CZ’s 2016 Line-Up is Live! Suppressor Ready Series, New Dan Wessons and a CZ-805 BREN rifle

cz suppressor ready urban grey

The suppressor-ready SP-01 with a SilencerCo suppressor affixed. (Photo: CZ-USA)

CZ-USA has unveiled their 2016 catalog and it’s a head-turner, with a new line of suppressor-ready handguns, a longslide 10mm Auto Dan Wesson 1911 and after five years in the pipeline, a full-size CZ-805 BREN rifle.

A big push for CZ last year was to get extended, threaded barrels into production for the fast-growing suppressor market. While they did end up putting out a couple of solid models, it looks like this year’s goal is much more ambitious.

This year they’re releasing five new suppressor-ready handguns all in their in-house “urban grey,” a low-contrast flat dark earth shade paired with black highlights for a sexy two-tone look. In addition to extended, threaded barrels these guns also sport +2 extended magazines across the line.

cz suppressor ready series

It would be weird not to want one of each. (Photo: CZ-USA)

Right now the collection includes two full-size 75-series pistols including a 75 B Omega and SP-01 Tactical, a compact P-01 Omega and both the full-size and compact polymer P-09 and P-07. With the extended magazine the P-09 has an impressive 21+1-round standard capacity.

In addition to the extended, threaded barrels the guns all ship with raised suppressor sights. Priced between $537 and $723, these guns are really affordable suppressor hosts and we’re sure they’ll sell every last one they ship.

In addition to the suppressor-ready series CZ is updating the CZ 75 B Omega with a convertible safety/decocker system like on the polymer P-series and introducing a new P-01 Omega, also with a convertible safety/decocker. These guns give users the option of carrying them cocked-and-locked like a 1911 or double-action/single-action with a decocker like a classic SIG.

CZ’s Dan Wesson pistols are getting updates and completely new models, both of which really stand out. First up is the new DW Bruin, a black and dark bronze longlide 10mm designed for hunting and precision shooting.

The Bruin has a tritium/fiber-optic front sight for shooting in all lighting conditions and a fully-adjustable serrated black rear sight. The barrel and slide are extended to 6.3 inches to get the most out of the hottest 10mm loads and it feeds from 9-round magazines equipped with bumpers for fast reloads.

It has front and rear checkering on the grip frame and wide, straight slide serrations in front and back, and machined grip panels for total control.

dw bruin dw discretion

The DW Bruin, top, and DW Discretion, bottom. (Photo: CZ-USA)

The other new Dan Wesson is also designed for suppression, the aptly-named DW Discretion. Offered in 9mm Luger or .45 ACP, it’s a full-size 1911 with an extended, threaded barrel, raised suppressor sights, an accessory rail and really aggressive machining along to top of the slide that gives it a sweet futuristic look.

Also, for 2015 Dan Wesson is adding two Commander-sized models to their line up based on the Valkyrie and Valor for those looking for a mid-size 1911 for everyday carry and updating their Pointman and Silverback with an adjustable fiber optic target and tritium night sights, respectively.

But what’s probably the biggest news is the announcement that CZ-USA is going to make this year the year of the CZ-805 BREN. This highly-anticipated carbine was developed by CZ for the Czech military as a replacement for the legendary but admittedly dated Sa vz. 58.

805 bren rifle 922r

Five years worth waiting for: CZ-805 BREN. (Photo: CZ-USA)

CZ-USA has been importing them as pistols for some time now and they’ve already been billed as the affordable alternative to FN’s SCAR. But, as pistols, they mostly only fit a niche role as a range toy or slightly more seriously as a truck gun.

Like with the CZ Scorpion EVO S3, CZ-USA has been working on putting together 922r-compliance parts for these guns so that they could build them into USA-legal rifles for sale in the States. Hopefully, these parts will be made available to the general public—as CZ-USA did with 922r Scorpion parts—for existing BREN pistol owners to use to build short-barreled rifles.

There’s a lot more cool stuff where that came from. CZ has new shotguns for hunting, clays, trap and 3-gun, new race pistols and a half dozen new and updated rifles, 39 guns total. Go here to see all of their new and updated products for 2016.

About the author: Max Slowik is a writer with over a dozen years of experience and is a lifelong shooter. He has unwavering support for the Second Amendment and the human right to self-defense. His ambition is to follow Thomas Paine, as a journalist by profession and a propagandist by inclination.

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  • Spartacus Khan June 9, 2016, 2:18 pm

    The TS Orange and Shadow 2 are coming also!

    • SS Rao June 16, 2016, 12:22 pm

      Yes, I am looking forward to the Tactical Sport Orange.

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