CZ-USA Teasing Ruggedized All-Terrain Shotguns

CZ-USA is showing off a new line of updated shotguns based around some of their most popular models called the All-Terrain series. These guns have improved finishes and even modified chambers for hard use in the field.

Shotguns getting the All-Terrain treatment include the Bobwhite G2, Drake, Redhead Premier, and Upland Ultralight break-action shotguns as well as the new 1012 self-loading shotgun.

Shotguns with the All-Terrain package will have an olive drab Cerakote finish on the barrels, receivers and other metal components along with premium walnut stocks and forends. The break-action shotguns also have rare earth magnets in the extractors and ejectors to completely control shells when loading and unloading.

Many shotgun shells have a brass hull or coating over a steel base which makes them magnetic for use with pick-up sticks and other spent ammo tending tools. By putting magnets in the extractors and ejectors of these shotguns not only is CZ making it very easy to be mindful of spent shells, especially in wilderness areas, they’re ensuring that unfired shells chamber easily and are less likely to fall out and get lost, even when handled roughly.

Depending on the model the All-Terrain versions will be offered with either or both 12- and 20-gauge chamberings as well as with either or both 28- and 30-inch barrel options. All of the All-Terrain models will ship with a set of extended chokes and sling swivel studs.

CZ hasn’t set the pricing for the All-Terrain models but if their other specialty and premium finish options are any indication they won’t list for a whole lot more than the basic models and CZ has always been extremely competitive and aggressive when pricing out their shotguns.

The CZ Bobwhite G2 is a side-by-side shotgun with a double trigger and a traditional, straight stock. The Drake is an entry-level over/under shotgun that’s also offered in 28-gauge and .410 bore.

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The Redhead Premier is CZ’s flagship workhorse over/under with a solid mid rib, a classic white bead sight, and laser engraving throughout. The Upland Ultralight is in the middle, price-wise, and has an aluminum receiver and other lightened components to keep the overall weight to just 6 pounds.

The CZ 1012 is an inertia-driven semi-automatic hunting shotgun designed to handle a large volume of fire without needing a lot of maintenance. All of these shotguns are modern redesigns with CNC-machined receivers and components to ensure a long life with easy-to-replace parts at a reasonable price.

For more about these and other CZ shotguns, visit the CZ-USA website.

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