t had a fair shake, because of the color of their skin, gender, religion, poverty, etc., etc.. Who knows they may vote for your idiots next time.

      • jdkchem November 13, 2012, 5:32 pm

        Like if a woman doesn’t want a child maybe she should not have sex. Nothing biblical or moral their jack-ass all science. Like remember when kids had an opportunity to learn trades in high school until you turd-sacks dumped vocational programs and shop classes. Like remember when Barry filled his campaign chest with Wall St. cash. Like maybe you should just STFU and go back to trolling puffho.

        • John November 14, 2012, 11:51 am

          Shhh…the ADULTS are speaking…

          • John November 14, 2012, 8:41 pm

            Did they stop your Viagra prescription, down at the VA? Try logic, not conjecture and slurs…
            Larry, get another hobbie. You suck, at abstract thinking…Did you drink the gun seller’s Kool-Aide?

        • Louis760 November 27, 2012, 4:30 am

          So you do not have sex because you chose not to procreate at this time.

          The vocational programs went away during the Reagan years. We also had Dukemajin, a Republican Governor in California at the time. The wealthy were getting their first tax breaks. The turds were the ones that did not pay their fair share of taxes. Thirty years ago, income over $500k was taxed at 50%. Romney paid 14% on $100M last year? Romney spent more on his Olympic horse than most families earn in a year.

          The bottom line is, you and I are serfs. Romney used someone else’s money to make his money. Job creators are Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Henry Fords. Romney’s inner circle is his Mormon clan. They hire men out of necessity.

    • Larry H. November 13, 2012, 11:16 am

      Wake up and smell the coffee….remember the ATT ( Arms Trade Treaty) will let the UN decide who can or can’t possess firearms. He can sign it without Congressional approval.

    • Chris Herz November 14, 2012, 12:39 am

      So much to say, little time to say it. But I am a liberal, even a radical, an Occupy member. Yet I absolutely support the right to keep and bear arms. These are rights right up there with free speech, the confession of religion, the security of your home, etc.
      But what most do not seem to grasp here is the parties play the “good cop, bad cop” routine on the voters all the time: The Republicans are into beggaring us, the Democrats into disarming us. They both work for people far beyond our pay grades.
      And who ever heard of peons being allowed to keep weapons? What do you think?

    • Liberal Gunner November 16, 2012, 2:12 pm

      Great comment! It is refreshing to see some rational thinkers on here.

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