Eberlestock Releases a Hybrid Pack Designed for the American Military: Meet the Tomahawk – SHOT Show 2019

Editor’s Correction: We initially reported that the Eberlestock F53 Tomahawk pack was, “designed specifically for the Russian Military.” This was an editorial mistake. The Eberlestock F53 Tomahawk was designed specifically for the American military and Eberlestock was asked to design a pack, not this one, for a potential Russian client. 

Eberlestock has been in the hunting/military pack industry far longer than most currently existing companies and they have a huge selection of great packs to show for it. This SHOT Show they released yet another: the F53 Tomahawk. This pack is built similar to their popular Half Track pack, but it offers twice the storage capacity while only weighing 1.5 pounds more. Eberlestock was able to pull this off by removing all nonessential items from this pack in order to drop weight and increase storage capacity. This pack was designed specifically for the American military, so you know that it is going to be incredibly tough when coupled with the Eberlestock name as well.

The Tomahawk pack is large, but easily compressible thanks to the low profile Intex II frame

The Tomahawk has many features that you have come to love, including a floating lid,  storm collar, and spade tip zipper design. The floating lid allows the user to decide if they want to leave it attached, or remove it altogether. This could come in handy if you want to take some extra weight off of the pack or add it back on in order to hold more stuff in the pack. This lid also doubles as a fanny pack go-bag. The storm collar is the cinch-able opening at the top of the pocket. This feature helps keep snow, water and debris from entering the pack. Finally, Eberlestock’s new spade tip zipper design provides quick non-binding access to zippered pockets, unlike zippers that have squared off corners.

The laser cut MOLLE panel allows the attachment of any compatible aftermarket add on.

The Tomahawk features Eberlestock’s low profile Intex II frame which does not have a shelf, allowing the pack to be strong and comfortable under a load while maintaining its ability to be compressed down when needed. Also, the attached laser-cut MOLLE panel allows the end user infinite possibilities in configuration and additions. The Tomahawk is top loading as well as front-loading, allowing you access to the internals of your pack no matter where the item you are looking for is. With Eberlestock’s lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, this may just be the ultimate pack for you.

The lid can be removed with the unclipping of 2 more buckles in this picture. The storm collar shown allows you to fill this pack to the brim while keeping the elements out.

Specifications and Features

  • 4,000 cubic inch pack volume
  • weighs 7 pounds 7 ounces
  • low profile Intex II frame
  • Laser-cut MOLLE panel
  • Thick padded shoulder harness
  • Floating lid that doubles as a removable fanny pack go-bag
  • Quick drain bottom for amphibious operations
  • All new spade shape zipper design for quick access
  • Both front and top loading features
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • $299 MSRP
  • Expect to see them in store this May

The padded shoulder straps allow for a heavy load to be carried comfortably.


Shown here is the new spade tip zipper design which is bind free unlike zippers with hard corners.

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About the author: Riley Baxter is an avid and experienced hunter, shooter, outdoorsman, and he’s worked in the backcountry guiding for an outfitter. He also get’s a lot of enjoyment out of building or customizing his firearms and equipment. Check out Riley’s Instagram @Shooter300

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  • RS October 22, 2020, 3:25 pm

    The pack is actually only 3100 cubic inches.

  • Jay February 12, 2019, 12:40 pm

    When I see “Tomahawk” I think of a weapons system of some sort, not a… glorified pack!

  • BILL February 11, 2019, 11:28 am

    Charles, watch too much MSM do you? Quit listening to the people trying to destroy us, the socialist, marxists Democrats. Russia is not the enemy, the enemy is right here at home. Please open your eyes.

  • Charles Valenzuela February 11, 2019, 9:48 am

    What “store” should we expect to see these packs in? The Russian Army Surplus Store? Why is anyone making stuff for the Russian military? Do you really expect me to continue buy products from a company that designs and builds stuff for the Russians? What about companies that design and make stuff for the DNC? Should we buy their stuff too?

    • Eberlestock February 11, 2019, 11:44 am

      The title and subtext is not accurate, and we’re asking GunsAmerica to make a correction. The Tomahawk was designed for Eberlestock’s core customers, primarily the US Military, and it will be a mainline Eberlestock product. There was a different private label product recently designed for a Russian customer, but this is not it.

    • AJ February 11, 2019, 12:52 pm

      Actually Russian gear is pretty cool in some cases. So relax the whining.

    • AJ February 11, 2019, 12:54 pm

      Also it’s on their website..

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