CZ-USA is Updating the 457 Rimfire Rifle Series for 2020

The new 457s have improved receivers that are compact and lighter weight. (Photo: CZ-USA)

For more about these and other new products from CZ-USA check out their website.

CZ-USA keeps cranking out new and specialized models of their popular rimfire rifles for 2020. Now they’re updating the CZ 457 family with new models at a range of price points.

They have two new CZ 457 rifles in four configurations starting with the redesigned Varmint Precision Trainer. The Precision Trainer comes with a special Manners carbon fiber and fiberglass composite stock with a camouflage finish in suppressor-ready and standard options.

The CZ 457 Varmin Precision Trainer Suppressor Ready is offered with two different barrel lengths. Buyers have the choice of picking one up with either a full-length 24-inch barrel or a short model with a 16.5-inch barrel.

The Suppressor Ready or SR models are threaded for use with 1/2-28 muzzle devices. The standard model is not threaded and comes with a 20.5-inch barrel. All three have the same layered laminate stocks that are lightweight and extremely durable.

One of the major updates to the CZ 457 is the addition of an American-style push safety on the receiver. This was changed based on customer feedback in the states and by shooting organizations including 4-H and hunter’s education instructors.

All three have heavy profile cold hammer-forged barrels. They feed from 5-round polymer detachable box magazines and come “optics ready” with 11mm dovetailed receivers.

They also come with fully adjustable triggers out of the box. Now most users won’t need to turn to aftermarket support to get a trigger that’s adjustable for weight, creep and overtravel.

Other improvements include a redesigned receiver with a two-piece interlocking base, a lighter slab-sided profile and reduced overall length. They also come with turned-down bolt handles. Even with the heavy barrels these weigh in at around 7.5 pounds for the 20- and 24-inch versions and 7.1 pounds for the 16-inch model.

The suggested retail price for all three is $1,144 which points toward a real-world price closer to $1,000 or even less when good deals come around. That’s pretty competitive for a semi-custom rimfire rifle with a carbon fiber stock and fully adjustable trigger right out of the box.

The CZ 457 Pro Varmint is priced right with a $588 MSRP. (Photo: CZ-USA)

But shooters don’t have to throw down that much to take advantage of the updates to the CZ 457 design. CZ is also offering its new Pro Varmint Suppressor Ready at a much more approachable price point of $588.

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To keep costs low the CZ 457 Pro Varmint Suppressor Ready comes with a more conventional wood laminate stock with a black textured paint finish. It features the same style of tactical stock with three sling swivel studs, two for a sling and a third for a bipod.

It also comes with a heavy profile barrel, adjustable trigger, improved receiver, turned-down handle and push-style safety. All of the new 457s continue to use the same swappable barrel system CZ has had for years.

CZ-USA is a go-to brand for a lot of shoppers looking for a lot of features and value from their bolt-action rifles and these updates are sure to please people across the country.

For more about these and other new products from CZ-USA check out their website.

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